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11 comments - Posted on September 21 2012 at 05:12pm

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The Big Brother executive producers have addressed criticism of their nominations punishments, saying that lack of hot water can be a ‘very effective’ forfeit.

Recent series have seen housemates repeatedly flout the show’s fundamental nomination rules, which ban them from discussing nominations or influencing each other’s votes.

In all but a handful of instances, Big Brother has responded simply by cutting the housemates’ access to hot water. This has led to fans calling for harsher punishments, such as penalty nominations, claiming that housemates are no longer fazed by lack of hot water.

However, show bosses Denis O’Connor, Katy Smith and Susy Price have refuted these claims and insisted that rule breaking ‘has always been taken very seriously’.

In an exclusive interview with bbspy, they said: “Sometimes it is more effective to punish the individual who breaks the rules and sometimes it shakes things up to punish the house as a whole as this can influence house dynamics.

“Simple provisions like having hot water mean a huge amount when you are living in the house and as a punishment it’s always proved very effective.”

But they added: “There are an array of ways Big Brother can enforce the rules.”

One exception to the system came in this summer’s Celebrity series, when The Situation was banned after being caught cheating during face-to-face nominations.

The Australian version of the show has recently been praised for enforcing a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ system for nomination rule breaks, with Big Brother describing strikes as the most severe form of punishment possible, other than immediate removal from the house.

  • Our full interview with Denis, Katy and Susy will be posted this weekend

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11 comments on this article

  1. lewis815 says:
    Fri 21 Sep Reply !

    If the hot water punishment is so useful then why are we never shown how this actually “Shakes up the house”? It never does anymore. People and housemates alike are used to it. It gives the viewer no excitement at all.
    Obviously it is not effective, you just have to watch the most recent series of Civilian BB to see that it was not effective as they broke the rules nearly every week! There is no respect for the rules in BBUK anymore, because they know they will never be thrown out for anything other than racism and violence.

  2. Rich says:
    Fri 21 Sep Reply !

    Just shows the producers can’t even be bothered when they think turning off hot water repeatedly is the best punishment they can come up with :down:

    Were they not even watching the show and the non-effect their ever so wonderful hot water punishment was having :conf:

    “Rule breaks are taken seriously”? They’re having a laugh

  3. lewis815 says:
    Fri 21 Sep Reply !

    …And just in case their response to why we haven’t seen the effect it has on the house is due to the editing focusing on other things – Give us back live feed for sods sake! Doesn’t even need to be on their precious 5 star channel that nobody watches, a paid for internet feed would be excellent.

  4. Brekkie says:
    Fri 21 Sep Reply !

    It isn’t about it being effective, it’s about having a punishment which the viewers see as effective. The moment a HM gets a strike actually gives producers something to build an entire episode around. The hot water punishment rarely gets shown, and the connection for viewers between discussing noms and cold showers isn’t really there.

    I don’t get why BBUK ever moved away from the three strikes and you’re out rule that was introduced in BB3 (and never used again). I’ve always said they’d have avoided alot of the problems of later series if they’d implemented it and for viewers a strike would be as effective as an ejection in some of the cases where BB clearly over reacted in evicting HMs (Emily in BB8 for example), or fans over reacted in wanting HMs kicked out (Conor this year).

  5. Courtney says:
    Sat 22 Sep Reply !

    The Australian ‘Three Strikes’ rule is simply the same as when housemates get a warning in the UK. Three warnings and you’re out. In Australia, housemates don’t seem to break rules as often as they do in the UK- so BB can easily and safely give out strikes for things like nominations talk to boost interest without the threat of a housemate coming close to leaving (which is what producers try to avoid).

  6. Josh says:
    Sat 22 Sep Reply !

    I don’t think the producers realize that it’s summer in the Big Brother house, and turning off the hot water actually makes for a good thing, especially on hot and humid days. How about instead they turn off the cold water, and make the temperature of the water no less than 40º? Now THAT’S a punishment!

    The Australian housemates usually get punished for misdemeanours or trivial matters, and are sent to the naughty corner. Before the strikes rule, there was a fine rule, where every rule broken (including the trivial ones) took away $5,000 from the prize fund.

  7. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 22 Sep Reply !

    I think it would be great if any housemate who breaks more then 3 rules gets put up for eviction or is told to leave the BB house. :grin:

  8. CH5BBUK says:
    Sat 22 Sep Reply !

    Or whenever someone breaks the rules the housemates ciggs, coffee and hot water is taken away for 2 days lol :grin:

  9. Stu says:
    Sat 22 Sep Reply !

    I’ve said this many times in the past that punishments are pathetic and have suggested many times that the housemates clothes are taken away and they’re made to wear bright orange boiler suits and eat only cold boiled cabbage and sprouts for two days, the air in the bedroom will teach them to change their ways.

  10. Paul John Leadbeater says:
    Mon 24 Sep Reply !

    Its what Richard Desmond deems as entertainment – he really has buggered bb to epidemic proportion. What a muppet.

  11. Sam says:
    Mon 24 Sep Reply !

    @Paul John Leadbeater

    You do realise Richard Desmond is the Billionaire owner of Northern and Shell? I doubt he has even watched Big Brother.

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