Louie, Lauren, Sophie join the Cult Of Celebrity

2 comments - Posted on August 22 2013 at 09:29pm


Louie Spence, Lauren Harries and Sophie Anderton will choose one housemate to face eviction after forming a special cult in the Celebrity Big Brother summer 2013 launch twist.

After they became the first three people to enter the house, Big Brother called the trio to the Diary Room and informed them that they’re the founding members of the ‘Cult of Celebrity’.

For their first 24 hours in the house, they will live in secret in the Cult’s Temple – located in the task room – where they will don gold cloaks and watch all of the action in the main house on their ‘seeing eye’ screen.

However, Big Brother also told them that they’d face a difficult decision – choosing one housemate that is not part of the cult to face the first eviction.

After being aided in their decisions by watching the housemates’ intro VTs and the live house action, Louie, Lauren and Sophie will each name a candidate for eviction.

In tomorrow night’s live show, their presence will be revealed to the rest of the group – and they will then choose which of their three candidates will go up for the public vote.

Meanwhile, in a separate surprise at the end of tonight’s live show, the housemates in the main house were given a dilemma to decide which two fo them are the most famous.

The group chose Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwistle, and Big Brother then told them they deserve a little of space and privacy from the less famous housemates. The blind hiding the garden was then lifted to reveal a four poster bed, where the pair must spend their first night.

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2 comments on this article

  1. jennyjuniper says:
    Fri 23 Aug Reply !

    Yawn. In the words of Nikki Graham, ‘WhoARE these people’.

  2. Saz says:
    Fri 23 Aug Reply !

    I felt for them a bit, missing put on the first night. Not sure how this is going to add much, even making them nominate isn’t a massive twist – been done too many times!

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