Heidi and Spencer set to compete together on CBB

1 comment - Posted on December 30 2012 at 11:48am

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

American reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly set to compete as one housemate on Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

According to The Daily Star, the married pair – who were first rumoured to be taking part last week – had ‘begged’ producers to let them team up, believing the move would give them a better chance of winning the show.

A source said: “Just like when Jedward were in the house, Spencer and Heidi will be considered to be one housemate. It means they will nominate, be evicted or win the show as a pair.

“They will be stronger working as a team and this definitely gives them the edge over the other celebs. It means they have twice as much chance to make a good impression on the others.”

Twins have been allowed to unite in three previous series of Big Brother UK, with the aforementioned Jedward coming third in Channel 5’s first Celebrity run last year.

Former Playboy models Karissa and Kristina Shannon also made the final of January’s edition, while Sam and Amanda jumped at the opportunity to become ‘Samanda’ in the eighth normal series in 2007, having entered the house as seperate contestants.

However, this would be the first time a couple has been allowed to become a joint housemate.

The insider added: “Normally American stars don’t do that well on Big Brother but this could change all that. It worked for Jedward – and Heidi and Spencer know this could be their secret weapon. They’re massive in the States but a lot of Brits don’t know who they are.”

Heidi and Spencer are best known for starring in MTV series The Hills. The former is known to be a fan of CBB, having Tweeted in August: “Celebrity Big Brother UK is one of the best shows ever made! Loving the new cast and season!”

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  1. Latoya says:
    Tue 01 Jan Reply !

    I’m keeping an open mind on them. I utterly hated them on I’m A Celebrity. And at least they’ll be in a decent house full of luxuries (unless the hell thing happens). Then they’ll definitely clash in there. Like in the jungle. :grin:

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