Vending machine added to the CBB house

3 comments - Posted on January 3 2013 at 07:08pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Big Vendor vending machine

More speculation has erupted about Celebrity Big Brother 2013 after it emerged that a vending machine has been placed in the living area of the house.

Earlier tonight, Channel 5 News broadcast a report containing an exclusive tour of the show’s abode at Elstree Studios which revealed the mysterious ‘Big Vendor’.

It is unclear what purpose it will serve, but some fans have suggested that it will be linked to tonight’s launch twist, which will see half of the line-up move in to a rotten ‘basement’.

They will be forced to live in squalor with hard beds and meagre rations as the other celebrities get luxury treatment in the main house.

Flick through pictures of the ‘Big Vendor’ machine and the Basement here:

The new series begins tonight at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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3 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    I’m getting soooooooooooo excited about CBB starting :grin: Cant wait to see who goes on CBB and watch the twist and who nominates who :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Rafael says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    The Big Vendor reminds me a LOT of what Secret Story FR had in 2012, a vending machine with clues (for the secrets of the candidates) and some powers (like nominating). Unfortunately it was rarely used, let’s hope that in the UK it will be better :)

  3. ben m says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    hurry up celebrity big brother

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