Jamie East, Alice Levine confirm Big Brother exits

18 comments - Posted on April 17 2013 at 11:33am

Big Brother's Bit On The Side - Jamie East

Jamie East and Alice Levine have announced that they will not be returning as presenters on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side this year.

Today’s edition of The Sun claimed that the duo had left the late night spin-off in an ‘upmarket’ revamp, although Emma Willis will remain involved in an unspecified role despite landing the top job as the face of the main show.

This morning, they both took to their Twitter pages to confirm their exits.

East wrote: “To those asking, yes the reports are true. I had an amazing 5 series of BBBOTS and wish the whole team nothing but the best of luck. I’ll not be off your screens for long, in fact filming today, so will see you all soon.

In one final dig at the show’s hardcore fans, he added: “Still hate the live feed x”

Meanwhile, Levine – who now hosts a late night programme on BBC Radio 1 between Mondays and Thursdays – said: “My time on @bbbots was THE best – with Radio 1 & other job commitments though, had to make January my last one. 5 series!! #greatmemories

“Good luck to everyone on @bbbots for the next series – love the team, love the show and look forward to seeing all the changes for summer!”

They had been involved with BOTS since it launched in 2011, fronting the weekend editions on 5* as well as appearing as co-hosts to Willis for a total of six series.

East – whose gossip website Holy Moly is partly owned by Big Brother producers Endemol – also appeared in pre-series specials ‘Jamie Meets The Celebrities’ and ‘The Auditions’ last year.

Channel 5 bosses are said to be looking for replacements.

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18 comments on this article

  1. Courtney says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !

    This has shattered me. He was my fave!!

  2. Mary Tait says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !

    Thank god for that they were both awful.

  3. Josh says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !

    Alice was tolerable; never warmed up to Jamie.

  4. @emmetmclaughlin says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !


    I quite like Jamie though he doesn’t take the show seriously enough.
    Glad to hear its going upmarket, it is terrible now

  5. Phil Cater says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !

    Poor Brian, he lived and breathed Big Brother. The way he has been treated is disgusting. Good Luck in the Future Brian. Sorry to hear that Jamie and Alice are not returning.

  6. Brekkie says:
    Wed 17 Apr Reply !

    @Phil Cater
    He was a crap presenter and paid with his job. He really should have been axed after his very first Celebrity Big Brother – he was lucky to last as long as he did.

    “Poor Brian” is also pocketing £100,000 for doing nothing over the next year too, so not all bad.

  7. SB says:
    Thu 18 Apr Reply !

    Loved Alice. Will also miss Jamie…if only because of his talent for pissing off the tedious live feed bores.

  8. Christina Chance says:
    Fri 19 Apr Reply !

    I am surprised at that… Hmmm, doesn’t sound like he liked his job or fans very much. I kinda of liked him when they gave him airtime. Mainly cause he did seem to have some attitude and opinions, but his face always, looked as if they wanted him to follow the script and the auto queue? Alice Lavine, she read the auto queue well and dance like a puppet!!! When it comes down to it, they are all their for a pay cheque!!

  9. WHO IS SHE!!??? says:
    Fri 19 Apr Reply !

    Great, great news. Really sounds asthough channel 5 are looking at what was wrong with Big Brother and have taken it into account. Just hope they scrap the whole music thing they have playing every 5 minutes in the evening shows and truly bring Big Brother back to its channel 4 glory days…… Oh one last thing please scrap the whole housemates names popping up on the screen thing. Big Brother isn’t towie!!! :d

  10. Sam2 says:
    Thu 25 Apr Reply !

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo…..*deep breath*…..oooooooooooo….

    Sorry, just getting ready for the article BBSpy’s about to publish. :grin:

  11. John Doddy says:
    Fri 26 Apr Reply !

    thank god jamie east is going .cant stand him the ignorant tosser

  12. liz says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    :cry: Im devastated that Jamie and Alice have gone. Jamie is so hot i loved looking at him. BBBOTS is not so good now without Jamie and the lovely Alice and Im so going to miss Jamie’s bedtime story on Sunday nights :cry:

  13. Judith Harris says:
    Thu 13 Jun Reply !

    Too much silly now. Not sure I want to watch it without Alice who was quite dry and Jamie who tended to add a little ‘man’ to the mix. Unprofessional reigns (cringe). You had a balance before but now it’s filled with dumb and dumber trying to entertain in some form. So add sh to the ‘–it on the side’ to make it more appropriate.

  14. Chris Salmons says:
    Tue 18 Jun Reply !

    Jamie East was my fav part of the show cant believe he’s gone wont be the same without him and Rylans teeth will never grow on me just as they didnt grow on him!! Drop him out bring Jamie East back!!!

  15. Mark MC Mahon says:
    Sun 23 Jun Reply !

    :cry: Awww.. I thought Jamie was brilliant!! A dry sense of humour and the ability to not take things too seriously! Going upmarket?? Rylan & that female nobody? Are you serious? Massive boo boo by Channel 5 in my opinion. The BBBOTS shows just got more fake like the weave on your one!!! Not to mention Rylans chomper a!! Lol Bring Jamie back! :grin: :up:

  16. Lesley Mac says:
    Fri 12 Jul Reply !

    :shock: Love Emma Willis. Used to love BBBOTS. Cant watch it now that dreadful, fake, cringeworthy Rylan is on it. Hope Endemol evict him next year! A.J is also crap.’

  17. billy rocka says:
    Wed 23 Oct Reply !

    I DEMAND THEY BRING JAIMIE EAST BACK. I have nothing to say about willis,clarke or adudu. WORST thing is will it now become the rylan tango the donkey Clarke show. Channel 5 being cheap raking it off sponsors and advertising. Saw jaimie was on Titchmarsh last week so he is getting back out there. TV is a fickle bitch

  18. AM says:
    Mon 02 Jun Reply !

    I wish Jamie was back. He was so much better than Ian Lee! :down:

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