Casey, Lee voted in to Celebrity Big Brother ‘Bolt Hole’

- Posted on January 9 2014 at 12:31am


Celebrity Big Brother 2014 viewers have fake evicted Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan to the secret ‘Bolt Hole’, where they’ll spy on the main house for the next two days.

Since Monday, the public has been voting for which of three launch npairings – Casey and Lee, Dappy and Liz, Evander and Luisa – that they wanted to take part in the twist.

Tonight, the results were revealed, with presenter Emma Willis first crossing to the house to announce that Evander and Luisa had been ‘saved’ from the eviction.

During the live link-up, Lee heard the audience chanting “Get Lee Out” in response to his ‘love triangle’ with Jasmine Waltz and Casey that left the latter in tears yesterday.

Moments later, the Blue singer held his head in his hands as Emma spoke to this house for the second time, and confirmed that he and Casey had been evicted.

The crowd cheered Casey as they both arrived on the stage outside, with the glamour model saying: “I’m really nervous, I didn’t wanna go first, but it is what it is, I had fun.”

It was then that Emma explained the truth, informing that they were still housemates and that they’d be taken to a secret room.

“I hate you lot!” Lee said as he gestured to the crowd, with Emma responding: “I think they probably feel the same about you right now, so calm down!”

As they arrived at the Bolt Hole, Lee exclaimed: “Are you f***ing kidding me?!”

“At least it’s not a double bed!” laughed Casey.

Reflecting on the crowd reaction, Lee mused: “I hate the way that I’m being perceived. It’s terrible, everyone hates me. At least we’re making great TV…”

As they got stuck in to some booze and strawberries, Big Brother switched on the plasma screen, allowing them to watch and listen to a live feed of the main house.

Meanwhile, the rest of the housemates spoke about the public’s opinion of Lee, with Jasmine telling Sam: “He’s gonna realise… he already knows what he did. That’s why he’s out. Now she’s gonna see all that and he’s gonna be like, oh my god, I’m a f***ing d**k.”

Lee and Casey will live in the Bolt Hole for the next two days, with the twist concluding during Friday’s live show, when they’ll return to the house and ‘drop a bombshell’.

Browse pictures of Casey and Lee’s fake eviction and arrival in the Bolt Hole:

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