Speidi to spill the beans in ‘Big Blogger’ task

DAY 17 Posted on January 19 2013 at 04:06pm by Matt Scott
Speidi to spill the beans in ‘Big Blogger' task

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates will get to snoop on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt today, as the pair speak to ‘Big Blogger’ for a task.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock until a few days ago, you’ll know that the reality TV legends spent two days watching the group from the Basement, before becoming embroiled in arguments on their return to the house.

But today Big Brother will turn the tables on Speidi, giving the other housemates the chance to learn what they really think about them in a special challenge.

Earlier, the couple were called to the task room, where they were told that they’d be interviewed for ‘Big Blogger’, a fictional online Big Brother spin-off show.

The presenters – Ian Symes and Helen Price from the real Bit On The Side Sweatybox – explained that they’d be asked questions from a competition winner called ‘SuzyEssex99′.

However, ‘SuzyEssex99′ is in fact the username assumed by the rest of the housemates, who have been given a laptop on which they can type their own queries. They must attempt to squeeze as much juicy information from Speidi as they can, such as:

  • Their opinions of other housemates
  • Their feelings about controversial incidents in the House
  • Explanations for things they have done in the House
  • Their thoughts on evictions and nominations

If, at the end of the task, Big Brother is satisfied that housemates have used the web chat to successfully reveal interesting and previously unknown information, the group will be rewarded.

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35 comments on this article

  1. Anonymous says:
    Sat 19 Jan | Reply !

    More fireworks possibly?

  2. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 19 Jan | Reply !

    About time that the housemates got to see the ‘real’ Pratts. I say real in inverted commas because these two are so fake and plastic. Lacey didn’t see their nasty side until she was out of the house, so I’m glad the others will have the opportunity to see the sleazeball Pratts for what they are.

  3. laura reid says:
    Sat 19 Jan | Reply !

    :grin: I so can’t wait till the next show we’re all loving razor he has to win and those amercians r getting into it ,doh bit late cmon razor

  4. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 19 Jan | Reply !

    I think it would be better if the housemates just see what them 2 had said about them all. Like them both did so it makes it fair. Through I wouldnt call them both Legends more annoying but we all have different views about people, :happy:

  5. Brekkie says:
    Sat 19 Jan | Reply !

    How good of producers to put Speidi at the centre of this task – they’ve had hardly any airtime so far!

  6. Donna says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    Spencer and Heidi are brilliant! They are true entertainers and for this deserve to win! We wouldn’t watch bb if everyone got on!! Remember that dry series of big brother with that Cameron! Boring and unwatchable! We need people who make us laugh and want to tune in to watch a show which entertains!! Razor is boring!! All be does is get that big belly out and sleep with that big arse out on display! Ryan is a snake and just tries to please everyone when he secretly is desperate to win!!! Barring rylan, the others don’t even say one word!

  7. joanna says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    loving big bro only because of speidy dont like the people but love to watch them. :tongue: :tongue: as for rylan to desperate to win its sad to watch : :envy:

  8. joshua says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    let the americans get to the final and think they can win then boot them out first that would kill spencer more than going out now :cry:

  9. sarah says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    oooohhh hahahahah let the games begin :wink: :up:

  10. tara says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    @joshua yep i would love to see that too :grin: :grin: just to see spencers face :grin: :up: BIG HEAD..

  11. jennyjuniper says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    I honestly cannot see what is entertaining about the Pratts? They don’t amuse me. In fact the only reaction I have to them is to want to vomit . They have no talents to speak of and the fact that they are ‘famous’ for behaving badly and being talentless seems to have escaped them.

  12. tara says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    The pratts are deluded :down: they think there famous but there not… spencer just has no clue :down: :down: does he think there really going to win :shock: come on… if they do i will be very shocked :shock:… Then again i never thought arron the pratt would win but he did, so you never know.. He was,nt liked that much still dont understand it to this day?

  13. tara says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    @joanna me two i dont like them but good to watch :grin: i think without the pratts cbb would be boring :down: ….

  14. CH5BBUK says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !


    I agree H&S are not entertaining but more annoying. I dont want to see everyone get along but them 2 go too far and become so annoying that it just spoils the show for some. Also giving them 2 more airtime dont help and makes me want to switch over. Doesnt BB realise there are more then 2 people on the show?

    I would like CBB to have a series full of well known REAL Celebrities who are entertaining but not as annoying as them 2. The show needs Arguments, drama but also fun and laughter. But this series is no fun and very little laughter! That is what is also missing from CBB!

    Also does BB find it hard to pick 6 older housemates and 6 younger housemates? They either pick people in their 20s apart from 1 or they pick mostly older celebrities with just 3 younger ones going on the show. Wheres the mix of different ages??

  15. CH5BBUK says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    To the comment that someone made about Ryan no Ryan is not a snake and is not tryintg to please people to win, he is himself and so what if he wants to win who doesnt?

    H&S are playing the biggest game to win but theres no mention of that.

  16. Brekkie says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    And for today’s task producers picked Rylan to be at the centre of it – they just seem to alternate between the two.

    Producers need to realise that constructing situations which lead to arguments isn’t interesting – it’s when they happen naturally and there is genuine underlying tension (which as viewers you see brewing in the days and weeks beforehand) that they get the real pay off.

  17. joanna says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    to ch5bbuk you would have to be stupid not to see they are ALL desperate to win but is big brother not a game show. :doh: And in a game u play it to win it. So u cant blame H/S each one of them celebs are playing the game :grin:

  18. cara says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    yes @joanna rylan is the one who wants and thinks he is going to win remember he was a big bro fan for years and knows the show inside out just like ARRON who won last years show i think razor to win :grin:

  19. aa says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    Exactly we were just seeing a more harmonious house! I genuinely think that Speidi do not actually mind them but are pressurised into playing the nasty characters because it is all they have known.@Brekkie

  20. sharon says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    to @aa speidi are real realty stars they no nothing only to play the baddies did you not see them on the hills. They think spencers bad there you should have seen him to Heidis family on the hills :envy:

  21. Andi says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    Those people voting for Speidi are being played like fiddles by BB producers. Not sure they realise they are paying real money to line C5 pockets.

  22. MissC says:
    Sun 20 Jan | Reply !

    Speidi couple are so embarrassing! :D The vilest and most rotten people ever. And why Heidi can’t help Spencer with his shiny face? He is so unatractive..
    Haha! Funny too watch how people embarrass themselves though!
    Thank you Big Brother! :heart:

  23. yeha says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !

    speidi are vile the hole show was embarrassing tonite All the house mates were fuming did you see any of them say anything to them except Rylan no because they are all thinking of winning .I think they all think they are loved on the out side and are a scared :shock: But loving them all living so uncomfortable with speidi :grin:

  24. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    I just read what I written and read your comment to me and not sure weather your comment was meant for someone else? As I did not mention about who is playing a big game on the show. I just mentioned how they was annoying and spoiling the show and that BB was giving them more airtime and not the others! Also that BB still dont pick contestants who are different ages.

    But if your comment was for me then I will reply.

    I’m not stupid and I know everyone wants to win CBB but them 2 are more desperate to win then the others.
    I know its a game show and you have to be in it to win it. But . Them both are more annoying then the others to the point that some people have switched over while others are really thinking of switching channels. Ive been thinking of not watching anymore of this awful series of CBB as them 2 spoil it for me.
    I cant wait for this series of CBB to be over so I dont have to watch them 2 on my tv anymore :grin:

    The only reason I watch this awful series of CBB is because my favourites Ryan, Rylan, Razor, Claire, Frankie and Tricia are still there otherwise I would switch over.

    I know some people have switched over channels because of them both which I cant blame them.

    But BB needs to realise not everyone is a fan of H&S and need to be fair on the viewers who watch CBB because their favourite weather its Rylan, Ryan, Razor, Claire, Frankie or Tricia is on the show. I cant blame most viewers not being happy when the people who they are supporting dont get to see much of them on the show.

    But thats your view and this is my view. :grin:

  25. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    If you was commenting about my other comment about who I think is playing the biggest game on the show that wasnt to you. I was replying to someone else. My comment above that was to you.

  26. joanna says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !

    sorry ch5bbuk did not mean you were stupit just said h/s were the biggest game players in there, i no that so do they they love playing that game thats their job thats only what they no, they play the bad guys in every show that they have done and they do not care for anyones feels or if they are liked nothing.They were the same in the hills i hate them but they are great tv.Sorry again i would not call you that after all your a bb fan so you couldnt be :grin: :heart:

  27. sophie says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !

    To @ch5bbuk now we no why Rylans not getting all the air time because hes not there . So i think hes getting plenty of airtime him and spiedi thats all i see think it would be THE RYLAN SHOW if he didnt leave the building. And in the xfacto i loved Rylan.BB this is wrong

  28. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    Rylan is always there he only leaves the CBB house for afew hours every sunday that is all. Rylan is the second person to get more airtime but the couple get more and more airtime.

    Its no big deal that Rylan leaves the CBB house if hes not getting any outside information about CBB. Channel 5 would not let him get any information from the outside world. Just like Channel 5 didnt let Julian Clary get any information from the outside world when he left the CBB house to go to the dentist and he won CBB last year.

    I think Rylan still has a good chance of winning and I will vote loads of times for him to win CBB like loads of his fans are voting for him to win too :grin:

  29. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    Its ok and thankyou. Glad you wasnt calling me stupid :happy:

    I think if H wasnt with S on CBB I think I might of found her less annoying.

    The other day she was on her won with S and she was talking to Claire or Rylan and she was different to when shes with S! For that 1 minute I seem to found her less annoying. But then she was in the same room as S and they both was being rude about the housemates again and she became that person that I dislike and found annoying again.

    I just think it would be a real shame if them 2 won because they are rude and they seem to say more not nice things about the housemates then the housemates have said things about them. They keep saying this and that about them, all the time.

    But the world would be boring if we had the same views about people. Its good that we all have different views about the housemates.

    I agree with you I find them 2 annoying!

    Ive never seen the hills before but watching them on CBB for weeks is too much that I just cant bring myself to watch The Hills as them 2 are on it.

  30. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    Opps I missed some words out there it was meant to say:

    ”The other day she was on her own without S and she was talking to Claire or Rylan and she was different to when shes with S! For that 1 minute I seem to found her less annoying. But then she was in the same room as S and they both was being rude about the housemates again and she became that person that I dislike and found annoying again.”

  31. sophie says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !

    Think there is a diffrence in the dentist and x factor tour rehearsals :grin: at the most 3 people at dentist how many people do you think he would meet in those 2 hours on a sunday :down:

  32. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    Yes going to X Factor tour rehearsals may not be like going to the dentist but there isnt any difference. As if Channel 5 didnt make sure that all housemates who leave the CBB house didnt find out any information from the outside world then Julian Clary would of been told information too.

    if Channel 5 didnt make sure that a housemate does not find out any information then Julian Clary could of been told by the person who was driving the car and the dentist and the dentist nurse and people who are outside that could of shouted out information.

    Channel 5 would make sure that Rylan cant find out any information like with all housemates that have to leave the show for different reasons.

    But I think people who dont want him to win will use this news against him in the hope people will not vote for him to win so their favourite will win. Also some people are pretending that they was his fan since this series of CBB started but then sayng not now, and they wanting people to stop voting for him to win so their favourite have more chance of winning.

    I will be voting loads of times for Rylan to win and so will all his fans too! This will not lower his chances of winning :grin:

  33. sophie says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !

    Well Razor all the way for me ye ha :tongue:

  34. CH5BBUK says:
    Mon 21 Jan | Reply !


    Thats your choice and I respect that as I’m not saying you should vote for Rylan as its up to you. If not Rylan then either Ryan or Razor or Frankie or even Claire to win. :tongue:

    But I’m voting for Rylan to win :grin:

  35. tara says:
    Tue 22 Jan | Reply !


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