First CBB evictee Evander: “It’s a matter of votes”

1 comment - Posted on January 10 2014 at 10:55pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Evander Holyfield evicted

Evander Holyfield has spoken about his time on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 after becoming its first real evictee, in an interview that controversially avoided his homophobic comments.

The boxer was given his marching orders by Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor after a twist saw them deciding which of the two nominees with the least public votes to save should get the axe.

After leaving the house, Evander sat down for his customary exit interview with presenter Emma Willis, and expressed bewilderment at being told he was the first person out.

“It’s just a game. It’s a matter of votes,” he commented. “Of course I thought I would be loved here, I got a few votes, but that’s it, I didn’t get enough.”

However, he added that he didn’t hold any grudges against Lee and Casey, who chose to save Luisa Zissman over him as they had got to know her more.

“They said that was their friend and that’s what happened,” said Evander. “I’m not mad, I’m sure they did what they wanted to do, that’s OK.”

When asked if he was disappointed with Ollie Locke and Liz Jones’ reasons for nominating him, he replied: “Not really, I’m glad that people speak up what they truly believe. I had to nominate two myself, so it weren’t really nothing.”

The 51-year-old explained his own strategic nomination for Ollie, saying: “He was friends with the girls, everybody knew him, he hugged everybody, he was friends with everybody. He’s playing the middle line, either way he goes he’s gonna be able to get people to do this and that.”

He also discussed the series’ launch twist, which saw him being handcuffed to Luisa.

“I’ve never been handcuffed to nobody. It was kind of uncomfortable but I made it,” he recalled. “When we were binded we had to respect each other, I knew not to pull too hard and I had to think before I reacted. As soon as the handcuffs was over, she went her own way and she was a lot different than what I thought.”

Evander ended by saying he’d like Dappy to win, incorrectly calling him ‘Dapper’.

Show producers have been criticised for failing to broach the subject of Evander’s comments on homosexuality, which he compared to a ‘handicap’ and suggested could be ‘fixed’.

Neither in his main interview or his follow-up chat with Rylan Clark on spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side made reference to the incident, which has prompted complaints to Ofcom.

Browse pictures of Evander’s exit from the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house below:

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  1. SS says:
    Sat 11 Jan Reply !

    Glad they didn’t. Questioning him on his religious beliefs would have been provocative and exploitive on their behalf and would have made car crash tv.

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