Celeb BB final watched by 3.25million viewers

7 comments - Posted on January 26 2013 at 11:24am

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Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final – which saw Rylan Clark beat Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to become the winner – was a ratings hit, according to overnight figures.

A combined 3.25million viewers (14.6% audience share) tuned in to watch the show on Channel 5 and its +1 service, making it the broadcaster’s most watched Big Brother final to date.

It peaked with 3.83million viewers (18.4%), and was only 300k behind the launch show.

Meanwhile, Bit On The Side ended with with 1.39million viewers (11.4%).

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7 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Sat 26 Jan Reply !

    I wouldn’t say “huge”, but respectable. I still find it really odd though how with the exception of the first few series Big Brother has geenrally had more viewers for it’s launch than the final.

  2. Irene Pearson says:
    Sat 26 Jan Reply !

    I think people just get bored after the initial flurry of excitement. I think the first few were more exciting perhaps because it was such a new concept. Don’t like where Channel 5 are going with it though.

  3. JJ says:
    Sun 27 Jan Reply !

    @Irene Pearson


    I think in general people are growing tired of the format… I actually enjoyed several of Channel 5’s CBB series more than I have any of the regular series… I’m not sure that the concept is dead but BB overall just doesn’t ignite the same excitement it did… I’d really like to see someone cleaver re-work and re-brand the format in the same way X-Factor evolved and incorporated elements from Pop Idol… The Voice did a decent job of taking the mentoring premise from The X-Factor and then adding several new elements to your every day talent show…

  4. mark says:
    Sun 27 Jan Reply !

    I think alls it needs is bigger names to take part simple – there is a liking still for BB you have to remember channel 5 is still struggling for an audiance against the bigger stations – The bosses must be delighted with these figs – It is bringing a different type of viewer younger viewers also – The bigger the names the bigger the interest people are curious about celebs they should really go for it and use some of the cash from the voting to grab bigger stars – Beckham, Angelina, maybe more cute boy band members young just ideas but you know where I am coming from – I have loved this serious – Not so interest in the none celebs BB though

  5. Sam2 says:
    Mon 28 Jan Reply !

    Big Brother was also in No.1 spot on Google Trending for past 30 days as well.

  6. Brekkie says:
    Sun 03 Feb Reply !

    I disagree on the bigger names aspect – “celebrity” shows have never been about that, though Big Brother has been scraping the barrel even deaper since the move to C5.

    It’s the format of both the main show and celeb show that needs working on – the problems which led to it being axed by C4 haven’t been addressed by C5, hence C4 viewers haven’t returned. In terms of Celeb BB to start with they just need to cut the numbers – why have 12 celebs when you focus on just 4 or so of them, so cut it back to around 8-10.

    And then actually give them something to do as thinking about it what did the likes of Gillian Taylforth and Tricia Penrose get out of the experience. The tasks nowadays are largely based about individuals (and this series it was always Rylan or Speidi), while producers drop nominations more often than they drop their hat, so that psychological aspect of the game isn’t there anymore either. The experience now is nothing more than a pay cheque to most of the celebs.

  7. Irene Pearson says:
    Sun 03 Feb Reply !

    Spot on Brekkie. They do seem to be gathering an audience from somewhere but sadly at the cost of long time supporters. Money is all that matters.@Brekkie

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