Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house pictures revealed

15 comments - Posted on December 27 2012 at 07:44pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house - Garden

Channel 5 has officially released pictures of the new winter-themed Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house, including the much talked-about igloo – check them out here!

Based on the house from the summer series, the frosty design features lots of Scandinavian-style furnishings. The lounge – with its rather normal-looking sofas – separates the garish hallway from the bright yellow kitchen, which is decked out in a new lighter wood.

The first thing you notice in the garden is the round igloo, which sits on the right hand side. Inside it’s a plush, cosy seating area laden with fake fur throws and loads of cushions.

Meanwhile, the outdoor walls have been covered with stone-effect wallpaper and lined with silver birch trees, and the smoking area has been recoloured in aqua green.

The pool and jacuzzi remain for any celebs who want to get wet in the chilly winter air, but if they’d rather bathe somewhere less open they can do so in the lovely blue bathroom, which now features a deep tub set in a wooden platform.

Elsewhere, the bedroom walls are now adorned with red roses, and the gym – accessed via a door in the lounge – is now pretty in pink.

The house is fitted with 45 cameras and 67 mirrors to ensure Big Brother won’t miss a moment of the action – but, as always, the toilets and shower will be private for the celebs.

Take a picture tour of the new house below:

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15 comments on this article

  1. Jack says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    ‘Generic’ immediately springs to mind.

  2. steven hogg says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    hi there like all the pictures can not wait untill it starts have a nice new year celebrity big brother

  3. Matthew says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    I wonder if they got the sofas at the DFS boxing day sale… (other sofa shops are available).

  4. Chris says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    Let down this house it’s exactly the same as last year big let down just changed the furnishings complete let down and hope all feel the same it’s rubbish

  5. Patrick says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    Very CBB4-ish.

  6. Dodge says:
    Thu 27 Dec Reply !

    They found a sunny day to photograph the garden.

    Or was it taken in September with the igloo photoshopped in.

  7. Kevin says:
    Fri 28 Dec Reply !

    Yeah Spot on there –


  8. Brekkie says:
    Fri 28 Dec Reply !

    All nice enough, though the gym looks a bit rubbish – but they always seem to be in BBUK.

  9. Stu says:
    Fri 28 Dec Reply !

    I like the generic layout of the house on C5 their designers are very tasteful with just slight changes to the furniture and colour scheme. C4’s house designs went really mad and tacky towards the end of their run of the show.

  10. Andy says:
    Fri 28 Dec Reply !

    this nice,, but i wish for the summer BB they would change the house completely!!! i would like to see a second floor or something.

  11. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 29 Dec Reply !

    Like the CBB house :grin:

    @bbspy Matt: Do you know if they will do a short clip with pictures of the Celebrities as clues to who they may be like they did last time? :grin:

  12. BB_Superfan says:
    Sat 29 Dec Reply !

    I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by this CBB House design. With an icy logo I expected a really wintery, heavily redesigned House to go with it, instead it’s bland with very minimal changes from the summer series. I was hoping for something along the lines of the CBB7 and CBB9 House designs. Logs, throws, cosiness are out in favour of a quick re-wallpapering by the looks of things. It looks very C5 indeed.

  13. john middleton says:
    Mon 31 Dec Reply !

    It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since the last CBB

  14. mike says:
    Wed 26 Jun Reply !

    Love the new sofa, where can I buy them? :up:

  15. Sam2 says:
    Wed 26 Jun Reply !

    Do you mean the current series or the celeb series?

    For the current series go to the living room at the following link and click the red tags:

    They don’t have tags on the ‘bubble’ sofas, but they are ‘Ottoman Sofas’ by Ligne Roset:

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