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Sophie Anderton is an English model and reality television personality. She was born in Bristol and rose to fame after appearing in underwear brand Gossard’s ‘girl in the grass’ advertising campaign. She has appeared on shows such as Celebrity Love Island, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Hole in the Wall and Winter Wipeout.

Sophie’s career propelled her into earnings of £30,000 per week and allowed her to lead a lifestyle of parties and drugs. The UK tabloid press reported this in detail, even more so when she became addicted to cocaine.

Her highly publicised downfall started when she was aged 17 after she was told cocaine would keep her looking slim: “I didn’t know what I was doing. Someone offered it to me and told me it would keep me skinny. So I did it.”

Sophie dated former Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who was also a cocaine user. Their four year on-off relationship, which finally ended in 2007, became infamous thanks to their public rows. Sophie said: “My relationship with Mark was my lowest point”.

In November 2012 Sophie announced that she was “completely clean of addiction” thanks to the support of the foundation set up following Amy Winehouse’s death. Sophie said: “I am proof you can change your life and I want others to know that, so I am helping other people who are in the same place that I was.”

Sophie started working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation after meeting the late singer’s dad Mitch. She went into schools in London to talk to teenagers about the dangers of drugs.

On her weight, she commented: “I don’t really care nowadays. I couldn’t give two hoots. When I was size 10 I was called obese now I’m size six to eight, my natural weight, people say I’ve lost loads of weight. I couldn’t be happier. In the grand scheme of things what I’m wearing isn’t important. It’s not going to solve world famine.”

31 comments on Sophie

  1. Axxia says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    So she’s being nice to housemates so she doesn’t get votes…how is that so terrible when Carol/Charlotte/Louie/Mario have formed a voting block. They freely admit it…”together ’til the end”….and Sophie’s the nasty game player for trying to be nice to avoid nomination? I wish the other housemates would get a clue and join together to form a block to get out Carol/Louie.

  2. Maybee says:
    Wed 04 Sep Reply !

    She is just so self obsessed & a “know all”. :down:

  3. dean says:
    Fri 06 Sep Reply !

    She was good on bbbots yesterday, everything she said about Carol was true & she didn’t take no shit from that other embittered old hag & Carol lover Nina Myskow. Well done Sophie :up:

  4. Dave Dines says:
    Fri 13 Sep Reply !

    Smoker who advises non smokers on the downside of smoking.

    Hypocrite or uniquely qualified expert ?

    Certainly distracting someone whos going to smoke other peoples discarded butts is doing them a favour (especially when drunk).

  5. K RED says:
    Sat 14 Sep Reply !

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: luv u sophie u made effort with every1 but got pushed back. Be yrself dont let the haters get u down, REMEMBER THEY NOT WORTH THINKING ABOUT! Switch them off yr thoughts and feelings!!
    Well done in yr recovery and for learning from it and getting involved wth amywinehouse foundation keep passing that experience and knowledge on WELL DONE BABE XXX KEEP YR CHIN UP YR BEAUTIFUL THEY ALL JEALOUS

  6. Kate says:
    Sat 21 Sep Reply !

    Fake fake fake.
    Someone should’ve told Vicky she charged fifteen grand an hour for sex. Makes Charlotte look like a virgin!

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