Carol racism warning leaves Celeb BB viewers angry

5 comments - Posted on August 25 2013 at 08:05pm

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 – Carol McGiffin

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 producers have been criticsed for issuing Carol McGiffin with a formal warning over racist language after she said the ‘n’ word in a conversation about Ron Atkinson.

In the early hours of Day 3, the Loose Women panellist used the term while explaining Ron’s career history to a clueless Louie Spence.

“He’s a commentator now, or he was until he f**ked his own career up by being racist,” she said. “His TV career ended instantly when he was caught off camera but on mic calling a football player a n***er.

“Whatever context he used it in, it ruined his career.”

The 53-year-old was hauled to the Diary Room yesterday afternoon to be punished, with Big Brother stating: “Big Brother deems this language to be unacceptable and potentially offensive.

“Big Brother does not tolerate this unacceptable language and therefore is issuing you with a formal warning. If you repeat this sort of language again Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house.”

“Okay, that’s fair enough, you’re absolutely right,” responded Carol. “I know the rules and I do normally abide by them, but yes, I was out of order, sorry, I apologise profusely.”

However, some viewers have hit out at bosses for being too harsh on Carol, as she was merely talking about what someone else had said.

The show has also been accused of double standards after her use of the offending term was bleeped – before Big Brother repeated the conversation to her in the Diary Room uncensored.

“I’m surprised feisty Carol took that warning. She was only quoting a HM THEY put in house who said it. Ridiculous,” blasted @kazimierz66 0n Twitter.

“They don’t condone what she quoted, but condone it anyway by putting Ron in there in the first place!” commented @scotttdash, while @shaneREACTI0N wrote: “Big Brother used the N word in the same context as Carol. Are the producers going to get a warning too?”

But others backed the producers’ decision, with @KayDMusicQ saying: “She shouldnt have said ‘ni***r’ no matter. If she was just explaining the general  thing would be ‘the N word’.”

During this year’s civilian series, over 150 people complained to media regulator Ofcom after housemate Jemima was warned for using potentially offensive language while talking about her preferences in romantic partners.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Mike says:
    Sun 25 Aug Reply !

    Do we get to accuse YOU of double standards for “starring out” one use of the word but not the one at the bottom of the article? ;)

  2. Brekkie says:
    Sun 25 Aug Reply !

    A pathetic decision by producers yet again – there is a huge difference between housemates being racist or even using racist words to how Carol use the word in the context she did. Nobody would ever find that conversation in itself racist. If it is then this article is racist and C5 is racist for airing it.

  3. Hulda says:
    Sun 25 Aug Reply !

    It winds me up when they say “Big Brother deems this language to be unacceptable and potentially offensive”, but then broadcast it. If it’s unacceptable and potentially offensive, then don’t broadcast it. It’s a TV show, not the news and it’s pre-recorded not live.

    The only reason to broadcast it is to get into the papers in the hope of increasing viewing figures, but whilst it may create a short-term spike, long term it is damaging for the show and paints it in a negative light. The usual excuse is that they ‘need’ to broadcast it to give an unsanitised picture, which is a nonsense excuse. If other reality shows such as ‘I’m a Celebrity’ can manage it, I’m sure Big Brother can as well.

    There was no editorial justification for broadcasting the ‘N’ word or indeed Carol’s conversation, other than to try and boost ratings for their own selfish reasons. If housemates were to get jiggy on the kitchen table, does that then give Big Brother a free licence to broadcast R18 content under the excuse of them having no obligation not to sanitise what occurs in the House in order to preserve viewer trust in the programme? Of course not, and it’s about time they took some responsibility themselves as a broadcaster instead of throwing housemates under the bus and then using lame excuses to shift all the blame away from themselves.

  4. irene pearson says:
    Mon 26 Aug Reply !

    Agree Hulda

  5. Saz says:
    Mon 26 Aug Reply !

    I agree, showing it reinforces it so if it was that bad, it shouldn’t be shown. Though its quite often the same with everything isn’t it!!!

    However, I disagree anyhow, it wasn’t used in a racist manner and if anything, she was reinforcing how having such views and behaviour is unacceptable and Ron’s career was damaged because of it.

    What they could have said is that on this occasion it would be taken in context but in future, please do not use such words for any reason.

    Finally – a word is a word and saying it in any other way but still with reference to the original word is still the same isn’t it?? Ridiculous!

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