Basement twist ends with Frankie nominated

7 comments - Posted on January 5 2013 at 06:14pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Frankie Dettori

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 basement twist came to an end tonight after Frankie Dettori was nominated to face the first eviction.

Earlier this evening, Big Brother gathered the basement dwellers – Ryan, Sam, Razor, Frankie – and announced that they would have to choose one of their own to face the dreaded public vote.

After much deliberation, they came to the conclusion that Frankie – who had moved downstairs less than 24 hours earlier in a switch with Speidi – would be the best candidate, thinking that he’d be the ‘most likely to survive’.

As a result, the racing jockey is now up for the first eviction on Wednesday, although it has not yet been confirmed who will join him.

Big Brother did, however, have some good news for the quartet, as following the latest twist he announced his decision to close the basement after only two days – meaning they could move in to the main house and reunite with the others.

Having had no shower access in the squalid basement, Razor wasted no time in making the most of his new surroundings – by heading straight for the bath.

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7 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    Hope CBB will still get tougher as its more fun to watch when its not like a holiday for them lol :grin:

  2. Brekkie says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    So the one and only hook of this series is already over. Seems rather unfair on Frankie too – considering he’d been down their the shortest time and Speidi weren’t there anymore he was the obvious choice to be nominated. I was hoping they’d be cleverer than that really and have some kind of twist where those in the basement basically earned immunity – perhaps offering them the chance to stay in the basement until the first eviction and be immune or to move to the house and be up for eviction.

  3. Seriously? says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    Oh come on! BB finally gets “evil” with a twist people are enjoying and they end it ALREADY? Whatever…

  4. happybbfan says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    more meddling with nominations again
    basement hardship didnt last long either
    pathetic twist without any coverage anyway

  5. Irene Pearson says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    What a load of old rubbish

  6. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 05 Jan Reply !

    I hope Ryan, Rylan and Claire are not nominated :grin:

    Today I saw a CBB poster near the dentist and the bus stop in Nottingham :grin:

  7. Josh says:
    Sun 06 Jan Reply !

    I can only hope this basement doesn’t go away. Perhaps Big Brother will use it as a punishment room or for another twist in the forthcoming week. But seeing as the show is on Channel 5, it’s only wishful thinking. :straight:

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