Charlotte, Mario concerned by BBFM viewer opinions

5 comments - Posted on September 8 2013 at 06:00pm

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Mario Falcone, Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby and Mario Falcone were left in a bad mood yesterday after finding out what Celebrity Big Brother 2013 viewers think of them from Vanessa Feltz in the BBFM task.

The broadcaster appeared in a special studio set up in the house for the challenge, which saw her host a debate on whether the housemates have earnt the fees they’re being paid to take part.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte received the worst comments, with one viewer blasting her for setting a ‘disgusting example for young girls’ – while another named Noreen commented: “If she got a proper job and just toned down a bit she could be a really nice person.”

After Vanessa had left the house, Charlotte went to the Diary Room to discuss the feedback with Big Brother.

“I know it’s not really supposed to bother us what people say about us, but, I mean, I didn’t even get one positive thing, not one,” she moaned. “I have spat me dummy out. I’m acting like a child.

“Negative Noreen ruined my day!”

Meanwhile, Louie and Vicky reassured Mario, who had defended Charlotte during their BBFM interview, describing her as ‘the little light in here that gets you through every day’.

“What does it matter?” asked Louie. “You are going to leave here, you are going to go to TOWIE continue living your life, that’s all what is important.

“You could have this label over you your whole life and career while you are in show business. But if you are working for the next ten or twenty years, what does it matter, tou’ve won anyway.”

Big Brother gave the group a special lunch as a reward for participating in the task.

Highlights of Vanessa’s guest appearance will air on tonight’s show at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Cornelius the 3rd says:
    Sun 08 Sep Reply !

    In my opinion LOUIS SPENCE has taken the fun out of this years CBB. Can you imagaine someone constantly banging on about Its only a job, we’ll be out of here in a few says & go back to our normal Lives. Say it enough & people buy into it. Hes technically correct but his miserable, whingebag attitude has sucked the fun out of the other contestants. Its a house full of old gits, (that includes MARIO, god he can moan). With only ABS & COURTNEY giving us relief from the energy sapping words of SPENCE. The only way to rescue this séries is to vote out the energy vampire called spence or Carol on WEDNESDAY. #justsaying

  2. lenny says:
    Sun 08 Sep Reply !

    The problem with these reality contestants (I won’t say stars} Is they think they are more popular than they actually are. Viewing figures don’t lie. Lets face it, the vast majority of the population don’t even know who they are. Yet they think everyone loves them & they can’t take criticism, they think they’re movie stars. Charlotte, get out of your reality bubble & you’ll know what people think of you & your moronic antics, most people will think you’re an embaressment & they’d be spot on :down:

  3. irene pearson says:
    Sun 08 Sep Reply !

    It’s about time Charlotte learned some home truths. I hope she listens, she will have a better future.

  4. andrew says:
    Sun 08 Sep Reply !

    Do you really think she will have a better future if she took the viewers comments on board? Personally i think she wouldn’t have been famous at all (even if it is only a reality show) and by the sound of it would have probably be working in mcdonalds or brantanos earning minimum wage. That to me is not a better future. Also you said you hope she learnt some home truths. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people say things like this. like when people on BB who say “i just tell it like it is”. The whole point of being civilised is that we don’t tell it like it is all the time like we have some intractable tic reminiscent of tourettes. I don’t go around calling fat people fat because its the truth. I personally think this viewer was intentionally rude in order to get a rise out of charlotte and the retaliation was justified. Why shouldn’t you be rude back to someone who was rude to you, especially when its a faceless comment like so many people use now days because they believe there are no repercussions from behind their computer screens. The gentleman above you mentioned they can’t take criticism. However I bet that most people in charlottes situation, if they got called an idiot and told they would be a nice person if they did this or that would have reacted in a similar way. This is not criticism but a blatant affront by some know it all ass hole. Furthermore charlotte doesn’t pretend to be intelligent or famous, she knows what her credentials are.
    @irene pearson

  5. Violet says:
    Sun 08 Sep Reply !

    To be honest, the majority of the people that went in are famous… Everyone seems to think they’re nobodies but we all no who they are (with Danielle and Courtney as exceptions) saying they think they’re more popular than they are! But they are pretty popular, we’ve all at least heard of Geordie Shore or towie

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