Carol, Lauren, Mario held hostage in new task

4 comments - Posted on September 2 2013 at 04:27pm

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Carol McGiffin, Lauren Harries, Mario Falcone in hostage shopping task

Carol McGiffin, Lauren Harries and Mario Falcone are being held hostage by Mr Big in this week’s Celebrity Big Brother 2013 shopping task – but not all is what it seems…

Earlier today, the trio went to the Diary Room, and were told that to pass this week’s shopping task, they must pretend to be prisoners and get the other housemates to complete a list of demands.

However, in reality, they will be living in luxury and watching the main house from the task room, which is decorated in two halves – one side a plush pad, the other a dungeon.

One of the prisoners had to go to the Diary Room and pretend to be ‘Mr Big’ – their nonexistant captor – using a voice changer effect. They then ran back to the dungeon side of the room, and sat with their fellow hostages in trick chairs, making it look like they’d been tied up.

In an attempt to prove Mr Big was serious, the main house watched Carol, Lauren and Mario on the plasma screen as they read save me speeches, before they were covered in fire ants and beetles – which were actually harmless lentils and black beans.

After this message cut out, the hostages then moved to the luxury side. Every so often, Mr Big will return to the Diary Room to record a demand through the voice changer, which the housemates will later hear through a payphone. Today’s demands are as follows:

1st Demand: Food

Mr Big will demand that all food be removed from the house, and that the housemates live on the same slop they believe the hostages are being fed. The cold porridge will be served in prisoner-style canteen trays, which Big Brother will deliver to the store room at meal times.

2nd Demand: Charlotte’s Big Night Out

Charlotte, known for her raucous drunken antics in Geordie Shore, will be called to the Diary Room for her own night out, where she must eat three kebabs and down three pints of non-alcoholic lager in three minutes.

3rd Demand: Courtney’s Belongings

This afternoon, Mr Big will reveal that he’s also holding Courtney’s husband – Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison – in the small task room. After watching him make a plea for help, Courtney will be offered the chance to hand over all her personal possessions – including beauty products and her beloved bunny – in order to free him and win a short meeting with him.

If she accepts, she will be given dirty overalls to wear.

4th Demand: Saved By The Bell

Dustin must become his iconic character Screech once again and perform the Saved By The Bell theme tune for Mr Big. To do this, he must have the other housemates shave off his beard, before donning a curly wig and costume. He will be given rehearsal time in the Diary Room.

5th Demand: Dancing On Glass

Mr Big has come up with an idea for a new show – Dancing On Glass – and he wants Louie to be the first contestant. During a practise session in the small task room, he will be given full briefing on how to walk across the glass safely, before completing his task on a stage in the lounge.

However, he won’t know that the glass is actually just harmless sugar glass.

6th Demand: Itchy Sheets

The hostages will choose the three housemates they think are the laziest. Big Brother will then lockdown the bedroom and replace their comfy bedding with itchy straw and hessian sheets.

Browse pictures of the Hostages shopping task below:

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4 comments on this article

  1. Sarah says:
    Mon 02 Sep Reply !

    Oooooo can hear all the complaining now :envy:

  2. Brekkie says:
    Mon 02 Sep Reply !

    C5 have got so much wrong with BB but to be fair the task team has been outstanding, even if this is yet another twist on the bedsit.

  3. Yogi says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    This CBB exciting tasks should of started a lot earlier due to a such short series, 3w weeks.

    For the past 2 weeks its been real boring waiting for something to happen. Maybe they should rethink the timing and set up of schedule.

    Play more with sleep games and less with lack of food! More with separation of possessions, people’s professional skills and less with the hidden secret room. Bored!

  4. Anonymous says:
    Tue 03 Sep Reply !

    Looks awesome. The tasks are always, usually, good. :up:

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