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Lauren Charlotte Harries – born James Charles Harries – is a British TV personality. Beginning her career as a young boy at the tender age of 10 discussing antiques on Terry Wogan’s chat show, Harries was labelled a ‘child prodigy’. She is now a woman after a full sex change operation.

Harries was born in Surrey in 1978, and from the age of five, he collected all kinds of objects from car boot sales and second-hand shops. His break came when a piece of porcelain he found was valued at several thousand pounds. The local paper carried the story and James was promoted by his father as a child prodigy in the field of antiques.

Harries made his television debut at ten years old in August 1988 on Wogan. His knowledge of antiques, combined with an odd appearance including bow ties, hair in thick golden curls, formal attire and a precocious manner of speaking, made Harries someone the viewing public were unlikely to forget.

On her former appearance, Lauren said: “I was like this freak in this little suit with a bowtie on, I do see that as a different person, but as an aspect of myself as well.”

James started cross-dressing in 1997 and soon changed his name to Lauren. She has said that a casual remark in a supermarket, that ‘he should be a woman’, helped her realise that that was what she wanted.

In 2001, James underwent a full sex change operation and officially became Lauren Charlotte Harries. Describing the life-changing moment, she said: “My life is just beginning. It’s like I’ve been reborn.”

Harries is a Buddhist and a vegetarian and can also read peoples auras.

131 comments on Lauren

  1. irene pearson says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    One lot of exploiters exploiting another if it’s true of course.They will probably eat each other.Brave to do anything with Lauren with that vicious mother in control of her every move.

  2. Casey says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    @irene pearson
    I wonder what happend to the URGENT operation Lauren’s mother said Lauren needed for her back hence her staying in the CBB house! What scammers. I would like to know HOW negotiations for this NEW show where finalised in one day. I’m sure this would have all been discussed in the secret meeting with the family during CBB. You are so right Irene caniving Courtney and “down and out” Doug will do anything for money. From the time they were married they knocked on all the reality shows doors and ended up on Couples Therapy after a few months of marriage. What a joke.
    I hope they do eat each other including that disgusting witch “Lauren’s Mother”.

  3. irene pearson says:
    Sun 15 Sep Reply !

    @Casey It’s all just the same old same old where this family are concerned. IF it’s true they will screw it up in some way yet again.They all deserve each other in this scenario. As for her back problem no doubt it will be a miracle from the Lord that she’s suddenly better. You couldn’t script this total bollocks. :grin:

  4. Sharon Hutton says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    Lauren Harries had a game plan and boy did she played them and on eviction night did you see her eyes role as if to say thanks public but no thanks. She was mad as hell and going round people asking why they had voted her and then telling them not to vote her. She was just a nasty horrible person but could turn the tear tap on.

  5. Cc says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    @Sharon Hutton
    Totally agree. Her actions upon being evicted spoke volumes. She didn’t acknowledge the 2 remaining HMs she brushed their well wishes off and she was so visually angry. Her face showed it all. l am so glad she was greeted with the booing she deserved. She is a disgraceful person who has decided any normal employment is beneath her or is it that she doesnt really want normal employment and is always chasing some sort of notoritory within the media and she doesn’t care what it is. She really thinks shes a celebrity, DELUDED!!!!! None of that family want normal jobs. Are they on welfare?
    If she was asked to shovel shit for a media appearance she would do it in black heels that she cannot walk in of course. And as for adding glamour to the house what a joke that was. She has NO STYLE or CLASS and as for referring herself to a Blonde Bomshell proved yet again she is totally deluded. He can’t walk without falling over. I actually felt a bit sorry for this years contestants being in there with her as l don’t think we really saw a relaxed house, Lauren only added more unwanted tension. It’s hard enough to be locked in a house with people you don’t know and then having to be a babysitter on top of that, well we all saw the results. She should NEVER have been inside the house as a HM. Courtney’s statement that if it hard not been for Lauren she would have walked out was yet another joke. Courtney would NEVER part with the appearance fee for being on BB after all its costs a lot to be that trashy!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lilly says:
    Mon 16 Sep Reply !

    In a world of low rent fame these two Z listers are made for each other. No talent fakers who believe their own hype.

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