Ryan, Sam up for second Celeb BB eviction

26 comments - Posted on January 10 2013 at 01:29am by Matt Scott

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson

Ryan Moloney and Sam Robertson will face the second eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 following tonight’s face-to-face nominations.

The latest round of voting just took place following Spencer and Heidi’s fake walk-out, for which they won immunity. They were unable to nominate and be nominated, but did watch the proceedings from their revamped basement hideaway.

Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge, where one by one they stood up and made their nominations. They went as follows:

  • Ryan voted for Sam and Rylan
  • Razor voted for Lacey and Sam
  • Tricia voted for Sam and Razor
  • Sam voted for Claire and Gillian
  • Lacey voted for Razor and Ryan
  • Rylan voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Claire voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Gillian voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Frankie voted for Ryan and Razor

Therefore, Sam recieved six nominations, Ryan recieved five, and Razor recieved three. Claire, Gillian, Rylan and Lacey had one each, while Tricia and Frankie had none.

Phone lines will open later today, and the person with the least support will be booted out during the next live show, this Friday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Vote in our eviction poll below:

Eviction 2: Who do you want to STAY?
Ryan Moloney
Sam Robertson
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26 comments on this article

  1. Sam2 says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Surprised Ryan’s up. Did he ask everyone to nominate him or something?

    And I wonder why Speidi weren’t happy with Ryan nominating Sam & Rylan?

  2. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    OMG I never expected them to do the face to face nominations so soon :shock:

    Was there Live Feed that I missed?

    Cant believe they nominated Ryan as hes not done anything to annoy them and hes not been nasty.

    lacey should be up for eviction with Sam as them 2 are boring

  3. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    I bet it will be Ryan :sad: but I hope I’m wrong and that it will be Sam! I’m shocked :shock:

  4. Phill says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    bye bye sam!

  5. carrie wilkins says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    :heart: loving big brother and glad your finding ways to keep spidie in abit longer as feel they’ll keep voting for them anyway as easy targets :shock: im quite enjoying seeing them as hopefully they really are as I watched the hills and relieved to hear it was all an act !!! Razor or Ryan to win though :happy:

  6. Sam2 says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    “Was there Live Feed that I missed?”

    No, just sporadic tweets. I doubt they wanted to show it live because live nominations are always an epic fail and we tend to notice all the holes. This way they can heavily edit it and chop it around to make it seem like it all went swimmingly well, when in reality it was probably the same balls up that it always is.

  7. Simeon David Jones says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Ryan unblocked the drains and Sam won them full shopping budget. The women Gillian, Claire and Tricia playing a game with Frankie. but your right about the face to face nominations, they will balls it up.

    You notice things more as BB goes on. Like the task where they ask other housemates about a housemate or get dunked. No one else was asked what was said about them and by who, the question about Paula was done to antagonise her. Really want them to do that to some like Rylan that they are dying to win

  8. Simeon David Jones says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    but on the plus side it should hurry up ay flirting Lacey and Sam are going to do

  9. Irene Pearson says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    LOL So bloody true @Sam2

  10. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Tweeted this link on twitter and @Neighbours on twitter retweeted it and also @JulieMillerTV who works for Outside Org/Channel 5 as their Publicity Manager and 2 Neighbours fans too.

    I hope if more people retweet it that it might help fans to remember to vote for him. :grin:

    I hope Ryan stays and Sam goes.

  11. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Cant believe they nominated Ryan after he did that awful task just to get them hot water and they go and do that. Disgusting!!! :shock: :sad:

    Everyone please Save Ryan! :grin:

  12. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !


    They should of shown it Live for BB fans to watch. I had no idea they was going to do face 2 face nominations at that time. :sad:

    It should of been Lacey and Sam up for eviction as I find them 2 boring. Its boring that BB wants them 2 to be a couple when they probably dont like each other in that way.

  13. Sam2 says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !


    Na, just don’t do face-to-face nominations, as it’s never entertaining to watch and usually ends up in a decent housemate getting evicted. It was face-to-face nominations that ultimately led to both Faye and Lauren getting evicted.

  14. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !


    I agree they should just do nominations in the diary room and not face to face, as most of the time the better celebs go before the boring ones.

    Hope Sam gets evicted and Ryan saved :grin:

  15. nwboyuk says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Send ryian home hes shit and save sexy sam

  16. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Send home Sam as hes sooooooooooooooo boring and I forget hes even on CBB in the first place.

    Save Ryan as hes funny and a Legend :grin:

  17. Lewis Kennedy says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Sam to go!

  18. Irene Pearson says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Sam Who??? :grin:

  19. Stu says:
    Thu 10 Jan Reply !

    Can see why Ryan has the nickname of Toadie, he’s a two-faced turd within minutes of a very friendly convo with Sam in the garden he headed back in the house and nominated him with pathetic reasons, he wants rid of his main rival in the house.

    Get the Toad out and Save Sam!

  20. CH5BBUK says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    @Irene Pearson

    I agree. Save Ryan.

    Everyones reasons for nominating are silly but they have to nominate and doesnt mean they are being too face or nasty. Its part of what they have to do on the show. Dont you agree :grin:

  21. SaveSam says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    Noooo I love Sam! Save Sam, he seems so genuine. And he’s the only thing good to look at on tv!

  22. Irene Pearson says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    Absolutely. It is incredible when someone like Paula for instance has a hissy fit about being nominated. Did she abstain from voting herself No. so suck it up and think of the fee. they are hardly living the bad life. @CH5BBUK

  23. dreammachine says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !…rother-1.64496

    Sam’s a decent lad, Ryan seems to be too. Very surprised he voted Sam however. Probably should be that neither of them should be up in comparison to some of the other housemates. SAVE Sam, Big Brother has starved us of getting to know him and some of the others in place of giving us the rantings of Paula, Rylan who seems a decent chap, and Speidi who at least seem straight up these days.

  24. SAMFAN says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    Ryan is so two faced, some mate he is voting for same, same is to nice to go, they have no other reason to nominate him other then he sleeps alot, oh wow? SAM TO STAY

  25. tara says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    Sam is boring SORRY :down:

  26. sarah says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    yeah but easy on the eye :wink:

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