Dappy unhappy with Jim and Linda’s handcuff decision

1 comment - Posted on January 4 2014 at 03:02pm

Celebrity Big Brother 13 January 2014 launch night - Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has responded negatively to Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan’s decision to free him from being shackled to Liz Jones on Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

During last night’s launch show, the housemates were paired off and bound together with handcuffs, which they must wear until further notice as part of this series’ main twist.

As the first pair to enter the house, Jim and Linda were given the power to grant freedom to one couple – and they chose Liz and Dappy, claiming that they looked a bit ‘stressed’.

However, the latter reckons that they should have instead shown some leniency to Lionel Blair – the oldest person in the line-up – by releasing him from his partner, Ollie Locke.

“Due to the fact that Lionel’s a bit more mature and that, I’m not happy,” said the 26-year-old.

“I’m sorry love,” replied Linda, who insisted that she and Jim didn’t know that the pairs would have to sleep together. “We just thought it’d be easier for you to than anyone else. This is it, we’re in Big Brother, that’s what happens.”

“It’s cut-throat, innit,” agreed Dappy.

Talk turned to the first public vote – which Liz and Dappy face as a consequence of their freedom – with Jim musing that ‘you never know’ when there will be a sting in Big Brother’s tail.

Linda, who’s convinced that an eviction will take place on Monday, told Dappy and Liz: “Enjoy three days and you’ll probably enjoy more days, but at the moment don’t even think about Monday. We’ve all probably gotta stand up and nominate.”

“So someone might go out on Monday then?” asked Liz.

“A couple will go out on Monday, but two more couples will go up as well, and then the public will probably vote for the three couples,” Linda rather confusingly claimed.

This weekend will see two more pairs being nominated for the first eviction, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

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  1. heykriswithak says:
    Sat 04 Jan Reply !

    After all of the HGs entered, it was clear that Dappy was gonna be the scrappy one out of the bunch – and this is coming from an American who doesn’t know much about him or N-Dubz (although, after a bit of research, they make horrid music).

    It’s clear that this will be the first nail in his coffin; he’s not doing himself any favors by attempting to make Jim and Linda look the slightest bit of bad.

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