Twist to take place during tomorrow’s eviction

5 comments - Posted on January 8 2013 at 11:22pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house - Entrance

Channel 5 has revealed that a twist will take place during the first live eviction show of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 tomorrow night.

The news was announced by narrator Marcus Bentley at the end of tonight’s highlights show, who urged viewers to tune in for something they “won’t wanna miss”.

With another eviction scheduled to take place on Friday, it is highly likely that the twist will involve some sort of nominations.

However, rumours are spreading that a new housemate is set to arrive, with fans continuing to believe that Lindsay Lohan could enter after Jamie East yesterday filmed a segment for spin-off show Bit On The Side outside London’s Dorchester Hotel, where she is staying.

Heidi and Spencer, Paula and Frankie face being booted out of the house during tomorrow’s show, which airs at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Sam2 says:
    Wed 09 Jan Reply !

    Jamie must’ve got the date wrong. I just looked and she was waiting outside the Dorchester wondering where he was.

  2. CH5BBUK says:
    Wed 09 Jan Reply !

    Do they just show Live Feed for half an hour on fridays? I looked on tv and it says CBB and then BBBOTS after. No Live Feed :sad:

    Would of been great if the twist was none of the 3 housemates who are up for eviction didnt get evicted today. They stay in the basement or bedsit and watch their housemates on tv.
    Then on friday or next week one housemates with less votes goes on friday aswell as the other celebrity who was going to get evicted.

    Then 2 of the housemates who was saved go back into the CBB house and see if it causes any drama after listening to what their housemates might say about them lol :grin:

    Remember BB5? lol

  3. Cupid176 says:
    Wed 09 Jan Reply !

    Yeah cos that hasn’t every happened has it CH5BBUK?

  4. Matt says:
    Wed 09 Jan Reply


    Live feed, for whatever reason, airs on Thursdays at 10pm on 5* this series

  5. Brekkie says:
    Wed 09 Jan Reply !

    I don’t get why they continue with Wednesday evictions during CBB. Surely Tuesdays would be better to allow them to then have regular nominations on Wednesday to be broadcast Thursday. The limited period just means repetitive crap nomination twists for the second eviction each week.

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