Cult of Celebrity nominates Ron, joins main house

- Posted on August 23 2013 at 10:35pm by Matt Scott

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 launch show - Ron Atkinson

Ex-football manager Ron Atkinson has been nominated for the first eviction of Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 after he was targeted by the Cult of Celebrity in the launch twist.

As the first three housemates to enter the house, last night Louie Spence, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton formed the special cult and moved in to the ‘Temple’ in the task room.

They had to spend their first 24 hours living there in secret, while watching a live feed of the main house, before choosing one of the housemates living in it to automatically face eviction.

After shortlisting Carol, Courtney and Ron as their three nomination options, tonight the Cult members joined the main house, during a live show on Channel 5 hosted by Emma Willis.

They made their entrances individually, as if they’d never met each other before, with a gift to give to the group. Louie was the last of the trio to enter, bringing a bottle of champagne, which Big Brother had instructed him to give to the housemate the Cult wanted to nominate.

As he went round greeting everyone, Louie eventually left the champagne with Ron – revealing the 74-year-old to be the first nominee.

Big Brother then gathered the group at the sofas and announced the news to the house – but, with the Cult members under strict instructions to keep it a secret, he lied by claiming Ron was nominated by a public vote.

The all-seeing eye then told the housemates that the public would pick two more housemates to join Ron on the firing line over the weekend – but Willis informed viewers that these nominations will in fact also be determined by the Cult. It is currently unclear how they will do this.

Browse pictures of the Cult of Celebrity twist below:

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