Seven housemates up for Friday’s double eviction

11 comments - Posted on September 5 2013 at 01:01am

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Round 4 nominations

Abz, Bruce, Courtney, Dustin, Lauren, Louie and Vicky are up for this Friday’s Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 double eviction after housemates nominated face to face.

Earlier tonight, Carol returned to the house following her fake exit – and chose to automatically put Courtney in the firing line.

Big Brother later gathered the group for the fourth round of nominations, and told them they would cast their votes in front of each other.

As usual housemates were given a pen and a board on which to write the names of their chosen nominees. Carol wasn’t allowed to nominate, and Courtney could not be nominated. Big Brother then called them one by one to stand up, announce and explain their choices.

The results and reasons were as follows:


Dustin: “The reason being is I don’t feel I have much in common with Dustin. His sense of humour I don’t really get and I find it quite boring.”
Vicky: “When we did the Ibiza task the other day, she chose not to come to the party. I think that there’s a few people that would much prefer to come to it.”


Charlotte: “She’s the least person I’ve least connected with.”
Bruce: “He’s nicking all of my tobacco at the moment.”


Mario: “He called me a bitch and said that I was stuck up and something else.”
Abz: “He said I was superficial and I think he has pre judgements about me.”


Dustin: “He’s become a great friend of mine, but this morning he really let me down with his attitude of blaming Big Brother for everything that’s gone wrong in this house.”
Lauren: “I still think Lauren needs a lot of looking after by all of us. She still worries me when she walks around on her own.”


Louie: “He has high moods and low moods. He bitches about me.”
Bruce: “I just sometimes think he gets a bit impatient with me.”


Dustin: “Love you bro, but same as Bruce, your mood today brought me down.”
Lauren: “I always feel like you’re gonna fall over.”


Louie: “I’ve gotten to know Louie better the last day or two, but he’s kind of an asshole.”
Vicky: “She always makes me laugh but she does make fun of my intellect.”


Dustin: “Sometimes there are no rhymes nor reasons, it’s just meant to be fun, it isn’t meant to be over-analysed. When you go on and on and on about the workings of this, the mechanics of that, it pecks my head.”
Louie: “Although I find him endearing, he’s a moody git. I had to energy to go to the party, it wasn’t to diss anybody.”


Dustin: “I do feel the same as other people, you do over-analyse everything and take it a bit too seriously.”
Abz: “I haven’t got to know you as well as everyone else has, I feel like I can’t really talk to you.”

Dustin recieved the most votes, on five, with Louie picking up three, and Abz, Bruce, Lauren and Vicky getting two each. Therefore, they join Courtney in facing eviction.

Charlotte and Mario just missed out on joining them, with one vote each.

The public vote to save will open in the morning, and the two housemates with the least votes will be booted out during Friday’s live show, at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

> Celeb BB double eviction confirmed for Friday

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11 comments on this article

  1. Kathy B says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    Why is Carol not up ? Shame she got away with it I hope she goes next Wednesday and does NOT make it in the final.Lauren to win :grin:

  2. Yogi says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    She’s got friends in high places by the looks of it :straight: Noone fking like that old crow!

  3. Sue Reid says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    Well if you need to ask why Carol is not up then you clearly have not been watching BB are reading stuff

  4. Yogi says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    I think Dustin is having a hard time living in the house cos he doesn’t get the British sense of humour, he’s also too smart for this kind of boredom game.

    Nice guy though :happy: So he might benefit the most by leaving this Friday and I also think Bruce should go cos he doesn’t like being stuck in a house full of twats.

  5. india says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    Carol, fowl mouthed trashy woman with not an ounce of dignity or respect. Nothing worse than a fifty year old trying to act like a twenty year old. Says she wants botox to just look like herself, not younger. You keep tellin yourself that! I always thought she was rough on loose women; now I know she is. what a horrible narcissistic individual she is. Common as muck.

  6. tinny says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    Carol the only one there that entertaining and louie and lanren
    India your just talking crap sure your watching CBB or just looking at a wall twat.

  7. dave says:
    Thu 05 Sep Reply !

    Inarticulate low life scumbag, Oh & you’re a fan of Carol. That explains it :down:

  8. Yogi says:
    Fri 06 Sep Reply !

    Now now…no fighting pls! :wink:

  9. ginger says:
    Fri 06 Sep Reply !

    Spot on India , Carol is vile. BB seems to want to keep her in but hopefully not for much longer! Used to like her then saw her true colours on loose women one day. Yuk

  10. Sam says:
    Fri 06 Sep Reply !

    Carol is not an inarticulate low life scumbag and nor are her fans. Far from inarticulate in fact, she expresses herself very clearly and upfrontly. I think your comment came from trawling through a dictionary in search of nasty words.

    Also it’s Dustin’s time to go, imo.

  11. Anush Jambazian says:
    Sat 07 Sep Reply !

    Love U Courtney U Rock.Love the Show.
    U Look Gorg Sexy & Fab.Hair look’s Fab.Hair Design Anush.
    Anush Hair Design.

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