Spencer breaks down during last supper speech

11 comments - Posted on January 25 2013 at 02:34pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt shed a tear as the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates enjoyed their last supper yesterday, claiming that his and Heidi Montag’s bad behaviour has been an act.

As is customary at the end of the series, Big Brother laid on a slap-up dinner for the remaining five, as they celebrated making the final and looked back on their time in the house.

After they’d eaten, Big Brother prompted each housemate to stand up and make a speech as they toasted each other. But the best was kept for last, when Spencer – who has been at the heart of most of the drama – astonished the group by claiming that he really does like them.

“I truly retired reality television, and no matter what anyone had said I had said I would never go on reality TV again. I thought I had made my impact,” he begun.

“After seeing Big Brother I thought, oh that would be fun, I could go in there and stir it up and be the villain I’ve always dreamed of being. I got here and at first I told Big Brother, you gave me the wrong cast, these aren’t the people I was prepared to go to war with.

“I don’t know if that’s an American thing in the sense that I’m used to battling Americans who enjoy it. I got around British people and an an Australian and I was like, this is gonna be way harder than I planned.”

He continued: “I’ve never taken reality television as a real person, which it’s supposed to be, but I look at all forms of entertainment as entertainment, and it’s my opportunity to make conflict and drama. This was the most challenging experience of my life as in my heart I really do care about everyone, and it was so hard to dig deep and say a negative thing to be the bad guy.

“Usually it’s so easy to do because people deserve what I’m saying. I got here and I was like, these people don’t deserve what I’m saying, but I’ve gotta do what I was cast to do and what they wanted me to do.”

He begun welling up as he finished speaking. “It’s a hard position because I would have loved to have come on this experience and just been normal, but that’s not what they paid me to do, so it’s been very difficult for me to be awful but you know, I’ve gotta be the bad guy.

“I had to step up to pay my bills. I can’t come all the way from America and play the good guy, that’s not what they cast me for. I’m very thankful for this experience.”

Razor was the first to respond. “Well done. I hope you ain’t fucking acting!” he said. “Even baddies cry. It’s been a tough three weeks.”

“It’s been an emotional experience for everybody in here,” agreed Ryan.

“I’ve never seen my husband cry!” exclaimed Heidi.

“Well done Big Brother. They sure bring a party down don’t they?” quipped Claire. “Congratulations to every single one of us.”

However, it seems Razor and Rylan didn’t quite buy Spencer’s words, going outside for a bitch as soon as Big Brother opened the door. “Are they crocodiles for votes? Or does he truly mean it?” pondered Razor. “They’ve come too far to breakdown on the last night surely.”

“I can’t believe anything that comes out their mouths,” Rylan sniped. “If that was genuine then I feel for him, but I could see it in her face, she was like, ‘yes’. I ain’t got time for it.”

“He’s just said we’re not friends, were acquaintances, and now he’s crying over us,” concluded Razor.

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11 comments on this article

  1. Sam2 says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    Hearing the tweeting birds last night reminded me of the good old days when we had a proper live feed. For some reason the tweeting birds always makes me think of a sunny summer morning and also for some reason, the housemates walking around the kitchen first thing in the morning making breakfast. No idea why.

  2. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    What a horrible vomit fest RYLAN TO WIN.

  3. tara says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    HA HA :grin: :down: YEAH right an act your both a horrible piece of work :doh:

  4. CH5BBUK says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    I dont believe what them both are saying and I believe the tears was fake!

    Spencer said this to his housemates yesterday on Live Feed:

    ”Spencer said: “This was the most challenging experience of my life, in the sense that in my heart I really do care about everyone and I had to dig deep to even say a negative thing, and be the bad guy. Usually it’s so easy to do because people deserve what I’m saying. It was so challenging to do because I felt guilt.”

    But this Morning while the other housemates was still a sleep, them both was in the bathroom saying this about their housemates:

    ”The professional reality stars agreed that once Big Brother shows them the door they won’t look back and they definitely have no desire to waste any pleasantries on their fellow housemates.

    “We won’t want to see these guys after we leave. We’ll be gone. How can they think we would be friends?” Spencer spat.

    Looks like those tears shed last night won’t be making a return appearance today”

    I new it was all lies! People cant fool me that easily!

    Loads of people dont believe that was real

  5. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    yes but unfortunately a lot of people have fallen for their lies and crap hook line and sinker. Most of what comes out of their mouths is lies.Vile people href=”#comment-9374″>@CH5BBUK

  6. tara says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    FAKE TEARS :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:

  7. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    Fake everything according to the gruesome miserable humourless twosome. What a bore fest they are .@tara

  8. Brekkie says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    Spencer makes it sounds like producers are now directing housemates to act in the way they want them to, rather than come on the show and show the nation who they really are.

    It was obvious from the start Spencer was going to be playing a game and he wanted the public to be in on that game. The question is whether it was his game or a game the producers “paid” him to play.

  9. Christina Chance says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    Fake but playing the game and playing it right. Why are they fake? Pretending to be in the house and everyone else pretending Rylan hasn’t left is fake!! I will never believe they all haven’t been coached into saying and pretending he is all wonderful.

  10. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    YES YES YES YES Back of the net. GO FOR IT RYlAN what a worthy thoroughly entertaining winner YES :grin: :grin: :heart: :heart: :up:

  11. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 25 Jan Reply !

    Now for the worst fake interview of Brian Dowlings life.

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