Exclusive pictures: We tour the Big Brother 2013 house

6 comments - Posted on September 28 2013 at 06:26am

National Trust Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house tour - loungeLast night bbspy had a poke around the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house thanks to the National Trust – and here we present our exclusive photos of the bits you haven’t seen!

Today, some very lucky people will become the first ever members of the general public to go on tours of the Big Brother house, after the Trust controversially managed to do the previously unthinkable by opening it up to the world.

Only 500 tickets for the three-day event were released – and, despite some naysayers arguing that television’s most famous house is irrelevant to the heritage charity, they were all snapped up within hours, thrilling some fans and leaving others sadly disappointed.

It all kicked off with a VIP gala party yesterday evening, as the press mingled with show staff and former housemates of both the celebrity and civilian variety.

Among the group were Callum, Charlie, Dan, Dexter, Hazel, Jack and Joe, Jackie, Jemima and Sophie from this summer’s series – as well as Govan, Nathan, Rachael and Shabby from BB11, and older series favourites Brian Belo, Nikki Grahame and Liam McGough.

Repping the Celebrity version were Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton from the most recent series, Nicola McLean from last January’s run, and CBB7 winner Alex Reid.

bbspy was the only Big Brother fansite in attendance – and we got to chat to Dexter and the twins, one of the lovely ladies from Elstree Studios, Ivo Dawnay – the National Trust boss responsible for the whole scheme – and BB executive producer Katy Smith, who was so nice to us that she almost made us feel guilty for our relentless criticisms of the show (almost).

Between our chinwags, we also had a mini-housemate experience – lying down on the beds in the safe house-turned-bathroom, checking ourselves in the numerous mirrors, scoffing some canapes at the dining table and even taking a seat in the actual Diary Room chair.

Of course, we also took loads of photos – but rather than show you the bits you’ve already seen in the higher quality official shots, we’re going to walk you through the less snapped parts of the house. Flick through the gallery below to see our pics and read some fun facts!

  • The National Trust’s Big Brother house tours are part of ‘The London Project’, which aims to get younger audiences interested in the UK’s heritage through innovative experiences. For more information and to find out about their future events visit nationaltrust.org.uk/london

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6 comments on this article

  1. SS says:
    Fri 27 Sep Reply !

    There’ll be an article in the Daily Star later. “Exclusive: BBSpy’s secret love nest romp with the Elstree Angels!” :grin:

    Seriously though, can you imagine what it must be like for housemates going into the house and realising that everything you do and say is being filmed and they’ll be making a daily show from it to broadcast to millions of people. Must be pretty intense.

  2. Gabby Evans says:
    Fri 27 Sep Reply !

    thanks great pics i always thought the dr had a big mirror in it!

  3. Brekkie says:
    Fri 27 Sep Reply !

    They never do anything more than a camera for the diary room – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I think the Aussie BB has the camera incorporated into the eye logo so HMs look at the eye when they talk to BB.

  4. tinny says:
    Sat 28 Sep Reply !

    Well just been in the big brother house wow what a tour it was sh*t a wast of money what a big rip off

  5. lanky says:
    Sat 28 Sep Reply !

    That’s a shame, why do you think that?

  6. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sat 05 Oct Reply !

    Who watched the clip on the link?

    What if Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse did Celeb Big Brother?


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