TOWIE’s Mario Falcone was let out of Celeb BB house

7 comments - Posted on September 24 2013 at 03:33pm

The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 bosses have come under fire once again after it emerged that The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone was let out of the show’s house during the series.

According to production company Endemol’s official website, the Big Brother rules stipulate that contestants should be “denied any contact with their loved ones, and the outside world”.

However, in a recent chat with New! magazine, Mario’s TOWIE co-star and former fiancé Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed that she had met him at the American Embassy in London while he was supposed to be taking part in the thirteenth Celebrity edition earlier this month.

He was there to obtain a visa enabling him to travel to Las Vegas for filming of the the ITV2 scripted reality programme.

She said: “I walked in, and to my shock Mario was there, four days before the final of CBB! The show’s producers had agreed beforehand to let him out to get his visa.

“We had a chat for a little while, which was nice. I told him he was doing really well in the house and that he should be proud of himself, and he asked if I’d had a nice holiday.”

The news will no doubt cause outrage among die-hard Big Brother fans as, not only is it yet another breach of the show’s once-sacrosanct format, but it also means producers misled viewers, as his exit was never officially disclosed during the series.

In response, a Big Brother spokesperson told Digital Spy: “Mario had a pre-arranged appointment with the American Embassy.”

Despite Lucy’s claim that she had engaged in conversation with him, the rep added: “He left the house for a few hours and was accompanied by a member of staff throughout and had no contact with members of the public.”

It is the second time this year that a celebrity housemate was allowed to leave the house for work-related commitments. During the twelfth run in January, Rylan Clark was granted regular visits to a studio to rehearse for this year’s X Factor live tour.

The controversy – dubbed ‘Rylangate‘ – made national headlines, with viewers expressing their anger in droves. A whopping 82% of voters in a bbspy poll said stars shouldn’t be allowed to do Celebrity Big Brother if they can’t commit to spending the entire series in the house.

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7 comments on this article

  1. SS says:
    Tue 24 Sep Reply !

    So certain housemates got their knickers in a twist over Lauren speaking to her mum (even though she didn’t), but yet Mario left the house and met up with the whole cast of TOWIE whilst getting their US VISA’s???

  2. Brekkie says:
    Tue 24 Sep Reply !

    The producers really don’t care now – they don’t realise the responsibility they have to the format and it’s fans.

  3. Wally ! says:
    Tue 24 Sep Reply !

    Berkkie, SS & all those so called loyal fans of BB & CBB, obviously having no sense honour what so ever, Now start crying foul, Tell us please, who are the Mugs now? People should start showing the producers & Ch5, that they are unhappy, this programe, its no longer about entertainment & the viewers its about Money & Manipulation, end of !! :wink: :down:

  4. Maybee says:
    Tue 24 Sep Reply !

    Well this really is beyond the pale, BB & Co have been playing us for fools. :down: Very sly, the original BB format has been forgotten. :sad:

  5. bbno1fan says:
    Wed 25 Sep Reply !

    The whole team apart from emma and marcus bently need to be sacked and they need to employ ppl like us who love the show and take it in the right direction

  6. Brekkie says:
    Thu 26 Sep Reply !

    Marcus can be sacked too – highlights might be watchable then.

  7. Maybee says:
    Thu 26 Sep Reply !

    Agreed :grin:

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