Ron, Vicky nominate Louie in new Celeb BB twist

1 comment - Posted on August 28 2013 at 11:25pm

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Ron Atkinson and Vicky Entwistle nominations twist

Louie Spence has gone up for the second eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 after saved housemates Ron Atkinson and Vicky Entwistle faced a surprise nominations twist.

Shortly after Danielle Marr became the first evictee of the series tonight, Big Brother called her opponents Ron and Vicky to the Diary Room.

“Seeing as you’ve just survived, Big Brother would like to reward you with a special power,” he explained. “There will be another eviction this Friday, and you must now jointly decide one celebrity to face the next public vote.”

With the rest of the housemates watching in the lounge, Ron – who admits to having only watched ten minutes of Big Brother – asked: “Will that be private or will that be on air?”

As Big Brother pressed for a decision, Ron said: “I tell you an intriguing one for me, I don’t know what the public may think, is Lauren. I don’t know, she could win it.”

“See I think the public will be interested in watching Lauren,” replied Vicky.

“Can we put me up?” pondered Ron.

Big Brother confirmed that they couldn’t nominate themselves, and the football pundit pressed for Lauren to go – but Vicky, having been nominated by the flamboyant dancer only days ago, argued: “No, I’d rather put Louie up, I don’t want to put Lauren up!”

“Go on, I’ll go with you,” agreed Ron.

With the deal sealed, Louie reacted: “Yes! Thank God, please vote me out! I don’t give a f**k!”

The rest of the housemates will nominate as normal later tonight to determine who will join Louie in facing the second eviction, which takes place this Friday.

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  1. Yogi says:
    Thu 29 Aug Reply !

    I think Ron was trying to instigate Vicky’s choice in -choosing one poof and she choose the other which is more horrible’, in the most indirect/ politest way of course, becos, he knew Vicky and Danielle had a problem with Louie…

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