Spencer & Heidi land one-off TV special

6 comments - Posted on February 2 2013 at 01:44pm

Spencer and Heidi in the basement: Not a set-up (or so Big Brother wants you to think)

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemates, who finished in second place in last month’s series, will appear in one-hour special The Speidi Story.

The documentary will chart Speidi’s success in US reality show The Hills, as well as their controversial appearance in the Big Brother house.

A spokesperson for the show told Virgin Media: ”Speidi have gone from being America’s most loathed couple to a new UK phenomenon, thanks to Celeb Big Brother. This is their story.”

Heidi and Spencer’s behaviour may become the topic of an investigation by broadcast watchdog Ofcom.

At least 35 viewers complained to Ofcom, arguing that Heidi and Spencer’s behaviour on CBB amounted to bullying.

However, the couple mocked Ofcom’s investigation and wrote in an open letter to the Daily Star: “Villains are essential to our culture, both our art and our real lives. We don’t condone violence and we don’t condone bullying. We do, however, get paid to be on television.”

“Television that would be much less watchable if there were no conflict. So please, in the nicest, most properly British way possible, put on your big girl knickers and stop whining.”

The Speidi Story will air later this month on Channel 5.

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6 comments on this article

  1. ShowJumper says:
    Sat 02 Feb Reply !

    The true stars of CBB 2013.

  2. Irene Pearson says:
    Sat 02 Feb Reply !

    Oh god Nooooooo

  3. Christina Chance says:
    Mon 04 Feb Reply !

    Good for them!! They went in to do what they were paid to do and to play the game. We missed so much with no live feed.

    What Ofcom is investigating them for playing the game. They can’t accuse them of bullying, based upon edited feed. Perhaps BB C5 Endemol and the rest should be investigated for fraud and misleading the public. Changing the rules… If people knew Rylan was leaving the house or the possibility he would be. The out come would have been different… Hopefully even his fans would have seen that it was wrong. Kinda of like when BB put the whole house up instead of nominations for rule breaking and talking about them.

    Wonder if anyone complained about Rylan leaving BB house. With no public disclaimer at the start of program… For example, Portions of this program have been edited for your amusement. All housemates may or may not in the BB house continuously. But this does not effect the eventual outcome of the program.

  4. Sam2 says:
    Fri 08 Feb Reply !

    Yup. In the wake of DayTripper-gate, I propose a change to the theme tune to more accurately represent the show.

  5. tara says:
    Sun 10 Feb Reply !

    ohh please :down: :down:

  6. Sam2 says:
    Sun 17 Feb Reply !

    Bit of bad programme planning by C5. There’s pretty much nothing decent on TV all week, and yet they put it up against Black Mirror.

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