Housemates furious after Speidi lose letter from home

23 comments - Posted on January 21 2013 at 10:32am

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Another argument was sparked in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 last night after Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s failure in a task caused Claire Richards to miss out on a letter from home.

Yesterday, each of the housemates had the opportunity to complete a ‘dilemma’ to win a message from home for someone else. However, any letters that weren’t won would be destroyed.

For her dilemma, Tricia was asked to order the housemates from ‘high priority’ to ‘low priority’ on a board in the Diary Room. Only once she had done this did Big Brother explain that she’d prioritised the order of destruction. The other challenges were as follows:

  • Razor had to wear a horse costume
  • Frankie had to wear a jockey costume and ride his horse, Razor, at all times
  • Ryan had to sacrifice his real name and assume his ‘Toadie’ moniker. He then had to sit on a lily pad throughout the task while wearing a toad costume
  • Claire had to climb the stairs whenever she heard Steps fans screaming
  • Rylan had to shave off 50% of his facial hair

But while they all passed, Heidi and Spencer failed to adhere to their dilemma – a restraining order banning them from being in the same room as each other until further notice.

This meant that only one housemate would not recieve their letter – and, as Tricia had chosen her as the highest priority, it was Claire that missed out.

Rylan was quick to scold the pair for their attitude. “F***ing terrible. Don’t clap, that’s rude,” he fumed. “All she wanted was a letter from her kids. You’ve not done it, just get over it.”

“I didn’t pick the order actually. I can clap if I want,” Spencer responded.

“That’s not the point,” insisted Rylan, as Spencer retreated to the bedroom with his wife. But as Claire broke down, Rylan piped up further.

“It’s disgraceful. Coming from a grown 29-year-old man, clapping in the face of a crying woman,” he shouted. “I might be gay but I was raised as a gentleman and that is f***ing rude.”

Meanwhile, Razor accused Big Brother of ‘ruining the show’. “When the game gets personal and against children, it’s not a game,” he commented. “Big Brother should realise, you’re breaking children’s hearts on the outside as well.”

“If Claire’s not having a letter I don’t want my letter,” stated Frankie, with the other housemates agreeing as they rallied round Claire.

Rylan continued his rant as he and Razor went outside for a cigarette. “That was disgusting. Not even the fact that Claire didn’t get her letter, we knew that because they didn’t do the task, the fact that they’ve just clapped in their face is disgusting,” he seethed.

“Sitting on the bed, f***ing laughing. F*** off, nobody wants you here. That isn’t human nature. That’s disgusting.”

Later on, Big Brother delivered the letters from home for the housemates to read aloud – and when Speidi were asked to choose someone to recite theirs, they were given the cold shoulder.

“I’d rather burn your f***ing letter,” Rylan sniped. Tricia also refused when the American reality TV stars when Spencer asked, saying: “I can’t do it.”

The group proceeded to turn down their messages as Big Brother prompted for them to be read out. “I’m not letting my team down,” said Frankie, with Ryan commenting: “I may be feeling sick but I’m not sick enough to do that to somebody else, so no thank you.”

After turning down one final call from Big Brother, Razor returned the messages to the hatch.

This latest incident came one day after the housemates learned what Speidi really thought of them in their fake Big Blogger interview.

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23 comments on this article

  1. tara says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    One word for the PRATTS :doh: :down: :down: Discusting behaviour they need to go SHARPISH…. :down: :down: :down: :down:

  2. Sandra Holland Danks says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Do you know I started to like these 2 vile people how sucked in was I they say one thing and do another GET THEM OUT

  3. Lauren J Dewsbury says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Regardless of which order Tricia put the envelopes in, if

    everyone had participated in the task they all would have got their

    letters. All Heidi and Spencer had to do was be in seperate

    rooms for a few hours – not the other end of the Earth for God’s

    sake! It has nothing to do with their marriage vows, they have only

    ever participated in tasks which directly benefit them alone, they

    set themselves apart from the other Housemates from the

    moment they went in. Spencer made it clear at the start that he

    wouldn’t forget who sent him to the basement, ever!! Heidi

    seemed more accepting of their situation until choices had to be

    made but she is so eager to please him and massage his ego, it

    will always go his way. He assumes that there will be enough

    British voters who are gullible enough to accept his ‘reverse

    psychology’ reason for their inexcusable behaviour and help

    them win Big Brother. We all know its a gameshow but how it’s

    played determines the winner – they don’t deserve to win in any

    respect. Before people give them their vote they should consider

    why they are so dis-liked back home – it has nothing to do with

    type-casting – they aren’t acting, that’s their natural behaviour – a

    pair of selfish, spoilt Pratts!! :down:

  4. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !



    @Sandra Holland Danks


    @Lauren J Dewsbury

    I agree with you all. Ive seen a preview on BBBOTS and thought how disgusting that was of them both. How could they not try to win a letter from home for someone else? :shock: :down:

    I dont like them both at all but if I was in the CBB house I would still try to win them both a letter weather I like or dislike them both. Because that is the right and kind thing to do as they are all missing their family.

    Can you see why I dont like them both, I like kind but not rude people.

    I was right not to like them both. Ive read many comments saying they used to like them both but not now.

    Even Lacey said something like she was fooled by them until she left the show.

    I’m not easily fooled and I know when someone is kind and not rude.

    Hope BB will give someone else a task to win Claire her letter from home!

  5. carol says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    get them two prats out before some one hits them spencer as a nasty mouth on him been watching them on celebrity get me out of here USA and he was so nasty u sure they r not from a cuit

  6. amanda says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    agree with you all· No respect for other people no heart, hopefully no friends either when they get out of bb! I think it’s just nasty now! everyone is on edge with them in there no one is enjoying themselves, let’s hope the English win sorry USA, I know most of u r lovely!!

  7. cliff says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Big brother u should punish the pratts i wont be watchin again u should be ashamed of yourself for lettin this happen

  8. tara says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    agree with all you guys one word disgraceful :doh: :down: :down: watching that made mr so angry :doh: get them nasty yanks out. .. who do they think they are. … :down: :down:

  9. Karen says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Enough is enough, Big Brother needs to evict spiedi now..So sickening to watch, not at all enjoyable.
    Let the last few days be fun!!

  10. speidious says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    What a pair of wankers, and anyone who still praises them can pur themselves into the same bracket.

  11. MiniMum says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Honestly! The house mates have made clear they don’t get Speidi and don’t like them. They were mystified that Gillian was evicted instead of Speidi and had no shame in saying what they thought. What mystifies me is why they ever thought that Speidi would agree to spend time apart – which they made clear from day one would not happen – for people who clearly despise them. Not one of the house mates would have made any effort to win Heidi and Spencer’s letter if they could have been sure that the out come was Speidi losing their letter. Speidi were last because Trisha meant for them to be the ones who did without a letter if anyone went without. Making judgements like that is what got the house mates into this situation – fair play, Big Brother, you made very sure between Big Blogger and this task to cause as much friction in the house as possible. It is so unbelievable to see grown people getting into an emotional state about something which next week won’t matter a fig to any of them – I do wish they’d stop pretending that any of them except Razor and Frankie are actually friends. They have forgotten what they signed up for, Speidi haven’t. Love them or hate them, they play the game beautifully. Suck it up people. By the way guys… have you forgotten that Claire did the dirty on her fellow band mates in breaking up Steps – and she had no remorse when the Reunion show was aired – she just wanted to not hear about what she did – oh, and those were supposed to be her best friends… And I’m supposed to have sympathy for her? Not likely.
    Oh. And one more thing. The point of being in the Big Brother house is to be cut off from all normal life activities… and for Big Brother to have full access to play mind games with the house mates – so the fact that Rylan has been allowed to rehearse for his X-Factor gig and have a break from the house is contrary to all the Big Brother ‘rules of engagement’… and if Big Brother hadn’t known that would be the perception of the public, they would have been up front about it… surprise, surprise, they weren’t. And you guys love to hate Spiedi? Seriously…

  12. speidious says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    95% of normal thinking people in the USA hates them {how they behave} and now i should think the same figure in GB. How not to win friends and a longggggg time in the limelight – Top marks.

    Sad peeps. that think otherwise.

  13. Alex Illest says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    If Claire can say “God forbid they have children” why should Speidi suffer so Claire can read a letter from her children?

    TEAM SPEIDI! :grin:

  14. Tabby says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    Claire’s remark was a throw away remark and she didn’t deserve what happened to her last night. As for making excuses for H&S’s behaviour; they went into the house with the intention of alienating everyone in the house so why would they act all surprised and hurt when no one liked them?? I think the housemates have gone out of their way time and again to make an effort with those two and each time they’ve had it thrown back into their faces. H&S should be glad that most of the housemates are mature enough not to react and get really nasty back. Sadly it looks like they are coasting through to the final on a wave of spite and total lack of respect for their fellow human beings.

  15. angela says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    i cnt stand them america.get them the rest cn enjoy the last few days.the reason y they r boring cause the america took over the show n big bro let them.

  16. kieran says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    bullshit how come alday when H/S are in bed what are all the other house mates doing to get airtime NOTHING they are BORING Emma Willis even said last nite they all lay round sucking up to Rylan because they think hes LOVED out side their sad if i was big bro ad ask them all for their money back their crap only H/S and Rylan are good tv DONT GIVE A SHIT I LOVE SPEIDI :heart: :heart: :heart:

  17. MissC says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    Speidi is a vile couple.
    To laugh at women who is crying over her children is lowest of the lows, even if she is your worst enemy. It doesn’t matter if they think that it is just a game. The reality is that there are children who got exited to write a letter to their mummy and she didn’t read it. A lot to laugh about, huh?
    And Heidi is a women who probably will have children herself one day!!! How she can participate in that?

  18. Michaela says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    :down: I’d like to think that they are just playing the villain, but honestly, I just think they are two of the nastiest people to grace this earth. If they win, I won’t be watching Big Bro again. Come on UK, lets show these Spiders that good morals is better than good television. Rylan to win for standing up to there two!

  19. wenzitmyturn says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    I agree, they are vile humans. It has been bugging me from the off, who Spencer reminds me of and now I have it…….Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig with his ugly wirey beard!

  20. AlexRio says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    They and Rylan are the show. Period.

  21. connie says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    As an American I am outraged that these two losers are representing our country. Team anyone to win over these two idiots!

  22. AlexRio says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    No one here noted that Spidei behaviour is being scripted as in The Hills?

    C’mon” lol”

  23. Georgia says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !

    hey, i would just like to say to ‘spidie’ that they are selfish stupid heatrless and they are as fake as heidi’s boobs. how dare they critisise other peoples life’s i mean have you seen the hills, their lives are messed up so they want to mess up others. RYLAN WILL WIN NOT YOU, YOU VAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :down:

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