Emma Willis: The Voice won’t affect Big Brother

7 comments - Posted on September 15 2013 at 02:24pm

Big Brother 2013 presenters - Emma Willis

Emma Willis has confirmed that she will continue to present Big Brother, despite having become the new host of BBC One’s The Voice UK.

Yesterday, it was announced that Emma will take over from Holly Willoughby as the main face of the talent contest, with her co-host – replacing Reggie Yates – set to be named next week.

The news left Big Brother fans worried that she would leave the show in favour of The Voice, which is her highest-profile presenting gig to date.

However, the 37-year-old took to her Twitter page to reassure them last night, saying: “I’m so overwhelmed by your lovely messages re. #thevoiceuk thank you so much.

“And for those asking, I’ll absolutely still be on Big Brother.”

Although both The Voice and Celebrity Big Brother will return in January, Emma’s schedule will not be affected, as CBB will only clash with the former’s pre-recorded audition stages.

The Voice is then expected to conclude in late March, long before Big Brother’s fifteenth civilian series begins in the summer.

Self-confessed Big Brother superfan Emma became the host of its live launch and eviction shows five months ago, describing it as her ‘dream’ job.

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7 comments on this article

  1. grace says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    I am happy that Emma will still host BB .she was so much better than Brian

  2. Wally ! says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    She is not a bloody super fan, She did not have a clue when she & her Husband took part in a BB Quiz? She is a hanger on like her useless workshy husband ! This is getting like a bloody fairy story, Get a grip & get a life ! :envy:

  3. winney says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    Wally i agree with you about Emma also i love reading your comments there so funny always make me laugh lol.

  4. ben m says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    well i dont agree with wally

  5. Wally ! says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    Bless you Winney, Like the latest buzz word of CBB contestants, ” Just telling it like it is”? & thats fine if ben m doesnt agree, he’s perfectly entitled to his opinion, at least he isnt sticking up for the bad habbits & morals of some of the HM, who should know better ? :heart: :happy:

  6. irene pearson says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    @Wally ! I agree with you Wally :grin:

  7. Wally ! says:
    Wed 25 Sep Reply !

    Sorry its taken so long Irene P, thanks for your support, I just hope all the mugs that have been quiet cutting in reply to comments made in defence this rubbish that CH 5 have been serving us, will now realise there error in light of the news that Mario was released to go to the US embassy, especially as he bumped in to his EX, who told him he was doing OK on the show? What a CON, people should be asking for there money back, as I bet this is not the only time this shows been Interfered with, Its now become a disgrace, I only hope those who feel ripped of yet again, will let the broadcasters know how they feel? :down: its been great venting my spleen & chatting to decent folk who know when there is discrimination & Intimidation going on, on our TVs in the name of entertainment ! also the fast tracking of talentless scroats like Carol Mcguffin, Louie Spence, Charlotte Crosby, Emma Willis & that prat Rylan, I hope they at least find some cure for those stupid nashers, I have turn the brightness down on my telly when he comes on, still he should be able to find his way home in the dark eh! Take care all. :grin: :heart:

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