Celeb BB basement dwellers to get live house feed

3 comments - Posted on January 3 2013 at 02:53pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house - The Basement

More details about the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 launch twist – which will see some of the housemates live in a dirty ‘basement’ – have been revealed by the Daily Star.

The secret room was unveiled earlier today, with Big Brother teasing that it will ‘divide’ and ‘test’ its inhabitants ‘like never before’.

According to the newspaper, of the eleven housemates expected to enter tonight, six will move in to the ‘basement’ – which, despite its name, is thought to be the large task room located off the garden.

They will be forced to live on meagre rations and sleep on hard mattresses – while a TV will show the other housemates living a life of luxury in the main house.

An insider explained: “To make matters worse, bosses have placed a plasma screen on the basement dwellers’ wall so they can see glimpses of the other team.

“This is so they can see the other team enjoying the luxuries of the Big Brother house and hear them gloating about pigging out on fine wines and food.”

Names rumoured to be taking part include Steps singer Claire Richards, soap actor Ryan Moloney, reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag and The X Factor’s Rylan Clark.

Tune in to Channel 5 tonight at 9.00pm to catch the launch show.

Check out the new basement below:

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3 comments on this article

  1. Dawn says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    So they get live feed, but the voting viewers don’t – so not fair

  2. Richie says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    Nothing new, the producers trying to create arguments and tension from the off :down:

    Can see this falling flat on its face to be honest, the ones picked to go in the basement will catch on very quickly I reckon and will just run with it until they go back into the main house

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this cut into the first round of nominations as well

  3. Brekkie says:
    Thu 03 Jan Reply !

    To be fair to producers this looks to be the best “poor” house they’ve ever had – actually looks like a dump. I doubt it’ll last beyond a few days though.

    Obviously nothing original about this twist at all – and we all know how the last Celeb BB to split the celebs ended up!

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