• Full Name: Lauren Harries
  • Age: 35
  • Starsign: Pisces
  • Home: Cardiff
  • Famous For: Child antiques expert on Terry Wogan's 80s chat show

About Lauren

Lauren Charlotte Harries – born James Charles Harries – is a British TV personality. Beginning her career as a young boy at the tender age of 10 discussing antiques on Terry Wogan’s chat show, Harries was labelled a ‘child prodigy’. She is now a woman after a full sex change operation.

Harries was born in Surrey in 1978, and from the age of five, he collected all kinds of objects from car boot sales and second-hand shops. His break came when a piece of porcelain he found was valued at several thousand pounds. The local paper carried the story and James was promoted by his father as a child prodigy in the field of antiques.

Harries made his television debut at ten years old in August 1988 on Wogan. His knowledge of antiques, combined with an odd appearance including bow ties, hair in thick golden curls, formal attire and a precocious manner of speaking, made Harries someone the viewing public were unlikely to forget.

On her former appearance, Lauren said: “I was like this freak in this little suit with a bowtie on, I do see that as a different person, but as an aspect of myself as well.”

James started cross-dressing in 1997 and soon changed his name to Lauren. She has said that a casual remark in a supermarket, that ‘he should be a woman’, helped her realise that that was what she wanted.

In 2001, James underwent a full sex change operation and officially became Lauren Charlotte Harries. Describing the life-changing moment, she said: “My life is just beginning. It’s like I’ve been reborn.”

Harries is a Buddhist and a vegetarian and can also read peoples auras.

131 comments on Lauren

  1. BBFAN says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    OMG she sounds like Kermit the frog

  2. Jess Thomas says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    I like Lauren she seems really nice and not afraid to be herself I hope she stays in :)

  3. Jess Thomas says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    I am confused about lauren louie and sophie in the cult of celebrity though

  4. Sarah says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    :shock: mad as a box of frogs :shock:

  5. tanya says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    I thought she was like 70 years old :shock:

  6. Sarah says:
    Fri 23 Aug | Reply !

    She is not 35 r u shittin me

  7. Mike says:
    Sun 25 Aug | Reply !

    Surely it should be “She is now a woman…”? Either way, I’m glad I picked this series to get back into BBUK. I’ll watch anything with Lauren in it.

  8. lola hacking says:
    Mon 26 Aug | Reply !

    when lauren was walking around in her nightie suspenders and high heels with her bum hanging out.The image will haunt mr

  9. Maybee says:
    Tue 27 Aug | Reply !

    I agree, she is rather fascinating to watch, us Brits do like our eccentrics. And she is different from the usual run of the mill celebs, & not afraid of saying what she thinks. :up:

  10. yinza says:
    Wed 28 Aug | Reply !

    Nurse, Nurse, she’s out of her bed again. :shock:

  11. Charlotte says:
    Wed 28 Aug | Reply !

    I love Lauren everyone needs to stop being so ignorant, and give her a break.

    She would make a true friend, she is lovely and kind.

  12. Ben says:
    Wed 28 Aug | Reply !


  13. Gem says:
    Wed 28 Aug | Reply !

    Shes my favourite :)

  14. Sonya says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    I think Lauren is a lovely and kind lady she needs to WIN :up:

  15. HeyHeyHey says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Lauren Harries and her entire family are fraudsters. She was not a prodigy, she is not a doctor, she isn’t kind at all! She claimed at one time to be the second coming. If you think taking money from people for false services is fab then vote Lauren….. If you don’t maybe you should watch this:

    Little Lady Fauntleroy

  16. Yogi says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Lauren is sweet :heart:

  17. oliver says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    @HeyHeyHey, nobody cares about some stupid documentary that’s 10 years old

  18. Yogi says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Exactly! So stop posting shite cos it takes up too much space :wink:

  19. Jodie Wood says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    the whole family is a bunch of fame hungry freaks

  20. Sarah says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    I have to admit I dont think she’s as good an actor as people are making out as in being a fraudster?? I am really warming to her :heart: still think shes as mad as a hatter though lol :grin:

  21. HeyHeyHey says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    @Oliver & Yogi; It’s not stupid or shite, it shows her and her family in a true light. Say what you want about the documentary being 9 years old, however her and her family still take money for counselling plus a variety of other bogus things which they are not qualified to do, to people who have any mental health issues this is not only emotionally harmful but financially too. Lauren’s parents are responsible for her grandiose delusions and I feel sorry for her for that, but the fact remains she is a z list fraudster who thinks she is the second coming. I was merely trying to point out she is not the kind person people are labelling her.

  22. Justin says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    I agree, she is a total bitch. She nominated courtney after saying they were best mates. She went mental at Ron for mentioning her name in the nomination discussion and saying she could win …. even though when she was in the cult of celebrity they nominated him.

  23. Lindsay says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    @Jodie Wood, 100% spot on!

  24. steve says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Ryan on bbbots seems to think Lauren saying’Who wants the cake’ is the funniest thing ever. err why???????????????? Have I missed something. Lauren is a walking, talking train wreck. Uncomfortable viewing. Don’t dislike the girl but have to watch her from behind the sofa.

  25. Tracey says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Mentally ill :cry: ……. and this is celebrity big brother! Talentless nobody.

  26. Nadia says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!

  27. jc says:
    Thu 29 Aug | Reply !

    Really is uncomfortable to watch and needs psychiatric help ‘hopefully not from her family’ hope she goes friday.

  28. Lisadoc says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    Feel really sorry for this person. I blame her parents.

  29. Bob says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    :shock: Dr Frankenstein’s tribute to Danny La Rue!

  30. Jobbins says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    Wow just watched the documentary-actually unbelievable! They are mental and obviously her appearance on big brother is just the next chapter of weirdness! :sad:

  31. jc says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    should of been evicted as soon as she put those pills in courtenys mouth!!

  32. Jennifer says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    35?? You joking!!!! I thought atleast 50+

  33. David Dee says:
    Fri 30 Aug | Reply !

    I thought that tonight’s show was extremely enjoyable.

    Once Charlotte and Lauren had been saved I must admit to my putting in a few votes for Louie.

    I might point out that this was not out of love for the middle aged gyrating dad dancer but quite the opposite.

    Following Charlotte and Lauren being saved I did not want Louie to be evicted. It is more enjoyable for me to let Louie stew in the knowledge that the British public thought less of him than they did of Lauren. I think that this will play upon his mind and we can expect some frantic action,if that is possible , from this 44 year old ex-dancer who still thinks that the public like this weak parody of his former self
    instead of looking completely foolish.

    How will he feel when, every time he looks at Lauren he will think that the great British public prefer her over him !!
    How humiliating will that feel ?

    And there is plenty of time to evict Louie long before the final.

  34. superfreak says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    His face was a picture tonight, not coz he wanted to go, which he obviously didn’t, but because he thought he’d get cheered. When they booed him he looked visibly shaken, realising he’s not as popular as he is in his own mind. Wonder how he’ll play it from here on in, self pity or circus sideshow freak. He got a huge reality check tonight. Love it. :tongue:

  35. superfreak says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Above comment is about Louie not Lauren, posted on wrong page :doh:

  36. Jo says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Lauren Harries is obviously a person suffering from huge mental problems and l dont believe they are related to her being transgender that’s just a cop out. I have known many trans, gay and lesbian people in my life and they are nothing like Lauren.
    The history of this individual is very disturbing to say the least, pushed into the spotlight by her exploitative parents at a very early age purely for money and fame. The documentary on this totally disfuntional family was an eye opener and Lauren has been a pawn in her parents quest for fame and notoritory whatever the consequence and as we are now seeing they have been tragic. Lauren does NOT belong in the Big Brother House but should be under the care and supervision of qualitifed psychiatric professionals. This is just another kind of exploitation of this person and frankly it is just terrible to watch. I love U.K Big Brother and this situation with lauren is putting me compeletly off watching the show. Please Big Brother do Lauren a BIG favour and take her out of the house and get her some real help away from her toxic parents and the media spotlight. By keeping lauren in the house it is only fuelling a train wreck and if the public are relishing in this kind of television they need to take a good hard look at themselves and l will NEVER understand why she was let in at all without a proper evaluation by trained professionals. Lauren is far from a celebrity and at best has always been portrayed as some kind of freak, firstly by her parents and now by YOU. Please BB do the right thing and get her some real help!!!!

  37. David Dee says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    That HMs are allowed to take pills into the BB house certainly came as a surprise to me. I always thought that they were retained and distributed by a doctor on 24/7 duty. That Lauren has a supply of pills is obviously dangerous, as seen.

    BB should retain a doctor on 24/7 duty and he/she was responsible for their dispensation.Obviously not so ! What is to stop these tablets being stolen by onother HM and used either for their own purposes or given to another HM.

    This situation cannot be allowed to continue as BB could have an ovedose or suicide on their hands.

    Tighten uo procedures BB..

  38. irene pearson says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    @David Dee They were Rennies.

  39. irene pearson says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    @Jo I agree with you. She has also never left her parents, that is a huge problem.

  40. Aintsu says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Come on, Lauren was worried about her friend and she wanted her to feel better! It proves she’s a wonderful person. Some housemates were acting like Lauren tried to drug Courtney… I really root for Lauren, hopefully she wins!

  41. Cherilee says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    :happy: lauren is so sweet and I don’t know why the other house mates take then piss out of her for as I think she is being her self and not a fake like the others in there and i so much hope that lauren go’s on and will win she desvers it after the life she has had and no one should treat her any differently because she had a sex change I think that is so wrong and I hate people who puts people down. xx

  42. jay says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    @David Dee
    Bring it down a notch pal, adults take pills un supervised in the real world, why should bb house be any different. Danger of suicide & overdose hahaha Its not Wormwood Scrubs. Courtney had the good sense not to take whatever pills they were. In this over bearing Health & Safety climate we live in, the reaction to this was OTT.

  43. Casey says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Sorry but Lauren would not know what day it was let alone what tablets she was giving someone else in the state she was in that night. Not even Courtney could trust her and pretended to take the tablets Lauren was forcing on her. Thank god Courtney had the good sense to do that. Lauren is obviously on some sort of heavy duty anti depressants and it shows. She looks twice her actual age and clearly shows the classic signs of mental illness.
    She is locked in her own little world clearly dazed and deluded almost all of the time with no social skills, for god sake she cannot even clean up after herself at the age of 35. Lauren and has been programmed by her parents to think that being in the spotlight is the only thing that matters. Yes l blame her self serving money hungry parents. What they have thrust her into all her life is disgraceful. Lies and deceptions from the age of 10 and l don’t think Lauren really knows the difference between reality and fiction.
    Lauren desperately needs professional help with all her problems. The sooner she is out of that house the better as she cannot cope with this situation. This is certainly not good viewing.

  44. Jo says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Thank you Irene for your comment. I think so many people are looking at this situation purely as entertainment and have completely forgotten the human aspect to this particular person. I have real concerns for Lauren and her state of mental health. She shows signs of deep seeded problems and its only going to get worse. I would hate to think that this is what people really want to see, someone clearly on the edge.
    I cannot understand the producers of CBB putting Lauren into this situation surely there was someone else better suited to this kind of reality show. As l mentioned l have really enjoyed previous CBB’s and we have seen how hard it has been for other contestants with all their faculties on this show but this time it is really disturbing viewing. And as for the appearance of Lauren’s mother “Kate”, ex stripper, Madam and con woman, tonight saying Lauren needs the money for an operation for her scoliosis, well that just makes a mockery of the REAL sufferers of this dreadful spinal condition. As a person with a medical experience, Lauren shows no signs if any of scoliosis and this statement from her mother shows this family will stop at nothing to dupe the public for money. Sure Lauren looks to have a postural hump due to poor posture but not real scoliosis. CBB would have been kinder to pay for proper mental health treatment for Lauren than feed her to the viewing public.@irene pearson

  45. Kathy B says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Lauren to win ! :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

  46. irene pearson says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Jo and Casey, thank you for your insightful comments. This is just cruel, compounded by the dreadful comments of others.I think some of them would be knitting around the gallows and enjoy Christians being fed to lions.Anyone different to the norm drags out the “perfect” ignorant unfortunately.

  47. Dr Bob says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !


    Thanks for the docu, very interesting/saddening/maddening/etc

    Even apart from CBB, this is good viewing for those of us interested in the human condition.

  48. jc says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Her obsessive behaviour towards courtney is wrong something should be done by bb about it!

  49. memee says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    she reminds me of the lorax although her being sick in the head I quite like her shes funny and loving she looks after Courtney and very helpful :up: :up: :up: :grin: :grin: :happy: :happy: xxxxxx

  50. Joan riches says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !

    Lauren gives me the creeps. She neds to go home.

  51. David Dee says:
    Sat 31 Aug | Reply !


    My view,having watched a great deal of BB and CBB is that there have been some mentally unbalanced HMs in most. Even in this one it is obvious that this is so and,by that comment, I am not pinpointing Lauren.

    Pills and mental people do not necessarily go well together. whether they are there own or others,
    As for the pills being Rennies why were the other hms so concerned if they knew that they were not allowed to bring in any prescribed medication and that all that they are were Rennies ?

    I feel that your comment displays an attitude that is somewhat complacent.

  52. jay says:
    Sun 01 Sep | Reply !

    @David Dee
    The other house mates were so concerned about the pills because they are over reacting drama queens & drunk :tongue: . There are cameras everywhere, nothing goes un noticed by BB. For you to suggest there could be an overdose or suicide is just a laughable, hysterical over reaction. The worst it’s gonna get is more bed wetting, vomiting & hangovers. Get real :down:

  53. shanice says:
    Sun 01 Sep | Reply !

    lauren has courtney on lock down but u know for sure courtneys being fake with her. she just needs to go cuz shes getting on my nerves now and freaking me out she still got a man voice and she wants everyone to look after her jheeze its not a care home its a house

  54. jc says:
    Sun 01 Sep | Reply !

    Alcoholics/ex junkies/mental problems/bed wetters/delusional ex celebs who cant handle life without fame and money etc. does seem like its a care home should rename it the ‘big brother clinic.

  55. dee says:
    Mon 02 Sep | Reply !

    Stumbles around the house bumping into things like an inmate off One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Really is becoming painful to watch. Tragic :conf: :sad:

  56. Casey says:
    Mon 02 Sep | Reply !

    O.K this is our big chance to do the right thing and get Lauren out of the house. She needs help and the CBB house is not a psychiatric hospital nor is it the fictitious orthopedic hospital Laurens mother says she needs the money for her “operation” please don’t be fooled by this consummate Con Woman!. I wonder if laurens mother was the “doctor” who diagnosed her with this condition. I would hate to see this family profit once more from exploiting their child and by voting for lauren that is what you are doing. If Lauren really had scoliosis she would not be walking about in heels and doing her aerobic dance and if the problem was so urgently needed attention as her mother says, surely a caring parent would have had this problem sorted out a longtime ago whatever the cost. I think as soon as lauren has gone the other housemates will be able to breathe and be themselves a bit more then we will have a good CBB. Lauren is hard work and eveyone is walking on eggshells. We all know there is a HUGE elephant in the room with a big letter “L” stamped on it but all of you seem to think this is great viewing. I’ll bet my last $ if Lauren wins CBB she will not see a cent of the money her parents will take it all and as for a career in the media, lets face it she unemployable.
    Get Lauren out!!!!!!!

  57. irene pearson says:
    Mon 02 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey I agree! Another point NHS? Why does the awful exploitative mother want money for surgery? If it were bad enough for surgery, she would get it surely?

  58. Casey says:
    Tue 03 Sep | Reply !

    Thank God for Dr Pam on BBBOTS she seems be be the only one willing to say what the others are feeling in the CBB house, that Lauren is really hard work and its so uncomfortable to watch lauren. l think that Bruce, Mario and Dustin hit the nail right on the head with their eviction comments.Get Lauren out!!!

  59. maura says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren is the best housemate. She is a very nice person, so innocent and childlike. Lauren has to win.

  60. jacob says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    The best thing to say about Lauren is that she doesn’t like Carol. The rest has been a painfully, tortuous viewing experience. Just the sight of her makes me queasy. Then she walks & talks & &….I just can’t. :doh:

  61. Jo says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    Well l think we know who left the POOP on the floor!!! Now disgusting unflushed toilets. Constant complaints about her unhygienic ways and filth from other housemates. This is a 35 year old person we are talking about not a 2 year old. I’m glad Carol called her out on the toilet mess because if this happened in the main house she would NEVER have owned up to that but with only the three of them there lauren had nowhere to hide, bloody disgusting! Lauren needs to go it. Her grotty behaviour is terrible and l think this has been the worst CBB l have ever seen. How did she get into the house! Farts are one thing leaving POOP on the floor and not flushing your excrement away are another. For goodness sake vote her out can’t watch this anymore.

  62. Casey says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    Laurens audition tape for big brother. “Lauren”…I’m a real animal lover.
    I have five cats and one dog, and oh! lm a vegetarian!!!!……..
    Task room with Carol and Mario……
    “Carol”…What do you want for lunch Lauren? “Lauren”….I know, l’lll have the DUCK sushi!!!
    Here we are back on planet Lauren. Has anyone told her DUCK is not on the vegetarian menu?

  63. Derry mc says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren shouldn’t be in the house, not that one anyway! She needs professional help! Maybe she wasn’t in the best condition to be deciding to have such operations either, because I can’t see her any better off for them

  64. Justin says:
    Wed 04 Sep | Reply !

    Can’t believe she has been saved again. :down:

  65. DinoDinoDinoDinohhhh says:
    Thu 05 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren Harrie has to be what I can only imagine the result of Orville the duck and Big bird having a child together…

  66. DinoDinoDinoDinohhhh says:
    Thu 05 Sep | Reply !


  67. Jeff says:
    Fri 06 Sep | Reply !

    I could not agree more. I am concerned about Lauren’s mental well being, which is on a knives edge.

  68. Madeline says:
    Fri 06 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren loves playing the ‘ditzy, eccentric’ poor me of the house BUT scratch the slightest surface and MAN the face changes, voice changes and anger erupts! Anyone who says one wrong word to her and she TOTALLY overreacts ….. pathetic :down:

  69. Casey says:
    Sat 07 Sep | Reply !

    @Madeline Spot on!!!! The way she interrogates the other HMs that put her up for eviction is disgraceful and she’s spiteful and can’t let it go. There is a very nasty peice of work under that facade. If the others came to her after nominations and did the same she would be screaming that they all pick on her and go to bed crying. I cannot believe that the British public seem to think her behaviour is funny let alone anywhere near the realm of normal. Shes far from normal but is savvy enough to play her game extremely well. Plays the transgender card way to much and Sympathy, Sympathy, Sympathy.
    Sick and tired of hearing about “POOR” Lauren.

  70. oliver says:
    Sat 07 Sep | Reply !

    Maybe she over reacts because she is sensitive and fragile, I wouldn’t be surprised with the life that she has had, Lauren to win

  71. Madeline says:
    Sat 07 Sep | Reply !

    Totally agree Casey, great minds think alike !!

  72. Jay says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    This woman has learning difficulties she put her headphones on whilst holding a drink which then spilt all over her, she has serious mental health issues and like BB became the Gina house this has become the Lauren house.
    Why are the other looking after her they are being paid to provide entertainment , 34 can’t care for herself, doesn’t pull the chain after using the loo,dresses like an old tart, and is totally delusional and manipulative.
    Not amusing or sweet she is psychologically damaged and needs help.

  73. Jay says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    This woman has learning difficulties she put her headphones on whilst holding a drink which then spilt all over her, she has serious mental health issues and like BB became the Gina house this has become the Lauren house.
    Why are the other looking after her they are being paid to provide entertainment , 34 can’t care for herself, doesn’t pull the chain after using the loo,dresses like an old tart, and is totally delusional and manipulative.
    Not amusing or sweet she is psychologically damaged and needs help. :down:

  74. CC says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    @oliver When Lauren was a boy he made the family money by appearing on every T.V show this family could push him on to. From this they accumulated many businesses, property, a Rolls Royce and a pile of money but greed got the better of them. To gain more money, at the age of 14, he was rolled out in front of the cameras to try and Solicit money for legal fees for fraud charges against his father. What a joke!
    Obviously this didn’t work and the bogus wonder child was not bringing home the bacon anymore and had become a freak show, so then came the sex change at 18. Was this yet another way for this family to exploit their money maker child? I don’t think the person we now know as Lauren was really making any responsible decisions for himself it was all in the hands of the mother, “Kate” the bogus councillor.
    Since then we have seen the train wreck called Lauren on every show imaginable and now CBB.
    Lauren is NOT a celebrity but a puppet for this family. They are not capable of making money in any honest way so now “Lauren” is rolled out again to make money at any cost. We read now claims from Lauren of a night of sex with Russell Brand, surely even a sex addict isn’t that hard up!!!!
    This family will stop at nothing for money and lauren is a big part of this family and at 35 l think she knows how to play the media game very well. When the little smart arse child we all loved to hate was failing to bring in the bucks a new person was reinvented in his place to bring home the money, “Lauren”.
    So we are now expected to all feel sorry for Lauren’s hard life. There are so many people that represent the transgender community far better than Lauren, they don’t bitch and moan about things or ask for your sympathy they just get on with it. Sorry the pity party for Lauren is well and truly OVER!!!!

  75. Maybee says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    Deary Me !! Oh “just live & let live”, it takes all sorts to make a world. Chill out !! :grin:

  76. CC says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    @Maybee Deary!!! Hate fraudsters of ANY kind and she’s one of them.
    Nobody at best and not CBB material. The only reason she is on CBB is shock value, the producers of CBB are not stupid they know she’s a joke and that’s why Lauren’s there nothing more nothing less. People are not laughing with her but at her.

  77. Jo says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    @Maybee Poor ABZ has been tested by far more adversity than Lauren ever has. He suffers from Aspergers Symdrome, has been homeless, taken advantage of by untrustworthy people, had a breakdown, been totally broke and gone through rehab. If anyone deserves to win its this guy. I haven’t heard ABZ plead for sympathy once from the public for votes like Lauren does ridiculously talking to the public alone in the bedroom begging to be kept in the house.
    I hope ABZ wins he’s the quiet achiever.

  78. Louise says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren to win!!!!! xoxo

  79. realist says:
    Sun 08 Sep | Reply !

    The most hideous thing I’ve seen in many years..should have been smouthered at birth

  80. ed says:
    Mon 09 Sep | Reply !

    She sings a lot to camera, does she honestly think she’s gonna get a recording contract from this? Beyond Deluded. Mind you, they’ll lap it up at G.A.Y. :conf:

  81. Jo says:
    Mon 09 Sep | Reply !

    @CC yes found statement about having an affair with Russell Brand astounding as Lauren has said she HAS NOT had sex in 6 years. Yet another Harries ploy for publicity.

  82. Jay says:
    Mon 09 Sep | Reply !

    I can’t believe people are so up in arms about Lauren. Aside from her wacky appearance, I find her quite average. She’s desperate for fame, you say? So is everyone who has to resort to “Celebrity Big Brother.” She’s delusional about her own talents? In a house that includes Courtney Stodden and Danielle Marr, that’s not notable. And what are Mario and Charlotte’s talents, again? I find it funny that people are criticizing Lauren for publicity stunts and shameless attention-seeking when that’s what all Z-list celebrities do.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s a piece of work and I would hate to live with her, but I don’t understand people who think she’s some kind of disgusting, unhinged creature when she’s completely average, and even a bit dull, by “Celebrity Big Brother” standards.

    I also don’t get any of this “mentally ill” nonsense. She’s said her only suicide attempts in life were before she changed genders, and that’s common for many transsexuals. She doesn’t have the history of drug abuse that other housemates this series have had. What are people expecting her to do? And why? I haven’t found anything about her that hints that she’s somehow a danger to herself or others.

    And yes, I’ve seen the Keith Allen documentary. While the Harries family is definitely weird, I can’t get upset about it. Their fake degrees are in “metaphysics.” That’s like having a degree in astrology or palm-reading. It’s a fake degree for a fake subject. Anyone they counsel is the kind of loony person who actually believes in that rubbish to start with. No different from the famed “rump-reader” Jackie Stallone or that lady who thinks she can predict the future with asparagus. Psychotic? No, just eccentric.

  83. sarah porter says:
    Mon 09 Sep | Reply !

    I can’t stand her in BB she talks like Mr.Bean, and obviously isn’t mentally stable by her reactions to being up for nomination and giving courtney pills, i honestly think BB are fixing it so she doesn’t get evicted incase it pushes her over the deep end.

  84. Madeline says:
    Mon 09 Sep | Reply !

    BB are being very, very clever in their editing of Lauren. She has been playing the ‘poor me’ act since she walked in and they are going along with it. Did anyone see her very smug little smile when she didn’t get nominated? She was trying to hide her face but the camera caught it. She is one fake, fake lady. :down:

  85. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Don’t people often react poorly to nominations? I don’t think Lauren’s mentally ill just because she’s gotten into a few rows over nominations. That happens every series. I think the only truly scary thing Lauren has done in the house is try to slip Courtney medication, but I also am willing to believe that it was just Imodium like Marcus Bentley said on Twitter.

    I hate that I’m defending her, because I’ve never liked her, but I do think people are blowing her traits out of proportion. She’s unhygienic, passive-aggressive, defensive, whiny, manipulative, and thoroughly unpleasant, but those are called personality traits, not mental illnesses.

  86. ali says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Get real, she should be in a straight jacket :shock:

  87. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @ali Why, though? There have been numerous housemates who have been way more unhinged than her. She’s no Shahbaz. If you watch the live feeds, she’s positively boring. She goes to bed early, and even when she’s up, she’s usually very quiet and meek. She had that one row with Sophie, and that was the loudest she’s been in the house.

    Again, I don’t like her. I think she’s needy, clingy, emotionally manipulative, bitter, and unhygienic, but people are acting like she’s rabidly foaming at the mouth. What has she done that makes her seem psychotic to you?

  88. ali says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    I think Lauren’s future should be sorted out by the professionals. But I am sure you are no more qualified to say she doesn’t have mental problems than I am to say she does. Watching her behaviour this whole series I’d have a hunch she does.


  89. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @ali Well, clearly, none of us are professionals. I’m not saying with certainty that she doesn’t have issues. She very well could. But I’m not seeing the signs that other people are. I don’t think she’s a likable person, and of course she physically seems quite frail (reminds me of the aforementioned Jackie Stallone in that way, actually), but neither of those things make her mentally ill.

    Of course, I also think there’s a certain stigma against people who do suffer from mental health issues. Clearly, people like Bruce, Abz, and Sophie have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, and wasn’t Kerry Katona bipolar? Nikki Grahame did far more to seem mentally unbalanced during BB7 than Lauren has done this series. It’s just weird that Lauren is getting singled out for being “unhinged” when, in my view, she hasn’t done anything that noteworthy in the house. She bores me, and I watch the live feeds religiously. What makes you think she belongs in a straight jacket?

  90. Casey says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Jay Lauren shows classic signs of, at least, using anti depressants, stumbling, dry mouth, forgetfullness, dazed eyes, delusional, shaking, she even forgets to flush her own excrement away and she’s off to the diary room every night for her pills and that has been shown. She is displaying far from any normal behaviour even for a SO called Celeb, she cannot follow instructions, and the other HMs know it. Why do you think they are doing everything for her. It’s a pity CBB thought that this was a great way to get ratings by having a person like Lauren enter the house. It’s terrible to watch her in this state constanlty thinking she is actually talented in acting, singing and now wants a media career.
    You don’t have to be trying to commit suicide on a monthly basis to be mentally ill. I really take exception to your comments about the families fake degrees not really being a problem. This is fraud and quite disgusting as they take advantage of people in a fragile conditions and WHO may be contemplating suicide. Taking money by deception is anyway is disgusting and illegal.
    As for the nominations, Lauren totally overreacts, and nothing can be said to her constructively as she also takes offence to that. Carols comment about her boyish figure is correct and Carol also said that she, herself, had a boyish figure but Lauren could not let this comment said, in a frank, honest adult conversation, go and went to have it out with Carol the next morning, stewing on it all night. Extremely childlike behaviour. Lauren’s comments last night summed it all up for me when she said while speaking to Courtney that all the family got this together for her on this “ONE” (money wise) with all the clothing etc, and now l think she feels she has to be the bread winner yet again for her family who live off making Lauren a freak for the public. They know how to work the system!!!!

  91. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey Okay, many separate issues are going on here. Carol’s “boyish figure” comment was out of line and Lauren handled the issue appropriately. Carol might not have meant to be offensive about it, but it was clearly an insensitive thing to say to a transgender woman. Lauren didn’t engage in a shouting match over it. She waited until she and Carol had sobered up (they had both been drinking quite a bit that night) and then she and Carol talked it out like adults the next morning. That’s actually one of the few issues this series where I’ve been on Lauren’s side.

    I think you’re cheapening mental illness by saying that dry mouth, forgetfulness, and stumbling qualify. She’s a clumsy, dotty woman, but this doesn’t mean she’s emotionally unstable. (And for Christ’s sake, my flatmates sometimes forget to flush the toilet. It’s disgusting, but it doesn’t make them bonkers.)

    I don’t agree with the Harries’s family “counseling” con, but people are acting like they’re pretending to be actual doctors when they’re not. They pretend to be “metaphysical” doctors, which is like being a palm-reader or astrologer. Again, it’s a fake degree in a fake subject. I don’t have any sympathy for people who want to fix their problems by having their “auras” read. So let the Harries continue their con. Like many fortunetellers, they seem to actually believe in what they’re selling. And again, Lauren’s hardly the first “Big Brother” contestant to have those wacky spiritualist beliefs.

    As for her medication, it’s been explained that she goes to the diary room often in order to take her hormone replacement medication. That has to do with her transsexualism. There has been no evidence that she’s on antidepressants.

    Lauren doesn’t seem to be a danger to herself or to others. I hate this trend that blames any negative personality trait on mental illness. Isn’t it enough just to say that she’s delusional and unlikable? Do we have to act like her doctor?

    I mean, turn on any talent show and you find people who think they can sing and dance when they can’t. Are they all mentally ill, then? It’s so hypersensitive to say that anyone who doesn’t act “normal” must have something inherently wrong with them. I think they should be judged on their own merits, and not labeled by this overly-prescriptive culture. I dislike Lauren because she’s not an entertaining character; I don’t think she’s any crazier than the rest of them.

  92. Casey says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Jay Jay, sorry but l just cannot condone fraudsters and if you are living with people who don’t flush their own excrement away maybe this is were the conversation finishes.
    Not coping out just can’t be bothered!!!!!

  93. Cc says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !


    Written and endorsed by the “HARRIES” family and the Lauren pity party.

  94. Casey says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Why is it that Lauren Harries is getting so much preferential treatment by seeing her family during CBB. With the exception of Courtney during a task who saw her husband breifly, CBB as given Lauren so much airtime, 2 tasks were she was treated to great food and comforts while the others had to eat shocking food or go without. If Lauren cannot be treated like every other HM why is she in there. Lauren has not partaken in any real tasks that are what would be considered uncomfortable. If eating 11 anchovies is all she has to do for a task that is considered by some to slightly uncomfortable its a joke, why wasn’t she given the fermented eggs? Has she really been a HM or just babysat?
    Maybe it was a Harries family strategy meeting!

  95. Paula says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Anyone noticed the complete change in Lauren’s demeanour now that she is in the final. Shes Is acting totally different almost like there is two very different personalities. She’s a fraud and this apple hasn’t fallen far from the family tree. Her antics to procure sympathy obviously worked.
    All those people defending Lauren sorry but you have been duped!!!
    Get her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Madeline says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Totally agree with you Paula, and I’m amazed that others haven’t seen that. Soooo hope she doesn’t win @Paula

  97. SS says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    Not really. A change in what way?

  98. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Cc Oh, are you kidding? I loathe the woman, and I’ve said so many times. I just think everyone is acting stupid by saying she’s mentally ill. It’s insulting to those who are legitimately mentally ill to refer to Lauren’s behavior as insane. She’s entitled, unhygienic, and passive-aggressive, but those aren’t mental illnesses. She’s a nasty piece of work, but that doesn’t mean she belongs in a psychiatric hospital.

  99. Jay says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey I’m not condoning them, you silly person. I’m just saying that they’re only fraudsters in the same sense that a palm-reader or an astrologer is. I mean, did you watch the CBB with Jackie Stallone? She ran a business predicting futures through palm-reading, astrology, and “rump-reading.” Was she a fraud? Certainly. Do I have sympathy for people stupid enough to pay her for those rubbish services? Absolutely not. Stupidity loves company. I feel the same about the Harries.

    And you’ve honestly never had an unhygienic flatmate? You’re lucky, I’ll grant you, but Charlotte is known for wetting the bed and defecating in her pants, and that’s much more disgusting, to me, than forgetting to flush. Yet no one’s accusing her of mental illness.

    Once again, I really dislike Lauren, but I think it’s just very childish and stupid to call someone “insane” just because you don’t like him or her. It happens all the time these days. People act like they’re doctors, and people get over-diagnosed with rubbish “syndromes” and “disorders” when, really, the truth of the matter is that Lauren’s just an entitled, delusional, manipulative woman. No need to psychoanalyze her. I’d actually feel sorry for her if she had a mental illness, because that wouldn’t be her fault. As it stands, I can judge her based on her own merits.

  100. Casey says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    No, l have NEVER had to ask anyone that l have lived with to flush their excrement away and why should l have to feel lucky about that we certainly didnt live like pigs. Even my young children know what to do after they have been to the tiolet. If you are in control you shouldnt have to be asked to remember the most basic hygen. Lauren’s reaction after being caught out was to ask Carol “is it bad”, well YEAH of course it’s bad!!!! No apology to Carol.
    You may need some counselling from Lesley Stewart about choosing your flat mates and share a couple of joints together.
    Oh, shes also a marriage/couples councillor, transgender counsellor, life coach etc, etc, etc.
    Don’t recall Lesley Stewart, aka Kate Harries. Lauren says her mother enjoys a bit of weed.
    The person you think is no more than silly palm reader is capable of doing a lot a damage. Look at James/Lauren.

  101. irene pearson says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey BB lying again. It was on live feed which has been muted since they lied last night..I couldn’t care less if she saw her parents(against the rules and unfair on the others) just because she was poorly according to Vicky I object to BB trying to con the viewers.

  102. Casey says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    @irene pearson
    Irene, its not CBB anymore its the
    Honestly I’ve actually had enough of this ridiculous person. This has been the worst CBB that l have seen. If it wasn’t for wanting ABZ to win l would have switched off a long time ago.
    As Paula mentioned in her comment it was very interesting to see the complete change in Lauren’s demeanour now that she has made the final.

  103. irene pearson says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !

    This is all a huge PR job on Lauren, nothing more. The voting public are being totally mocked now.


  104. Madeline says:
    Tue 10 Sep | Reply !


    @irene pearsonIt’s disgusting that us the viewers are being treated like we are idiots. Do Channel 5 really think they can totally manipulate who they want to keep in the house. Actually they can because they just show you what they want you to see. Fortunately were not all stupid and hopefully she DOES NOT WIN!!!!

  105. jake says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    She can’t win, she just can’t. That Diary room performance where she spent 3 minutes raising her legs in a provocative manner will haunt me for the rest of my life…..The Horror!!! :cry: :shock:

  106. Casey says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    @irene pearson
    After seeing Lauren with Louie and Charlotte talking about not seeing her mother l am totally convinced that she certainly did see Her. All we got from Lauren was a couple of timid little ” no I didn’t see her” and when pressed by Charlotte about the happenings of the previous night and asking WHY Lauren didn’t say anything to set the record straight then, Lauren clammed up tighter than a cats behind. Lauren is a sneaky lair and as much as she tires to hide things they do actually show on her face. When caught out she either clams up or walks away. She has been liar all his/her life, constantly coached by her parents to deceive.

  107. Paula says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    Thank god Mario and Charlotte have finally worked Lauren out. Say what you like about Mario but he reads people really well and Charlotte has now picked up on Lauren’s game plan. Wish they had of said something earlier.
    Well it’s not like we didn’t see it coming as CBB have shown sooooooo much of her.

  108. irene pearson says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey The simple fact that Vicky explaining why she had SEEN her parents, was muted on the video after BB’s denial is enough for me.Lauren was sitting next to her nodding FGS..It was mentioned more than once. I can’t stand Charlotte but she was correct in saying that it wasn’t a level playing field, with Lauren still saying nothing. No-one was whispering , quite the opposite! She has seen her parents and that is that.That was what the row was all about with her there throughout.I laughed at the attempted cover up the next day. Oh they couldn’t remember who had told them about it. Oh yeah ! Lauren was also lying in her speech to Charlotte, eyes right most of the time. I am annoyed at BB conning the viewer and don’t care who she saw basically.I know it’s against the rules and no-one should be in there if they need outside help to endure it.That should be left to the voting public to decide what they feel when they vote.BOTS was the Lauren show. Every clip from the house bar one was about her. All I say is don’t anyone vote, hit the lying sods where it hurts.

  109. irene pearson says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    @Paula Yes just who is this Lauren in the house. Not the vitriolic person I’ve seen on TV.I suppose she has played a game but a huge conning game.C and M are very astute.

  110. Yogi says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    I’ve enjoyed Lauren the most in the house. The Lauren and Courtney duo.. :happy:

    Hope to have a double win with those pair :heart:

  111. Paula says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    Having big problems getting into the link you set up for the doco about the Harries family. Do you think you could re post the link and see how it goes. It would really be appriciated.

  112. Sam2 says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !

    Yeah, all the others (except Abz) just seem to sit around bitching, moaning and farting all the time.

  113. Maybee says:
    Wed 11 Sep | Reply !


    Yes those 3 : Courtney, Lauren & Abz, are the “best of the bunch” :up: :up: :up:

  114. Paula says:
    Thu 12 Sep | Reply !

    In every way possible. Just watch her and see. Mario, Louie, Carol and Charlotte have all picked up on it.
    The secret PEP talk with her mother must have been the icing on Lauren’s BB CAKE.
    And YES l DO believe she certainly saw, at least, her mother CBB is just tried to do yet another cover up on that one.

  115. Sandra says:
    Thu 12 Sep | Reply !

    I know what l am about to say will probably get a lot of backlash and my comment has nothing to do with the general transgender community this is PURELY a comment regarding Lauren and no one else.
    The bright red rash above and below Lauren’s lip and chin, is that a shaving rash as it seems to resemble the shape of a moustache and chin stubble and honestly makes her look extremely masculine and it never seems to go away. I have not seen that on any other transgender woman they all seem to be so very feminine and well groomed and can apply makeup better than most woman l have seen, and look FAB.

  116. Dave Dines says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    I find Lauren very annoying. In my opinion shes very childish. Every time someone has nominated her she acts like this is not allowed, not to mention the times she asks people why they’ve nominated her and they havent. Her response when falsely accusing Abz of nominating her and learning he didnt “thats allright then”.

    I have only ever voted in one BB, I voted for Sree to be evicted because he was annoying in a similar way to Lauren and reminded me of someone I worked with who became extremely claustrophobic to be around . According to the sun 2 weeks later he tried to kill himself. Maybe you shouldnt have been in BB in the first place Sree ?

    Carol was a harsh to her regarding the unflushed poo. She didnt have to make a scene, but its not too much to expect a fellow resident to do this and Lauren doesnt really have any right to moan about what Carol did (and she did act like she had done nothing wrong). She was embarrassed, accepted 0 responsibility for her less than ideal behaviour and just blamed carol for her embarrassment.
    I think Mario was the 3rd one in the safehouse, which will have exacerbated her embarrassment, and I think it likely that Carol knew of her attraction and was happy to make those comments in the worst possible way (ie she was being a prize bitch). She is likely in my opinion treated like a child in her life by her family (the only people she has contact with ??) and this kind of thing probably gets “done for her” with nothing said on the matter. If this is the case they are not doing her any favours really. But then if she was an adult concerned with living her life she would not rest on her laurels and stay within her comfort zone because her parents wont be around forever.

    The comments about boyish figure is again not nice but its true. Maybe she should consider wearing different clothes if she doesnt want people to notice or comment. Its like she wants to air every aspect of her life that people might criticise her for or negatively comment upon and then tell people thats wrong/not allowed when they do comment.

    If you see a fat person at the beach and they look funny/not nice/whatever its not nice to comment but someone will. Im not fat but I dont like walking around with no shirt on or whatever. In my opinion this is no different to telling a transgender that is constantly wearing clothing showing off her boyish figure that she has a boyish figure.

    I think she made Mario uncomfortable at times, In the diary room or talking to other housemates she would comment on how attractive Mario was. In my opinion he did a good job of making it clear that he wouldnt go anywhere near her in a million years without saying a single negative thing to her. What did she do ? Nominate him saying “he doesnt bother with me as much as with others”. Take the hint love and stop acting like a spoiled childish little brat.

    Finally (for my comment) when she was in the safehouse and the 3 were observing courtney refuse to wear the dirty boiler suit, she said “me and that girl are done”, because that was the mood at the time, in and out of the safehouse. When she got out she immediately buddy-ed up to courtney. ie she says what she thinks she should say and will then say and/or do the opposite when its what is expected. I suspect you could make her explode by forcing her to try to rationalise her own behavior

    I dont think Lauren should be on CBB. She acts like a baby and I suspect is not a useful human being. Im gutted shes still in there and I hope she doesnt win. I wont be voting though, once for sree was enough.

    Grow up Lauren “peter pan” Harries. You cant fly and lifes a bitch.

  117. dave dines says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    O and I think Sophie was right to draw attention to Lauren putting medication into Courtneys mouth. This was in my opinion quite sinister. And regardless of whether its illegal or not its wrong. What exactly did Lauren or anyone else think “Tummy pills” were going to do for courtney who had drunk too much. Id be quite interested to learn what they were. My guess would be prescription painkillers or antidepressants. This may be quite suggestive of Laurens life.

    Courtney should have spat them out and said what the hell are you doing ? but she was drunk and probably a little scared.

  118. Casey says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    @Dave Dines
    I’m no Carol fan and as l do agree with most everything you have said I have to disagree with your comments on the Lauren toilet situation.
    Firstly, the other HMs found poop on the floor of the toilet in the main house of which no one owned up to. Charlotte would have put her hand up if it was her for sure!!! They have put up with Lauren’s disgusting unhygienic ways for quite sometime with EVERYONE complaining and have had to walk on eggshells as to not upset her in anyway. Lauren loves to portray herself as the victim or at least she plays that card ALL the time, a victim of what no one seems to know. As this has been the Lauren show and edited to her advantage, who’s to say that Carol was’nt just feed up with this and l would say that this was proberly not the first time Lauren had done this in the house. Carol did not loose her cool over it but, as anyone would be, disgusted in what they have just walked into. Carol simply asked her to flush the toilet. Laurens commment was to ask if it WAS BAD. HELL yeah!!!!! filthy person. If Lauren can’t clean up after herself and continues to act like a child at 35 what is she doing putting herself forward to be in the CBB house. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

  119. ed says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    Get the Bride of Frankenstein out!!! :cry:

  120. Cc says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    Well what a bunch of suckers the “Lauren to Win” people are, you have all been taken for one big ride curtesy of your “poor sweet dear Lauren”.
    She has played everyone and it was priceless to see her caught out at the trophy ceremony. She was absolutely livid and her rant in the diary room confirmed her still trying to play the game and begging for your sympathy and votes. When vile Vicky was ranting to Lauren about Carols walking over a slaughtered child in favour of red wine Lauren sat with that sinister smile on her face. I think it would be far more likely to be Lauren who would walk over a slaughtered child, throw you under the bus, knife you in the back and kill your cat to win CBB.
    Wake up and smell yet another Harries scam!!!!!!!!

  121. Jc says:
    Fri 13 Sep | Reply !

    So glad she hasn’t won!

  122. Cantstandher says:
    Sat 14 Sep | Reply !

    So ungracious in defeat with that sour look in her face. In the end she really did fall flat on her face. I am so glad this ex cock in a frock didnt win.
    All she still is really is a bitchy old queen who wants to be the centre of attention.

  123. Davina says:
    Sat 14 Sep | Reply !

    If you think that awful self promoting transexual was mad as a box of frogs, check out this one who thinks shes a journalist. Shes desperate to get in BB, probably see the slapper in there next year.

  124. Cantstandher says:
    Sun 15 Sep | Reply !

    OMG what is Courtney thinking having that disgusting creature in her house for 2 weeks unsupervised. Doug is sure to age another 53 years before Lauren goes home maybe that’s Courtney’s grand plan to put him in a early grave. Lauren looks like a true Homeless person at the best of times god knows what the people of L.A will make of her. Really great for U.K, U.S relations, after Lauren they we be sure to come her in droves, NOT!!!!
    Lauren has put the transgender community and all they have strived for back 20 years. She has not shown anything positive about the TGBL community at all and if people think that’s what all transgender people are like is a huge pity. They are not ridiculous fame hungry nut cases but ordinary people trying to live their lives as any other person would do.
    What a price the Trans community has paid for Lauren’s 15 minutes of fame. It seems ANYTHING goes these days.
    As for Courtney, Has anyone been unfortunate enough to stumble ascross Courtney’s youtube rantings in her deranged alter ego characters such as Courtland and Cortina, truly BAD Viewing. Hope he’s not looking for an acting career.

  125. irene pearson says:
    Sun 15 Sep | Reply !

    One lot of exploiters exploiting another if it’s true of course.They will probably eat each other.Brave to do anything with Lauren with that vicious mother in control of her every move.

  126. Casey says:
    Sun 15 Sep | Reply !

    @irene pearson
    I wonder what happend to the URGENT operation Lauren’s mother said Lauren needed for her back hence her staying in the CBB house! What scammers. I would like to know HOW negotiations for this NEW show where finalised in one day. I’m sure this would have all been discussed in the secret meeting with the family during CBB. You are so right Irene caniving Courtney and “down and out” Doug will do anything for money. From the time they were married they knocked on all the reality shows doors and ended up on Couples Therapy after a few months of marriage. What a joke.
    I hope they do eat each other including that disgusting witch “Lauren’s Mother”.

  127. irene pearson says:
    Sun 15 Sep | Reply !

    @Casey It’s all just the same old same old where this family are concerned. IF it’s true they will screw it up in some way yet again.They all deserve each other in this scenario. As for her back problem no doubt it will be a miracle from the Lord that she’s suddenly better. You couldn’t script this total bollocks. :grin:

  128. Sharon Hutton says:
    Mon 16 Sep | Reply !

    Lauren Harries had a game plan and boy did she played them and on eviction night did you see her eyes role as if to say thanks public but no thanks. She was mad as hell and going round people asking why they had voted her and then telling them not to vote her. She was just a nasty horrible person but could turn the tear tap on.

  129. Cc says:
    Mon 16 Sep | Reply !

    @Sharon Hutton
    Totally agree. Her actions upon being evicted spoke volumes. She didn’t acknowledge the 2 remaining HMs she brushed their well wishes off and she was so visually angry. Her face showed it all. l am so glad she was greeted with the booing she deserved. She is a disgraceful person who has decided any normal employment is beneath her or is it that she doesnt really want normal employment and is always chasing some sort of notoritory within the media and she doesn’t care what it is. She really thinks shes a celebrity, DELUDED!!!!! None of that family want normal jobs. Are they on welfare?
    If she was asked to shovel shit for a media appearance she would do it in black heels that she cannot walk in of course. And as for adding glamour to the house what a joke that was. She has NO STYLE or CLASS and as for referring herself to a Blonde Bomshell proved yet again she is totally deluded. He can’t walk without falling over. I actually felt a bit sorry for this years contestants being in there with her as l don’t think we really saw a relaxed house, Lauren only added more unwanted tension. It’s hard enough to be locked in a house with people you don’t know and then having to be a babysitter on top of that, well we all saw the results. She should NEVER have been inside the house as a HM. Courtney’s statement that if it hard not been for Lauren she would have walked out was yet another joke. Courtney would NEVER part with the appearance fee for being on BB after all its costs a lot to be that trashy!!!!!!!!!

  130. Lilly says:
    Mon 16 Sep | Reply !

    In a world of low rent fame these two Z listers are made for each other. No talent fakers who believe their own hype.

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