Ryan, Sam up for second Celeb BB eviction

26 comments - Posted on January 10 2013 at 01:29am

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson

Ryan Moloney and Sam Robertson will face the second eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 following tonight’s face-to-face nominations.

The latest round of voting just took place following Spencer and Heidi’s fake walk-out, for which they won immunity. They were unable to nominate and be nominated, but did watch the proceedings from their revamped basement hideaway.

Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge, where one by one they stood up and made their nominations. They went as follows:

  • Ryan voted for Sam and Rylan
  • Razor voted for Lacey and Sam
  • Tricia voted for Sam and Razor
  • Sam voted for Claire and Gillian
  • Lacey voted for Razor and Ryan
  • Rylan voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Claire voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Gillian voted for Sam and Ryan
  • Frankie voted for Ryan and Razor

Therefore, Sam recieved six nominations, Ryan recieved five, and Razor recieved three. Claire, Gillian, Rylan and Lacey had one each, while Tricia and Frankie had none.

Phone lines will open later today, and the person with the least support will be booted out during the next live show, this Friday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Vote in our eviction poll below:

Eviction 2: Who do you want to STAY?
Ryan Moloney
Sam Robertson
641 Votes

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  1. sarah says:
    Fri 11 Jan Reply !

    yeah but easy on the eye :wink:

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