Two housemates to move to CBB ‘Bolt Hole’ in twist

4 comments - Posted on January 6 2014 at 10:35pm

Celebrity Big Brother 13 January 2014 house - entrance

Channel 5 has confirmed details of a twist for the first Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction, with two housemates set to move in to a secret house named the ‘Bolt Hole’.

As was previously stated, the nominees – Casey and Lee, Dappy and Liz, and Evander and Luisa – will face the public vote in their pairs.

However, rather than leave for good, the pair with the most votes will be fake evicted in Wednesday’s show, before they move to the Bolt Hole.

They will live there in secret for two days, before moving back in to the main house on Friday night, when they will ‘drop a bombshell’ for the rest of the housemates.

It is the fourth time in as many series that producers have employed this type of twist, following Heidi and Spencer’s time in the Basement in Celebrity Big Brother 11, the Safe House from Big Brother 14, and the Cult of Celebrity from CBB12.

You can catch the start of the Bolt Hole twist on Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Which pair do you want to enter the Bolt Hole? Vote in our poll below:

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4 comments on this article

  1. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    I hope it will be Dappy and Liz Jones but I think it will be Lee and Casey.

  2. Jillian says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    My preference would be Evander and Luisa for several reasons:
    – Dappy has done nothing but play up to the cameras since he went in, he doesn’t need to be given a “reason” to act up more.
    – Liz could potentially use what she sees or hears (completely unbeknownst to the HMs) in her future work; regardless of what promises Big Brother producers may have negotiated with each HM on specific subject matters that would NOT be shown (i.e., Dan’s participation on the case last year).
    – Lee and Casey. Was nothing learned from throwing a ‘potentially romantic couple’ into a room together the last time?!?! The public (stupidly) wanted to see something happen and instead it turned horribly wrong. I say if something is going to happen with these two, let it happen naturally and not ‘force’ them into it.
    + I’d also like to give Evander the opportunity to ‘see’ Big Brother and what it’s really about. Right now, he’s completely clueless as to even how close the cameras can zoom in. I also think he may come out of his shell a bit more if he’s able to just observe the others for a little while.
    + As for Luisa, I think it would be funny to stick her in the room with him when she’d much rather be out flirting and running amok. Also, I think she’s the only one of the 6 who knows just how “powerful” getting to spy on the others could be, and how to potentially use what information she gathers.

  3. Yogi says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    I feel sorry for Evander, he shouldn’t be in there…let him go into the secret house, he might learn about the game lol

  4. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    We all know Lee and Casey will be voted to go to the secret room, too predictable. :doh:

    Unless it’s going to cause a lot of drama when the 2 housemates return to the house then the secret room task is boring.

    When Lee and Casey are voted to go to the secret room, it’s not like the others will say anything behind their backs where there will be fireworks when they return.

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