Celebrity Big Brother to return on January 3rd

12 comments - Posted on December 4 2012 at 04:22pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eye - star

Channel 5 has confirmed that the Celebrity Big Brother will return on Thursday January 3rd at 9.00pm with a two-hour ‘live launch’.

The show features presenter Brian Dowling introduce us to a fresh batch of star housemates, who are expected to move in to Britain’s most famous house for a stay of up to three weeks.

Emma Willis, Jamie East and Alice Levine will be back with an hour-long edition of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side immediately afterwards at 11.00pm, including reactions to the night’s events from the panel and studio audience.

The first highlights show is scheduled for Friday January 4th at 9.00pm, with a new episode of Celebrity Wedding Planner seperating it from a half-hour of live feed at 11.00pm on Channel 5. Bit On The Side follows at 11.30pm.

The new series is the first to air as part of the broadcaster’s renegotiated Big Brother deal, announced in April, which will see it remain on telly until at least 2014.

> Ice-themed Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eye revealed

Names rumoured to be taking part include glamour model Katie Price, X Factor contestant Rylan Clark, and singer Meat Loaf.

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12 comments on this article

  1. Andy Ellis says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    That’s brilliant news… can’t wait!!! lol :up: :wink:

  2. SS says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    Ha ha. So, Billy got it wrong again (as usual). He’s gone from saying it was launching on the 7th, to launching on the 4th and then has the cheek to tweet the following:

    “I see bbspy are up with the news lol 3 days too late :P”

    Yes Billy, but unlike you, BBspy published the correct date.

  3. lanky says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    @SS Who’s Billy?

    Can’t wait for this to begin although I do feel like C5 are killing the show by airing two series a year

  4. Jammy says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    Ianky I didn’t really watch the cbb series after the normal BB as I had enough of BB especially with those annoying housemates

  5. CH5BBUK says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    WOOHOO YAY Brillant news I can’t wait! :grin:

    Hope there will be 24/7 hour live feed or more then half an hour or an hour of Live Feed in the normal version of BB! :grin:

  6. Stu says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    Can’t wait for the new series of CBB to begin, can’t get enough of it and glad they have two series a year, wish some ppl [like lanky and Jammy] would just stop moaning about it whenever they get the chance and just be glad it’s back with us.

  7. lanky says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    @SS Ah, I thought his name was Marky. That’s hilarious!


    I am glad it’s back with us, and that’s why I’m against there being two series a year. If they keep throwing it at us viewers will get tired quickly. It’s no surprise that the ratings for this summer’s CBB were down half a million on January.

  8. Brekkie says:
    Tue 04 Dec Reply !

    Ah, I remember the days when I used to be excited about such things. Now it’s a case of “they’re announcing that already!”.

    Two hours of Brian Dowling – no thanks.

  9. ben m says:
    Wed 05 Dec Reply !

    cant wait :grin:

  10. CH5BBUK says:
    Fri 07 Dec Reply !

    Best TV, entertainment and tech of 2012? Vote now in our annual poll!

    Read more:

    Please vote for Celebrity Big Brother :grin:

  11. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 29 Dec Reply !

    Want Jan 3rd to hurry lol XD :grin:

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