Five housemates face CBB eviction, twist confirmed

13 comments - Posted on January 9 2014 at 12:33pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 round two nominations - Evander Holyfield, Jasmine Waltz, Jim Davidson, Liz Jones, Luisa Zissman

Evander Holyfield, Jasmine Waltz, Jim Davidson, Liz Jones and Luisa Zissman have been nominated for the first real Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction – but there’s a twist in store.

Last night, after a fake eviction saw viewers vote Casey and Lee in to the ‘Bolt Hole’, the rest of the celebrity housemates nominated for the first time in the Diary Room.

As the pair are currently living in the house in secret, they were immune from being nominated.

Nominations continued in to the early hours of this morning, with Big Brother gathering the group at the sofas to announce the results before they went to bed.

As usual, viewers will vote to save their favourite nominees. However, this time they will not decide the final evictee – instead, the three housemates with the most votes will be saved, with the remaining two housemates facing a twist during Friday’s live show.

It is expected that this will relate to Casey and Lee, as it has already been confirmed that they will return to the house tomorrow night to ‘drop a bombshell’.

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13 comments on this article

  1. Lewis Griffiths says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    Lee and Casey to decide who goes then. Which means it will be Evander and Liz in the bottom two more than likely, and they will get rid of Liz in a heartbeat. My place in the Tweetstakes is at major risk! :sad:

  2. Rich says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    More meddling, there’s a surprise…..not :down:

    So voting will be absolutely meaningless as the public don’t have the final say on who goes

  3. Yogi says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    This show always has the same twists… :conf: you might need to change the production staff lol :wink:

  4. Gabby Evans says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    ridiculous stop messing with evictions jsut let us bloody decide!

  5. James says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    It seems so clearly obvious that Casey and Lee are going to choose who gets evicted and they are probably going to choose Liz, which is a great shame. I think there’s so much more from Liz that we aren’t seeing due to the whole Casey-Lee-Jasmine showmance dominating the highlights show….boring!

  6. Josh says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !


    It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Remember the Week of Lies way back in BB6?

  7. Georgina Spica says:
    Thu 09 Jan Reply !

    I’m soooo confused!!! You have way to much going on at once. If I wasn’t glued to this site and 5 I’d have no idea what was going on just watching the show. :doh:

  8. Yogi says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    I really don’t like luisa….get rid of her first and start dimolishing that orgie group….don’t like that dominating the show. :down:

  9. Max says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    Why are they 5 up?? I thought it was the top 3?! Youve ruined this big brother!

  10. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    I bet the bottom 2 will be Evander Holyfield and Liz Jones. Then Lee and Casey will have to pick 1 of them to go which they will pick Liz.

  11. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    I think it would be funny if Jim and Linda was in the secret house = drama. lol :tongue:

  12. Sam2 says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    I can see them picking Evander in that scenario, as Lee doesn’t really get on with him. And he nominated Jasmine as well.

  13. Sam F says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    @Sam2 @Loyal_BBFan

    AND we also learnt that Lee and Casey are big Liz fans in last night’s episode. Good news all round!

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