Charlotte, Courtney, Lauren, Ron also nominated

29 comments - Posted on August 29 2013 at 09:59am by Jordan Howell


Louie Spence, Charlotte Crosby, Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries and Ron Atkinson all face eviction tomorrow night.

Following the departure of Danielle [Marr] during yesterday evenings live show, Vicky [Entwhistle] and Ron [Atkinson] were asked to nominate one housemate for eviction, and they chose Louie [Spence].

Shortly after, the remaining housemates nominated as normal, adding Charlotte, Courtney, Lauren and Ron to the list of nominated housemates.

29 comments on this article

  1. Oli says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    We need to save Lauren, Charlotte and Courtney!!

  2. Marko says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    We need to save Lauren, Courtney, Ron and Louie

  3. Sarah says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    I agree oli :up:

  4. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Hope Lauren is saved! Shes entertaining and makes me laugh sometimes! Team Lauren :grin:

    Hope Ron goes as I don’t find him entertaining!

  5. Maybee says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    My thoughts exactly :up:


  6. Jas says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    SAVE CHARLOTTE! Ron out as he’s the least entertaining.

  7. Maybee says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    I’m surprised that Sophie wasn’t also put up for eviction. :conf:

  8. Scott says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Yep, surprised Sophie isn’t up as well.

    Well hopefully Racist Ron will be gone! :up:

  9. Shane says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    If you want to see Ron evicted you should be voting to save Lauren, I think it will be close between them!

  10. Kathy B says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    I want Lauren to win ! She’s a lovely person. Time for old Ron to go home.

  11. Usman Anwar says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Hope lauren and courtney stay and Louie goes

  12. Dave N says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    :doh: No more pity voting; Get rid of talentless Lauren.

  13. Alexandria says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    @Dave N Nice one Dave! Get rid of Lauren!

  14. Kerri says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Get Louie out ….see how genuine his pleas to go really are. He is a nasty fake piece of work. :grin:

  15. Brekkie says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Lets see what rules producers made up so these four were up for eviction – I doubt they were all in the top two.

  16. dave long says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    The fake Geordie girl is the the most disgusting housemate in Big Brother history.

  17. Jamie says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    Get Lauren out, she is a moaning talentless bitch! When she was in the dairy room saying people speak to her like a child….. well if you act like a attention seeking little needy child then you’re gonna get treated like one, plus she throws a strop at everything that doesn’t go her way, really manipulative… saying to Courtney you wouldn’t nominate me would you….she is always testing her which is just horrible to be around, I feel sorry for Courtney linking herself to this needy sociopath so early in the game.

  18. Sam says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    I think it’s unfair to say Lauren is talentless, seeing as though she has had some expertise in antiques, that’s a talent. It’s more so than a “reality star” would have. But Ron can’t stay because I’m finding him boring.

  19. helen says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    @dave long
    you are so right dave…i cant believe people cannot see how fake she is….and yes she is just such a disgusting dirty smelly slapper i cannot see for the life of me why she is favorite.what a scanky smelly bitch she is..she is an embarrassment to all geordies..get her out………smelly…scanky cow….

  20. Jamie says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    @Sam Actually Sam, if you knew anything about Lauren you’d know her antique appraising ‘talent’ was a complete con. Her entire family are fame hungry fraudsters. Watch the documentary “Little Lady Fauntleroy”.

  21. Kerri says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    @Jamie your so right!! I watched tonight’s show and went from mildy disliking Lauren to actually findibg her sly and manipulative. She also used the transphobic card on her reason for nominating Ron. Is this what we are going to have each time anyone nominates or disagrees with Lauren. Its got nothing to do with her gender why people are nominating her…much more to do with the fact she leaves her dirty clothes everywhere….constantly laments…”woe is me” and craves attention from everyone. She was riled everyone was comforting Charlotte after the nominations were revealed. Oh shes a horrible manipulative and self obsessed individual. Wow. Rant over lol

  22. Yogi says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Punish that dirty girl Charlotte by evicting her next. That’ll embarrass her for peeing the bed!!!!!! :envy:

  23. jennyjuniper says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    I doubt that there is very much that would embarress Charlotte. But her reaction to being nominated was over the top and very fake. She blamed the fact that she wet the bed for being nominated, but fails to address the issue of why she wet the bed. Because she drinks too much and is the direct opposite of what a role model should be.
    Lot’s of young girls watch this show and what are they going to think when they look at Charlotte? That it’s okay to disrespect your body, have little or no morals and still get loads of money and ‘fame’. I despair sometimes.
    One thing is sure. BB is NOT getting anymore of my money. The winner will be who they want to win.

  24. val says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Can’t believe sour old battleaxe Carol Mcgiffin isn’t up, votes for Ron for becoming more cocky??? Check yourself you whiny ass bitch :tongue: :down: :tongue: :down:

  25. Yogi says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Charlotte must be the daughter of some big shot cos she gets lots of respect….fk knows why!

    Seriously bad role model for the younger tribe.. :envy: :down:

    Dirty bitch

  26. Chloe says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Get charlotte out! no self respect or morals. Totally showing up north east girls. such an absoulute DISGRACE. :straight:

  27. Reece says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Ron needs to go because he’s boring, old fashioned and his foot is absolutely disgusting. Then get Carol out because she’s two faced, manipulative and quite frankly, a nasty little bitch. Charlotte or Courtney to win!

  28. Maybee says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    I had to laugh about your comment re Ron’s foot :grin: & I thought my slight bunion was awful, then I saw his :shock: eew !!!

  29. Sarah says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    I think ron is borderline hobbit with them pinkies lol :grin:

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