Courtney reunited with husband Doug in hostage task

6 comments - Posted on September 2 2013 at 11:01pm

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Doug Hutchison appears as a hostage in the Mr Big shopping task

Courtney Stodden was reunited with her husband, The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, in the Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 house today as part of the latest shopping task.

Earlier today, housemates were informed that Carol, Lauren and Mario had been kidnapped from the house, and that they’d have to complete a series of demands to free them.

However, they are unaware that the trio are in fact their own captors, and are actually secretly living in luxury while watching a live feed of the main house.

This afternoon, the group was gathered on the sofas and told that there was in fact a fifth hostage – Doug. After watching him make a plea for help, Courtney was given the chance to sacrifice all of her belongings in order to release and win a brief meeting with him.

It didn’t take her long to agree, and – after putting on the dirty jumpsuit that will be the only clothes she has to wear until further notice – Courtney dashed to the small task room.

“Oh my God, I don’t believe it! Hey sweetheart!” exclaimed Doug, whose hands were tied up in rope. “Help me out of here! What are you wearing?”

“Hi! Aww, I missed you!” squealed Courtney. “They made me freaking put this on! I can’t take it off, I’m walking round the house like this because I have to wear this to free you. I had to give them Doug Bunny, everything.”

“I’m watching you constantly, every waking hour, on TV, on the internet, any chance I can get,” revealed Doug. “It feels so good to hold you. You look beautiful. You’re doing so good.

“I’m falling more and more in love with you every single time I watch you. You’re an angel.”

Courtney informed him how hard she was finding the Big Brother experience, saying: “It’s hard, it’s not easy, it’s challenging and I don’t think people understand how hard it is in here.”

Meanwhile, the other housemates took the opportunity to discuss what was happening.

“I think that her husband’s famous so it’s good for the show, I think that’s the reason why, that’s my logic in it, they might get a few more viewers,” Louie probably accurately predicted.

“I still don’t know who he is because I haven’t seen the film,” he added, referring to Green Mile.

“It’s the only one I’ve seen him in. I think he’s done TV,” Sophie replied.

“He plays a great role in the film, he’s absolutely evil,” praised Vicky.

After bidding an emotional farewell to Doug – who is 35 years her senior – Courtney later returned to the house beaming: “Yay, I got to see my hubby!”

Doug will appear on spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side tomorrow night at 11.00pm on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the Hostages shopping task below:

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6 comments on this article

  1. jennyjuniper says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    Now I know who her husband is! Brilliant film, even better book, but The Shawshank Redemption is still my favourite.

  2. Yogi says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    We can see Courtney for who she is….a Las Vegas stripper that met a guy whom loves her naked boobs and body.

    Nice girl all the same…very sweet natured.

    In Britian he’d be don’t for child molesting, wouldn’t he?

  3. Yogi says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !


  4. Sam says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    They could so get Doug to do a series of CBB with all his appearances so far

  5. SS says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    Nope. You can marry at 16 in England and Wales with parental consent and 16 in Scotland without parental consent. The difference between Scottish and English marriage laws was what originally made Gretna Green famous, because couples would go to Gretna Green to get married, due to it being close to the English/Scottish border.

  6. Yogi says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    Your not getting my point Jimmy Saville! :wink:

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