Speidi to spill the beans in ‘Big Blogger’ task

35 comments - Posted on January 19 2013 at 04:06pm by Matt Scott

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates will get to snoop on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt today, as the pair speak to ‘Big Blogger’ for a task.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock until a few days ago, you’ll know that the reality TV legends spent two days watching the group from the Basement, before becoming embroiled in arguments on their return to the house.

But today Big Brother will turn the tables on Speidi, giving the other housemates the chance to learn what they really think about them in a special challenge.

Earlier, the couple were called to the task room, where they were told that they’d be interviewed for ‘Big Blogger’, a fictional online Big Brother spin-off show.

The presenters – Ian Symes and Helen Price from the real Bit On The Side Sweatybox – explained that they’d be asked questions from a competition winner called ‘SuzyEssex99′.

However, ‘SuzyEssex99′ is in fact the username assumed by the rest of the housemates, who have been given a laptop on which they can type their own queries. They must attempt to squeeze as much juicy information from Speidi as they can, such as:

  • Their opinions of other housemates
  • Their feelings about controversial incidents in the House
  • Explanations for things they have done in the House
  • Their thoughts on evictions and nominations

If, at the end of the task, Big Brother is satisfied that housemates have used the web chat to successfully reveal interesting and previously unknown information, the group will be rewarded.

35 comments on this article

  1. sophie says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Think there is a diffrence in the dentist and x factor tour rehearsals :grin: at the most 3 people at dentist how many people do you think he would meet in those 2 hours on a sunday :down:

  2. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !


    Yes going to X Factor tour rehearsals may not be like going to the dentist but there isnt any difference. As if Channel 5 didnt make sure that all housemates who leave the CBB house didnt find out any information from the outside world then Julian Clary would of been told information too.

    if Channel 5 didnt make sure that a housemate does not find out any information then Julian Clary could of been told by the person who was driving the car and the dentist and the dentist nurse and people who are outside that could of shouted out information.

    Channel 5 would make sure that Rylan cant find out any information like with all housemates that have to leave the show for different reasons.

    But I think people who dont want him to win will use this news against him in the hope people will not vote for him to win so their favourite will win. Also some people are pretending that they was his fan since this series of CBB started but then sayng not now, and they wanting people to stop voting for him to win so their favourite have more chance of winning.

    I will be voting loads of times for Rylan to win and so will all his fans too! This will not lower his chances of winning :grin:

  3. sophie says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !

    Well Razor all the way for me ye ha :tongue:

  4. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan Reply !


    Thats your choice and I respect that as I’m not saying you should vote for Rylan as its up to you. If not Rylan then either Ryan or Razor or Frankie or even Claire to win. :tongue:

    But I’m voting for Rylan to win :grin:

  5. tara says:
    Tue 22 Jan Reply !


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