Celeb BB final draws underwhelming ratings

7 comments - Posted on September 14 2013 at 05:45pm

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Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 concluded with disappointing ratings last night, with less than two million viewers tuning in for the final, according to unofficial overnight figures.

The first part of last night’s event – which aired live between 9.00pm and 10.00pm – averaged 2.05million viewers (9.7%) on Channel 5 and 129,000 (0.8%) on C5+1, totalling 2.18million.

Although the stats are good by Channel 5 standards, it was more than a million down on the final of January’s Celebrity series, which aired in one part.

However, it was slightly up on the end of last summer’s series, which drew 2.08million.

Later on, 1.6million (13.7%) witnessed Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby being crowned the winner during the pre-recorded second show, transmitted between 11.00pm and 11.30pm on Channel 5. A further 58,000 (0.9%) watched on +1, giving it a total of 1.66million.

This was actually a marginally lower figure than that achieved by the final episode of Big Brother 2013 in August, with the announcement of Sam Evans as the fourteenth civilian winner attracting 1.67million viewers.

Elsewhere, the debut of Celebrity Super Spa – which separated the two shows – had 1.09million (6.4%) including +1.

Spin-off show Bit On The Side ended with 711,000 viewers (10.1%) excluding +1 from 11.30pm, while ratings for ‘Celebrity Big Brother: The Final Countdown’ – which aired before the grand final at 8.30pm – have not been reported.

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7 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Sat 14 Sep Reply !

    No question about it the summer celeb series is not rating well enough to justify it – much better off extending the main show by a couple of weeks and letting that actually have a proper conclusion, rather than chucking 7 housemates out over the last few days.

  2. Josh says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    The summer CBB is not much higher than the civilian series, to be honest. I prefer a full, 93-day regular series.

  3. irene pearson says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    520,000 switched off before the final !!! 25% ! Take note BB is all I can say. I was one of them. :shock:

  4. Mary Tait says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    I also switched of as the winner was not someone i wanted to see come out to be praised and honoured for such vile and disgusting behavoiur

  5. Brekkie says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    The lack of effort for the final is astounding really – even regular evictions feel more of an event as the evictees actually get some screen time. The finals are so rushed thanks to having too many HMs and not enough time. If they’re not going to reduce the number of finalists to a reasonable amount (no more than 4) maybe they should do what they did for the launch and have the finale over two days – evict three the first night then three the next.

  6. Clrwtsn says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    I also switched off. Can’t understand why they don’t broadcast the whole show live instead of having a break of an hour with another show and then showing the remainder of the final which is pre recorded. The newspapers reported who had won before it was actually on tv. :conf:

  7. Wally ! says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    Berkkie, You still dont get it do you, It was not a lack of effort for the final ? We are being Duped, Its a con, Its Mass manipulation, we certainly dont need it extending we need it exterminating ! I to switched off when I found out who had won, Abs was by far the worthy winner ! :conf:

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