Charlotte, Courtney, Lauren, Ron also nominated

29 comments - Posted on August 29 2013 at 09:59am


Louie Spence, Charlotte Crosby, Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries and Ron Atkinson all face eviction tomorrow night.

Following the departure of Danielle [Marr] during yesterday evenings live show, Vicky [Entwhistle] and Ron [Atkinson] were asked to nominate one housemate for eviction, and they chose Louie [Spence].

Shortly after, the remaining housemates nominated as normal, adding Charlotte, Courtney, Lauren and Ron to the list of nominated housemates.

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29 comments on this article

  1. Chloe says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Get charlotte out! no self respect or morals. Totally showing up north east girls. such an absoulute DISGRACE. :straight:

  2. Reece says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    Ron needs to go because he’s boring, old fashioned and his foot is absolutely disgusting. Then get Carol out because she’s two faced, manipulative and quite frankly, a nasty little bitch. Charlotte or Courtney to win!

  3. Maybee says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    I had to laugh about your comment re Ron’s foot :grin: & I thought my slight bunion was awful, then I saw his :shock: eew !!!

  4. Sarah says:
    Fri 30 Aug Reply !

    I think ron is borderline hobbit with them pinkies lol :grin:

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