Four housemates nominated, task twist cancelled

20 comments - Posted on January 13 2014 at 12:01am

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 round three nominations - Jasmine Waltz, Jim Davidson, Liz Jones, Luisa Zissman

Jasmine Waltz, Jim Davidson, Liz Jones and Luisa Zissman ill face the second Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction after today’s planned twist was replaced with face-to-face nominations.

This afternoon, Channel 5 announced that the housemates had been split in to two ‘armies’ for a role playing task – and only the winning army would have the right to nominate today.

The ‘Knights’ – Lionel, Casey, Linda, Liz, Luisa, Ollie – eventually battled their way victory, after Lee knocked out Casey – representing the Ninnyhammers – in the final Joust.

However, show producers have since decided to abandon the army twist for undisclosed reasons, with housemates instead nominating face-to-face for the first time this series.

Big Brother gathered the group at the sofas and gave each person a empty envelope, and an envelope filled with pictures of the other housemates.

They had to select the two pictures of the housemates they wished to nominate, seal them in the empty envelope and return the other pictures, before Big Brother instructed them one by one to stand up and reveal their votes, with reasons. The nominations were as follows:

  • Luisa nominated Jim and Liz
  • Jim nominated Luisa and Liz
  • Jasmine nominated Liz and Jim
  • Dappy nominated Liz and Luisa
  • Ollie nominated Liz and Jim
  • Lee nominated Liz and Jim
  • Liz nominated Linda and Jasmine
  • Sam nominated Liz and Jim
  • Linda nominated Jim and Dappy
  • Casey nominated Liz and Jasmine
  • Lionel nominated Jasmine and Jim

Therefore, Liz received eight nominations, with Jim hot on her heels with seven. Jasmine had three votes, with Luisa and two and Dappy and Linda on one each.

After all the nominations had been heard, Big Brother confirmed that Liz, Jim, Jasmine and Luisa are in the firing line. The public vote is expected to open tomorrow, with the next live eviction show airing on Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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20 comments on this article

  1. Courtney says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    While I don’t mind the idea of more-than-two nominees, I don’t think the producers are being clear where the cut-off point is in terms of points. By the looks of things, it’s the top FOUR or more, but who knows.

    Also, I’m not liking the sudden change of nomination twist plan. PLEASE explain!

  2. claire says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    i think louisa should stay in we watch bb for the drama and arguments and if louisa goes we wont have much to look forward to as she is the entertainer

  3. Josh says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !


    I hate the way that they are (insert strong vulgar word here) with nominations! Why can’t they just, for ONCE, have them nominate as normal, and the two or more housemates with the most nominations face the public vote? Enough with these (insert strong vulgar word here) nominations twists; we want the regular nominations process! Consistency is something that the Channel 5 producers of this show are severely lacking in. At least back on Channel 4 we had consistency for a large majority of the time.

  4. Lila says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Lionel is a snake for nominating Jim. He clearly wants to get rid of the competition, reallly hope Jim stays he is so funny too watch and a refreshing change from the wannabees in there.

  5. Alexander Balakrishnan says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Vote to save Liz!

  6. SS says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !


    Yeah, I get you, it seems all over the place now-a-days. Although with vote to save, I’d go for three or more housemates with the most nominations face the public vote. Otherwise, with just two, it’s the same as vote to evict.

  7. graham says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Can’t believe self centered, sleazeball Lee got no noms :down:

  8. superfreak says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Liz Jones, for someone who is so outspoken & controversial in print has been barely noticeable in the house, but it’s only women & gay community who vote so I think Jasmine will be booted out, shame :cry:

  9. ned says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Lionel voting for Jim, wow, I thought they were best friends. Sneaky Lionel, what’s your game? I always thought these old school luvvy types were a bunch of bullshitting phonies :shock:

  10. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    I would like BB to keep to normal nominations. I also dislike when housemates with 2 nominations are up for eviction. It should be if they have 3 or more unless they have 3 or less nominations.

  11. Reece Grant says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    :heart: loving the series best 1 ever so much drama i no alot of people dont like luisa but plz keep her in as she is big brother she plays the game perfectly amazing entertainment causes all the drama so if u kick luisa out on wednesday u will make a massive mistake and the show will b boaring #Save LUISA!!!! XXXXXXX love her

  12. James says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    It’s got to that point where everyone who will be up for nomination are entertaining housemates who nobody really wants to leave the house. I think Luisa will probably be out this week which is a great shame as she’s so entertaining and she makes the show. Although CBB is good for having vote to save it’s a shame that there’s 2 evictions per week. I’d rather all the housemates were up and someone boring like Lionel or Linda left instead.

  13. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Hope Jasmine and Luisa are saved even through I don’t like them both, they are entertaining when they and another housemate are arguing = drama. lol XD

    Don’t care who leaves out of the other 2 as I don’t find them that entertaining and one of them is soooooooooo boring.

  14. Loving CBB says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    Louisa and Jasmine have to stay. They’re making the show interesting and entertaining. Wish Casey was up. She’s so jealous of Jasmine

  15. wendy says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    @Loving CBB
    yep agree with that Casey bunny boiler wish she was up for eviction

  16. Love CBB 2013 says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    Completely agree!! Lee’s got no balls and nominating Sam ‘as a joke’ was obviously a bid to eliminate the real competition! Such a dick! :down:

  17. Charlie says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !


  18. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Emma said there will be a twist.

  19. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !


    I wish Casey just forget about Lee and not talk about him anymore and I’m bored of the Casey, Lee and Jasmine thing. lol

    I want to see arguments and drama not who likes who. lol

    If BB wants more drama on CBB then get Linda and Jim in the Bolt hole room and let them play pranks on the housemates. At the same time see if they will argue more or become friends? lol I don’t think BB will through but would be great. :grin:

  20. Michy says:
    Thu 16 Jan Reply !

    I love sam and ollie :heart: :wink: :up:

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