Big Brother’s Emma Willis to host The Voice UK

25 comments - Posted on September 14 2013 at 09:58pm

Big Brother 2013 advert - Emma Willis

Celebrity Big Brother presenter Emma Willis has signed up to front talent contest The Voice UK for its third series, it’s been confirmed.

The 37-year-old – who became the face of Big Brother just five months ago – takes over from Holly Willoughby as the main host of the BBC One singing show, which returns in January.

However, it is not expected to affect Emma’s role on Big Brother, as the next Celebrity series – also scheduled for January – will only clash with its pre-recorded audition stages.

The Voice will then conclude in late March or early April, long before the fifteenth civilian BB.

Speaking about the news, Emma said: “The Voice is an absolutely brilliant TV show with the unique ability to showcase and nurture amazing raw talent.

“I couldn’t be more excited to a part of it and I cannot wait to get started.”

Controller of BBC One Charlotte Moore added: “I’m thrilled to welcome Emma Willis to BBC One, she’s a brilliant live TV presenter.”

The Voice is the highest-profile presenting gig to date for Emma, who begun her career in the early noughties on MTV. She’ll be joined by a new co-host – replacing Reggie Yates – who’ll be named by BBC bosses next week.

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25 comments on this article

  1. Ben says:
    Sat 14 Sep Reply !

    Great news – she’ll make a great host :up:
    I think The Voice are pulling in new hosts / new judges in a “last roll of the dice” attempt – if the ratings don’t go up from this year, there probably won’t be another series…

  2. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Sat 14 Sep Reply !

    Glad shes still hosting BB. YAY :grin:

    I might give the Voice another chance and watch, but will only carrying on watching if it doesn’t get boring like before. :happy:

  3. winney says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    OMG Emma now presenting the voice oh joy more tv shows that i like Emma can destroy that womean should be sacked and not aloud to work on tv again IMO bring back Brian or let RYLAN present big brother

  4. Brekkie says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    Anyone who thinks Brian or Rylan is a better presenter than Emma is clearly an idiot.

  5. sarah says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    ahhh i think emma is fab!! i too like Rylan but constantly watching him present on big brother would basically do my head in :shock: his teeth would give me nightmares seeing him all the time :grin:

  6. tintin2 says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    I agree with winney ive never liked Emma she alright on bots but for the main show she crap Brian a lot better even Rylan could do a better job then Emma IMO also Brekkie just because you dont agree with somebody comment you dont need to be rude just make you sound like a silly little chid

  7. grace says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    Me thinks Emma is getting a bit greedy. some family time is what she should be doing. She earns a big wad of cash for doing BB.probably living beyond her means the more she gets the more she spends the more she needs. Greed

  8. Wally ! says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    Its not greed Grace, She has a husband who has been poncing of her Z list ( Talent , LOL?) for years, she cant even manage an autoque? WTF are they thinking giving another Job when she cant manage the one shes got! She really has no sense of humour or timing & those support tights Ughh ! I do agree about the greed & I dont understand why she gets so much coverage? :down: :conf:

  9. Brekkie says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    It’s called a career – she’s been in the business for a decade and she’s not going to turn down a BBC1 primetime Saturday night show which fits so nicely around her current BB commitments. The Voice will probably be 20-30 days work max.

  10. Grace says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    I also have a career and have been offered promotion. I also have a family. I manage very well on my income .So refused the promotion. The point I was trying to make is that Emma should consider what she has got and not get greedy. Also we can’t turn back time our children grow up so quickly and we should be there for them as much as possible. Emma has done well much better than Brian I wish her well with BB in the future, which could run for another 5 years.

  11. Wally ! says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    She may “have had a decade in the”? But she really does not have any talent ! & if the BBC want to waste even more License money ? they are going certainly going the right way about it ? Brekkie you forget that Emma turns up to do a spot on Good Morning now & again, but thats another programm :envy: :down: e I wont watch if I can help it ( Greed it is !) What a rubbish line up the Beeb is going to have Alex Jones,Julia Bradbury, Clair Balding & now Emma Willis got what a load of Dross & not a personality amongst them or even talent for that matter ? Thinking about it Claire Balding would fit in on CBB After that derogatory remark about that winning jockey spending his winnings on his teeth, Real Class, Eh !

  12. Brekkie says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    That’s your look out and your choice. Doesn’t give you the right to dictate how other people should choose to live their lives.

    In TV you have to make hay when the grass is green (I’m sure I’ve got that saying completely wrong).

  13. winney says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    IMO Emma just a greedy cow and should never be aloud to work in tv again and Brekkie your just talking out your arse IMO lol.

  14. lanky says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !


    Hang on, you think Emma shouldn’t be allowed to work in TV because she’s a ‘greedy cow’ and you think it’s Brekkie that’s talking out of his arse?

    Brekkie hit the nail on the head – if you get offered the opportunity to host a Saturday night primetime television show on the biggest channel in the country then you’re not going to turn it down. I’d love to know if those who reckon Emma’s doing too much think the same of the seemingly universally-loved Ant and Dec who are currently the faces of no less than four major shows on ITV.

    Emma is a consummate professional who is leagues ahead of the likes of Brian Dowling and Rylan Clark and I’m thrilled she’s going to be on our screens more often.

  15. Wally ! says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    Lanky, Now your talking out of your Arse, give us a break Emma Willis, a consummate professional? She has a problem remembering what day it is, Get a grip, at least Brian Dowling won it twice an knows what he was talking about, but above all he is so natural & doesnt have to Pretend anything he is not! :grin:

  16. Maybee says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    @Wally !
    Oh I so agree, I rue the day they got rid of the charming Brian :sad: How overrated is Emma ? Why they decided to give her all these presenting jobs is just bewildering. :doh:

  17. Brekkie says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    I refer to my earlier post: “Anyone who thinks Brian or Rylan is a better presenter than Emma is clearly an idiot.” The later posts prove that 100%.

  18. irene pearson says:
    Tue 17 Sep Reply !

    @lanky There is absolutely NO comparison between the fatuous and inane Emma Willis and Ant and Dec. Please enlighten me! :shock:

  19. Wally ! says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    Berkkie, like the song says, ” You say it best when you say nothing at all”! Your doing a hell of a lot of talking, but your making no sense, sorry to tell you, your the Idiot, have another look at all the other comments & you will see just how out of touch you are? I do agree with you about the slime ball Rylan, what a monster they have created, I still cant get over how manipulating & bullying he was, But Brian Dowling is & always has been so natural & himself, all round great guy ! & Abs Should have won as he is also so natural & kind !

  20. Maybee says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    So your response to people not agreeing with your views is to call them idiots, how self righteous & rude are you. ! :down:

  21. SS says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    @Wally !
    I’m not sure it’s Brekkie that’s out of touch. There was a fan poll taken a couple of months ago and the results were as follows:

    Favourite BB presenter (of the main show):
    Emma Willis – 49.13%
    Davina McCall – 47.39%
    Brian Dowling – 3.48%

  22. lanky says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    And given that almost 90% of voters are backing Emma in Digital Spy’s current poll about the new Voice hosts, I think it’s crystal clear who’s in the minority here. :grin:

    @irene pearson
    I’m sure some people would disagree with you there, but my point was about their workloads, not whether they’re comparable as presenters. Would the people that think Emma is doing too much work also say the same of Ant and Dec?

  23. Mark says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    Emma ok as a presenter I do miss Brian IMO he did a better job then Emma but thats tv for you
    Irene Pearson didnt think i would find you here lol as for Ant + Dec sorry there n*b heads cant stand them

  24. Irene Pearson says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    Hi Mark on here :up: Star was commenting the other day. I was referring to talent and longevity. I agree I liked Brian better then screeching Mrs. Willis :grin: :heart:

  25. Wally ! says:
    Wed 18 Sep Reply !

    SS, you state it was a fan poll? If you take in to account the posts on here, I think you have got it badly wrong, If the vote is for presenters thats all your going to get? If they asked who was the most annoying or rubbish presenter it would be a very different ball game & why do you think BB & CBB have changed the voting system from voting to keep the favourites In ? Its to confuse & to make sure the voting can be manipulated for people like Star, Lanky & Berkkie !! Simples. :grin:

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