Speidi apologise to Claire for clapping incident

14 comments - Posted on January 22 2013 at 06:17pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have apologised to Claire Richards after their clapping at the loss of her letter from home riled the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates.

As part of a task on Sunday, each housemate had the opportunity to win another a letter from home by completing a personal ‘dilemma’.

However, Speidi refused to be split up for the day as their part of the challenge, resulting in Claire – who had been chosen as the ‘highest priority’ by Tricia in her dilemma – becoming the only person not to recieve their message.

As Big Brother announced the news, some brief applause from the American reality TV stars offended the rest of the group, who returned their letters in solidarity.

But shortly after Claire, Razor and Tricia won their letters back in a separate task yesterday, everyone came together to clear they air. “I just want everyone to be happy. Let’s be happy,” said Tricia. “I don’t like this atmosphere.”

Heidi explained: “We thought they would separate us for days and that’s why we said no, because, like the basement, who knows how long it will be? If they gave us a costume or anything we would have loved to do it, and we asked, but they said no.”

“They just wanted to pit everyone against us,” claimed Spencer.

“Honestly, I don’t think that was the thing that upset everybody,” Claire pointed out.

“The clap was misinterpreted,” insisted Spencer. “She clapped because everyone was clapping for each time and then no-one clapped [for us], it wasn’t how it looked.”

“That’s not how it seemed,” argued Claire. “I knew that’s what they were gonna to do you, so I’d mentally prepared myself. When they said it out loud, I got upset, because I thought I wasn’t gonna get something that everybody else was. But it was that that tipped the scales.”

“It wasn’t when they announced Claire, they said and Heidi and Spencer, and I was like ‘you know what, I’m proud that we didn’t get separated for days’, so I just did a quick clap,” argued Heidi. “Spencer’s like ‘oh ****’, so he clapped. He was trying to cover for me.”

“Same boat, you gotta go down together,” added Spencer.

“Now you’ve said that, that makes me feel genuinely… I feel like a weight has come off my shoulders,” said Rylan, who had been the most vocal during the argument. “That makes so much sense, but just from the other side it looked totally rude.”

Heidi proceeded to say sorry to Claire, stating: “You think you’re in a game, but you’re not. I’ve got the worst timing.”

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14 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    I dont believe they are sorry otherwise they would of said sorry right away when they clapped their hands and explained the reason. One of the housemates said to them both to stop clapping and they said NO! Then not long after walked off!
    Yet them both said to the housemates something like they new what it looked like!

    I believe they would of never said sorry unless Tricia or someone else didnt start talking to them again asking for everyone to get along!

    If someone is sorry then they say sorry right away and then explain their reason for clapping! Why wait until someone starts talking to them?

    My view!

  2. Sam2 says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    Why should they be sorry? The housemates unanimously nominate them every time they get the opportunity and then put them at the bottom of the list to receive their letter. They owe the housemates nothing. Besides, Heidi wasn’t clapping to purposely upset Claire, and the reason Spencer started clapping was just to show that idiot Rylan that he can’t tell them what to do.

  3. Lorraine Mckee says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    I think its more likely that BB have told them how the public feel about it from the highlights last night and so they have been advised to apologies so that BB can film it for the highlights on Wednesday very convenient and very Big Brother isnt it.

  4. Sam2 says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    On the plus side, it gave one of the quotes of the series:

    Rylan: Nobody wants you here!!!
    Speidi: Well, Duhhh

  5. tara says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    @CH5BBUK I to think they are not sorry.. :down: they dont know what the word means, i think they know they were in the wrong : :doh: surprised they even had the heart to even apoligise :shock: ….. PRATTS

  6. Irene Pearson says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    Just more manipulation by this awful sociopathic duo. Endemol have scraped the very bottom of the barrel, relying on fatuousness, ostrich mentality and sadism. They really know the human race and how to exploit their frailties to the full.@tara

  7. Christina Chance says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    The way he was shouting “No one wants you here” he is speaking for the house mates or what he thinks the public wants based on what his interpenetration could have been from his “minders”??

  8. Irene Pearson says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !
  9. SANDRA says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    @christina chance Think your right about Rylan :wink: . I would not have said sorry to them if i was h/s. They have all hated them from day one and let them no it. Just the way H/s let them them: no they hated them so what is all there problem thats life not every one can get on in life. Plus theres only two of them and six of the others And do you all forget how Razor spoke to them that was the worst thing iv see.THATS MY VEIW :up:

  10. sophie says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    Look at all the besty friends ahhhhhhh :cry: who stick together. Not so much tonite greedy clare did not give a shit about the others sitting there with no letter poor ryan wanted to cry :cry:i And of course Rylan getting all the air time. Fair play to ryan for saying he didnt like it that they read their letters. Ryan now knows what Rylan and Razor says goes and all the wee sheep are following. I really think they are greedy they should not have opened itASSHOLES :down: :down: :down:

  11. Tom Smith says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    The women got their letters what happened to we are ALL together?
    Speidi simply refused to do a task,it was BB that punished the rest to cause trouble as BB has all along with Speidi .
    Speidi have been used and i hope they win because they have stuck to their guns and the Z Listers are fake.

  12. Christina Chance says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    I can barely tolerate BB’s concept as it is at the moment and perfectly happy to miss a few nights or watch the next day. But still hope and dream of BB past.

    Watching it with the news, that Rylan leaves the house. I know why Speidi is behaving as they are. ( just watched diary room) its a game and exactly how I would play it. NOT FAIR HE GETS TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Fine if the other housemates are willing to put up with it… Its their pay check…. They are getting per diem, expenses and union rates!!

    You don’t have to agree always and they were trying to get along… And doesn’t mean their opinion was changed of any of them.

    OH NO THINK I AM TALKING MYSELF INTO VOTING FOR THEM!!! Rylan should have gone to the basement especially since he gets to leave the house…. That is selfish!!

    @Irene Pearson I am sure Rylan ranted and raved to everyone he saw, about them…. And made his own interruption of it any shaking of the head yes or no… (their not the queens guards) Supposedly you get paranoid in that house…. Is Rylan really the one you want bringing news from the outside back??

  13. Tabby says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    Rylan seems to have been given the best treatment by BB right from the start. Why did they pick him, with Frankie, to decide who went into the basement? And why does everything always have to revolved around how Rylan feels and what Rylan wants? As for H&S they started out by being ‘off’ with the other housemates – so its no surprise they never became part of the ‘gang’. But at least they have each other for support. I agree with Ryan last night when he wondered why suddenly the ‘gang’ didn’t support each other about the letters. I was disappointed with Claire and Trisha grabbing theirs in front of Ryan who clearly was desperate for news from home. Seems his support in the house is nil and it was unfair of Frankie to tell him to forget it. And then we see Trisha fawning over H&S – just because she got her letter!

  14. Tom Smith says:
    Wed 23 Jan Reply !

    If Rylan wins what a message that sends to the world about what talent we have in the UK,
    He wants everyone who he hates to hate as well,very bad quality in anyone.

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