Housemates pass ‘against all odds’ shopping task

- Posted on January 8 2013 at 07:32pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Sam Robertson

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates have passed the ‘against all odds’ shopping task after securing a 72% chance of winning.

Today the group was given one final chance to add ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ balls to the machine, with two housemates going to the Diary Room to answer multiple choice questions about the others as they perilously perched over a gunge tank.

Heidi and Paula faced he questions, winning three passes for every correct answer, and three fails for every wrong one. They eventually getting six out of eleven right, earning them 18 passes and 15 fails – and getting Gillian, Lacey, Razor, Tricia and Rylan gunged in the process!

In total, the group accumulated 194 pass balls and 74 fail balls, giving them a 72% shot at winning the luxury shopping budget.

This evening, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge and started the randomizer machine. As the balls were mixed up, they eagerly commented on the colours next to its spout.

Sam was then instructed to push the button beside the machine – and it promptly threw out a green ball, meaning that they’ve won a luxury shopping budget for the next week.

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