Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tricia Penrose evicted

6 comments - Posted on January 23 2013 at 10:13pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Tricia Penrose evicted

Former Heartbeat actress Tricia Penrose has left the Celebrity Big Brother house as the sixth and last evictee in tonight’s semi-final.

Shortly after Frankie Dettori became the first victim of the double eviction, the 42-year-old left the house to a cheering crowd in the snow, having just missed out on a place in Friday’s finale.

Tricia told presenter Brian Dowling that she found the positive reception reassuring. “I was expecting boos for some reason,” she revealed.

“I don’t know, something happened in the house and they said ‘the public will boo you because they saw you do something’. I was like, oh no, what have I done? To be honest, I would have liked to have made it to Friday, because I’ve gone this long without my family.”

Talking about the face-to-face nomination twists, she said: “I hated it, absolutely hated every minute of it. It’s just so awkward to say that person’s name. It’s horrible. It’s not nice.”

She expressed surprise when told that she’d only recieved one nomination throughout the series.

Brian then quizzed Tricia on Spencer and Heidi. “They’re a very strange couple, I can’t get my head round them,” she commented. “Definitely playing a game. They’re phoney, two-faced. In there you’re just thinking, what are they showing out there for people to be voting for them. They just made it so difficult.”

However, she conceded: “Without them it’d be boring. We didn’t really do much, it was them, they were the drama queens.”

Tricia said she found the letters from home important as a mum, but admitted to feeling guilty that Ryan missed out when she, Claire and Razor eventually got theirs.

“I felt a bit bad about that,” she said “He did bring it up. We were a bit selfish there but we were so desperate to have the letters, and because it was part of the task it was our reward.”

She ended by naming Rylan as her winner.

Flick through Tricia’s eviction pictures below:

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6 comments on this article

  1. F says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    Well done bb and ch5 keepin spide in is a big fix ad one hell of a con to the British public !

  2. a says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    Yeh a great big fix! Totally unexceptable!

  3. Paula says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    Not happy that speidi are still in a big fix if the british have kept people like that in no wonder britian is the way we are with each other awful

  4. lanky says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    Oh piss off, in no way was it a fix. It was a VOTE TO SAVE. Speidi have by far been the most entertaining housemates of the series and for every person that hates them there’s another that loves them. If enough of these people are voting to save them then of course they’re gonna stay

  5. Sam2 says:
    Thu 24 Jan Reply !

    Nope, not a fix. If you look at the following poll, Tricia and Frankie were the bottom two, and Speidi topped the poll with over 40% of the vote to themselves:

  6. Christina Chance says:
    Thu 24 Jan Reply !

    PLEASE THE ONLY FIX IS LETTING RYLAN OUT AND EVERYONE COVERING IT UP!!! Both Trisha and Frankie have said they couldnt be bothered to say anything to them or rest of the housemates. If anything they are being fake by not saying anything to Speidi.

    I am not sure if you all are fans of BB or Rylan?? If your are fans of the true BB then you wouldn’t be happy that he gets to exit the house. On at least 2 occasions if not more. Still want to know why a singer needs a choreographer… Then again guess they could bring in a sound track for him…. Just think off all the viewing fun we’re missing. Not watching him do his one act show in there… :down: Guess he is entertaining the others, except for Speidi, who came with a game plan and to WIN!!!

    Furthermore, Spenser was being sincere when he told Trisha to be happy about her letter and so what about the others… THAT’S HOW HE REALLY FEEL’S!!! THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM FAKE, MAKES HIM SELFISH!! What we didn’t see was him saying to Ryan… See how quickly they think of themselves.

    Can’t say they have been wishy washy. Like the others.

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