Carol fake evicted after housemates fail hostage task

7 comments - Posted on September 4 2013 at 12:08am

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 hostages shopping task - Carol McGiffin, Mario Falcone

Carol McGiffin has been fake evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 house tonight after housemates failed to fully comply with Mr Big’s demands in the hostage shopping task.

Yesterday, Carol, Mario and Lauren were supposedly kidnapped, with the rest of the group told that it would be up to them to release the prisoners by completing a series of challenges.

But while some tried their utmost to win the trio’s freedom, others were more reluctant.

Fails included Dustin’s refusal to have his beard shaved off for his Saved By The Bell performance – while Courtney took off the dirty overalls she was given to wear as the condition of receiving a meeting with her husband, Doug Hutchison.

Tonight, Big Brother gathered the housemates and played a VT revealing that the hostages had actually been watching them while living in luxury. During the footage, Carol was heard making comments including “I do like seeing them all suffer” and “Dustin, he can go f**k himself”.

Mr Big explained: “Thirty hours ago, Carol Lauren and Mario were taken prisoner by me. Housemates, you had to comply with a series of demands to ensure their safe return.

“Your efforts to comply have been pathetic, therefore a sacrifice must be made. One of the imprisoned housemates will not return the house and will be evicted tonight.”

Big Brother then took over, announcing: “Mr Big has decreed that one of the imprisoned housemates must now be evicted from the house, and you must choose who. As a nominated housemate, Lauren’s fate already rests in the viewers’ hands, therefore Lauren will return to the house and you must choose whether Carol or Mario will be evicted.”

Vicky commented: “Whoever goes home has got the best deal out of the three.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte became upset, with Sophie reassuring her: “It’s nothing personal, you have no choice. You need to keep the person you’re going to have the most fun with.”

Each housemate was given a picture of Mario and a picture of Carol, and one by one they stood up, revealed the picture of the housemate they wanted to evict, and explained their reasons. The voting went as follows:

  • Abz voted for Carol: “Just out of the two, I’m definitely closer to Mario.”
  • Dustin voted for Carol: “She said horrible things about me, even though I did try each thing on the food tray.”
  • Bruce voted for Carol: “Same reason, we’ve been sat over here trying to get them out, she sat down there saying terrible things watching that screen.”
  • Charlotte voted for Mario: “I was closer to Carol at first in the house. I do love Mario, but I was closest to Carol.”
  • Courtney voted for Carol: “I haven’t really gotten close with Carol, I’ve tried to have conversations with her and it’s impossible, we don’t connect on any level.”
  • Louie voted for Carol: “Carol’s a tough old boot – she looks like an old boot sometimes in the morning, so I’m quite happy to get rid of her face!”
  • Vicky voted for Carol: “I feel that she is quite vicious sometimes, and I didn’t like watching her saying things about us when we were struggling to get her out. She’s gone over the line.”
  • Sophie voted for Carol: “She’s been vicious about me in the past and what she said tonight was absolutely disgusting. Mario’s like a little brother to me.”

With her apparent fate sealed, Carol was given 30 seconds to bid farewell to Mario and Lauren, complete with an authentic Marcus Bentley voiceover.

“Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it, seriously,” said the Loose Woman, as she headed out the task room door. “But especially Charlotte. Bye little ‘un.”

“I feel really upset,” Lauren replied.

Mario and Lauren then made their way back the main house, with Louie exclaiming: “Awww! Oh, I’m so jealous of Carol, I can’t tell you.”

However, Carol wasn’t really evicted – and, once her former fellow inmates had safely returned to safety, she quietly snuck back in to the luxury prison.

Sophie – who had earlier managed to rumble the secret behind the task – predicted: “There’s a curveball here, there’s something going on.”

Carol will spend another day in isolation before rejoining the group tomorrow night. In addition, as housemates the task, they will have to live on a budget shopping delivery next week.

Browse pictures of the Hostages shopping task below:

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7 comments on this article

  1. chickpea says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    boooooooo. Why can’t this be a real eviction. Evil old troll. When she comes back I hope they give her some serious stick. people who like her always say she speaks her mind (no, she’s downright rude to peoples faces) & she’s so funny, but her humour is usually at the expense of someone else, but lets face it, she’s not funny anyway, she’s hardly Dawn French is she, come on. As long as I live, I can proudly say, I will never, never, never, never understand this woman’s popularity. :down: :down: :down:

  2. kirsty says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    soooo glad it was a fake eviction i really like carol she should defoo be in the final along side charlotte them to have been soo entertaining and real, yh carol might be a bit bitchy and stirring the pot but thats funny ppl shouldnt be takein it to heart, shes enjoying her time in the house and thts the way u shold do it at least she aint borin!!

  3. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    So it’s okay to be rude, insensitive to others and a bitch, so long as you aren’t boring? What a world!!

  4. Yogi says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    Should of been a real eviction, really dislike that bitch Carol! :envy:

  5. janice heggie says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    should have been real eviction the woman is vile talks about Dusten and his peanut butter her and Louie hide a bottle of wine every night and her and Charlotte drink it pot kettle

  6. Levette Crossland says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    not liking the woman at all…….fake should be turned into real!… :down:

  7. Mary Tait says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    So over the alcoholic who thinks shes in charge her Charlotte and Louie get right up my nose, Mario to win.

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