Celeb BB warns Evander over homophobic comments

18 comments - Posted on January 5 2014 at 11:06pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Evander Holyfield

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 bosses have warned Evander Holyfield after the boxer suggested to Luisa Zissman that homosexuality can be cured, and compared it to being ‘handicapped’.

The pair had spent almost all their time in the house together thanks to the series launch twist, which saw the housemates being paired off and handcuffed together until further notice.

However, former Apprentice contestant Luisa became uncomfortable with Evander last night when she asked him whether there are any gay people in boxing, leading the heavyweight champion to reveal his opinions on same-sex relationships.

After Evander said he thinks they “ain’t normal”, Luisa attempted to end the conversation – which had not come to light until it was aired on Channel 5 this evening – but he proceeded to imply that homosexuality could be ‘fixed’.

The transcript of their chat, as aired in the latest highlights show, is as follows:

Luisa: Is there any gay boxers?

Evander: Yeah, I’m sure there is.

Luisa: Is it public knowledge?

Evander: Ain’t no-one came out and said they were.

Luisa: I think it’s really bad that no-one stands up and says it in the sporting industries. I think it’s good to be open about that because it’s normal.

Evander: What would be good about it? That ain’t normal.

Luisa: We shouldn’t have this conversation. No, let’s not have this conversation, it won’t be good.

Evander: The bible let’s you know, that’s wrong, that’s right.

Luisa: That’s just the way some people are.

Evander: No, it don’t make no difference. If you were born and your leg were turned this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed back right.

Luisa: It’s not about being fixed, it’s about… that’s just the way that you are.

Evander: No no no no no, you mean to tell me…

Luisa: I really don’t want to have this conversation.

Evander: I’m not mad, I’m just saying…

Luisa: You don’t understand, I don’t think it’s an appropriate conversation to have in this house, honestly.

Evander: All I’m trying to tell you, you know how handicapped people are born, you can’t say because they were born that way…

Luisa: You can’t compare, of course you can’t compare someone that’s gay to someone that’s handicapped, it’s not a choice.

Evander: Yes it is a choice, come on, that ain’t the way nobody is made.

Luisa: I’m tired. I don’t think people have a choice in their sexuality, or they would be unhappy.

Today, Big Brother called Evander to the Diary Room to caution him about offensive language, but stopped short of giving him an formal reprimand.

“Before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour were explained to you. Last night, in a conversation with Luisa, you expressed the view that being gay was not normal and that it could be fixed,” explained Big Brother.

“While Big Brother understands these are the views you hold, they aren’t the views that are held by a large section of society and expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people. Do you understand why?”

“Yeah I understand why, I forgot about the thing,” Evander answered. “I was just telling her my opinion, but it’s not like I was gonna mention it to anybody else, that was just our conversation.”

“Big Brother does not tolerate the use of offensive language and must therefore warn you to consider very carefully the effect expressing such views may have and the harm and offence you may cause by repeating these views inside the house,” the all-seeing eye continued. “Do you understand, Evander?”

“Okay then,” said Evander. “Yes I do.”

Since then, Evander and Luisa have been put up for eviction for failing to win a series of immunity challenges. They are also now free from their shackles after the handcuff twist was brought to an end.

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18 comments on this article

  1. Simon Kennedy says:
    Sun 05 Jan Reply !

    Someone really really needs to tell this man that being in the BB House you are not EVER having a private conversation and that millions of people could be hearing your every words for goodness sake! Rylan explained on BBOTS that when he interviewed him, Evander said if he was bored he would just go to the shops, so he really obviously still has no idea of what’s happening. Channel 5 and the producers have GOT to explain it to him for his sake & anyone else he offends

  2. Justin Barnes says:
    Sun 05 Jan Reply !

    A Cowardly response from BB and Channel 5! Never mind a warning, he should be thrown off and shown that these sick views are not acceptable in our society! Disgusted by the producers’ response!!

  3. Jordan says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    I’m a gay man and I think It’s a good thing Channel 5 broadcasted his comments because this happens in the real world, some people in society still think in this backwards way. It’s good to see the majority of people responding in a positive way by expressing their outrage, this shows that homophobia isn’t and will not be tolerated anymore ! However everyone is entitled to their own opinion however wrong it may be. I don’t think he’s a bad person, he’s just does not understand and needs to be educated about people’s sexualities

  4. bridgette says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    First of all I think that the show is wrong for reprimanding Evander simply because he is not the one that brought up the conversation. Luisa started the offensive conversation by asking a straight man who is a legend if he knew if there were any gay boxers. What if I went into an establishment and asked if there were any lesbians that worked there? Who cares who is gay or straight, why did she want to know? That in itself is offensive. She is the one that thought it all up and she is the one that knew that the conversation should never have been started. And what about Dappy and his penis situation, that was just as offensive. The CBB show is all about controversy and anybody that has a half brain knows that you guys set Evander up and its ashame, all for your ratings. The CBB show is not a show that thrives on what is right in society or what is the right thing to say, it is a show that seeks to bring attention to themselves by any means necessary. Evander is not the type of person that would judge anybody, and I know that Luisa did this on purpose. Isn’t she bisexual? Doesn’t she sleep with both men and women? YOu knew this and that’s why you handcuffed Evander to her knowing her views already. YOu put them together and probably told her what to say to him to get him to respond.

  5. Eros says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    I don’t really understand his logic.

    Two men being violent towards each other and trying to knock each other unconscious = Right and good?

    Two men being loving and caring towards each other = Wrong and bad?

    That being said, I think he should also be entitled to voice his own personal opinion if he chooses to, as they are after-all just his own opinions rather than some sort of incitement/provocation/aggression.

  6. maco gush says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    I don’t understand why a human in a so called democratic society should be reprimanded for exercising his freedom of speech and voicing his opinions on any subject. He did not use homophobic language nor did he advocate the use of violence or any form of aggressive behaviour towards homosexuals. I believe homosexuality is wrong and anyone has the right to call me sick for believing the way I do. so long as what ever is said is with in the realms of the law.

  7. Rob says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    Evander Holyfield was reprimanded for his opinions as they are offensivve remarks & its an insult to every gay person that they are not normal like those who are handicapped. Though he was reprimanded the damage is done … A person should never single out anyone as not normal because of their gender or even their skin tone. His remarks are unacceptable. Holyfield has shown himself up for being homophobic & its not acceptable … He has a right to his own opinions, but he must have known that those remarks would be publicly made while he was in the Big Brother house, so having him in the Big Brother house has now caused offence to those who are gay or have a gay person in their families & it has made people who are homophobic more homophobic because he has expressed the view that gay people are not normal. I think he should be asked to leave the Big Brother house because the damage is done & no reprimand is going to undo the offence he has caused to many people.

  8. ade says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    He’s an American bible basher. They’re all homophobic are’nt they. Homophobia exists in society, I don’t need some tv show to protect me from it, i’m an adult, this isn’t cbbebies, stop molly coddling your viewers. Every time Dappy opens his pathetic gob i’m offended but I want the little tosser to stay in so he digs his own grave. This pc nanny state attitude kills free speech & debate.

  9. Brian Smyth says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    Dappy and Jasmin have both used obscene and offensive language
    but were not warned.
    BB is discriminating against Evander.

  10. Yogi says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    BB are forcing him to say sorry for his views, and that’s WRONG! He probably doesn’t mind gay ppl, but has his views anyway!

    Respect the Legend BB!

  11. truth says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    So judging by the logic of some of the comments here, it would be okay for me to be of the opinion that Evander is handicapped because of the colour of his skin and that he should have it fixed?

    No, of course it wouldn’t.

    His comments were absolutely homophobic and it’s a disgrace that he wasn’t given a formal warning. Big Brother should not have to respect anybody for their offensive comments no matter how big a name they are.

  12. Sam F says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    Big Brother didn’t once tell/force him to apologise for his views but explained why it was unacceptable what he said (because he was causing offence to a large section of society)

  13. bry says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    Homophobia exists. Don’t ban people from expressing their opinion just coz it might offend a small section of society. The leader of the BNP was on Question time a while ago & was made to look a fool. Nigel Farage’s views on immigration offend some people but he’s allowed to express them, coz we live in a free society. Usually you will get an opposing view to counteract what they’re saying. Give racists, homophobes & bigots enough rope & they will hang themselves. Stop being over sensitive cry babies & grow up.

  14. Yogi says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    And this year it’s CBB porn show, not sure if I’m gonna be watching it so intently! :down:

  15. heykriswithak says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    @maco gush
    I’m gay, completely disagree with your view on homosexuality, but respect your right to say what you want (within reason). To that end, I think that it was a good move to include the footage in the Daily Show, but even I disagree with the angle that BB took in speaking to Evander.

    When casting Big Brother, I would imagine that you’re going to get individuals with viewpoints that run the spectrum (again, within reason), so I don’t really get why he was almost goaded to even attempt to think about his answer in a different light! Dare I say that BB overstepped a boundary.

  16. SS says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !


    Not for me, I’m loving this series and finding it the best series since the one Alex Reid won. It’s hit the ground running and has some spark, rather than just some ‘celebs’ going in a house and waiting to leave so they can collect their paycheck.

    After 14 years of Big Brother, you’d think people would know what to expect my now. If people find it too racy, there are two pre-watershed versions of the show broadcast every single day (three if you include C5+1), maybe they should watch them instead and leave the post watershed version for people who aren’t so sensitive.

    Alternatively, there’re always repeats of Downton Abbey or something equally as dull. If the people over on the Geriatric Spy forums had their way, we’d have a house full of boring Blairs.

  17. Wally ! says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    Evander & Dappy, need to have a word with themselves, Ignorance is Never an Excuse! If it had been anything to do with racism any other House Mate would have been shown the door & quite rightly so? Get a grip Channel 5 & the producers, for Gods sake, Kids are watching this crap, dont you lot remember Jade Goodie ?

  18. Ark. says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    I was surprised how well Evander took the reprimand and did not argue his case. It seems complete over reaction by big brother and persecution against Christians. All sex outside the bounds of marriage is sin. This is what the bible teaches that sex is right between a man and a woman. He should be allowed to air his views.

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