Pamela Anderson makes fourth Big Brother appearance

6 comments - Posted on September 18 2012 at 04:26pm

Pamela Anderson - Big Brother 2011

Model and Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has entered the Big Brother house in Bulgaria for her fourth global appearance on the show.

The 45-year-old has previously done the Australian and Indian versions, and last year took part in Channel 5’s first civilian UK series, with a twist involving her awarding eviction immunity to housemates of her choice.

Now she has joined the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother Bulgaria – known locally as ‘VIP Brother’ – which has borrowed elements from the UK, including our eye logo and theme music.

Pamela will set various tasks while in the house, which contains a private bedroom for her own use. She will stay a few days before heading back to the US to compete in the new all-stars season of Dancing With The Stars, which begins on September 24th.

During their launch show, Pamela – who initially had a mishap with her earpiece – admitted to host Niki Kanchev that she didn’t know much about Bulgaria, but added: “I’m gonna learn. When I’m in the house I’ll ask a lot of questions.”

She then signed autographs for a packed crowd before making her way in to the house via a Baywatch-inspired beach hut, similar to the one featured during her time on BBUK.

However, according to the show’s official website, Pamela later suffered further embarrassment when she had to borrow clothes from the other housemates. Shortly after arriving in the country, she Tweeted: “Lost our bags in Bulgaria– again-no clothes – oh well.”

Watch a clip of Pamela entering the Bulgarian Big Brother house below:

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6 comments on this article

  1. Az says:
    Tue 18 Sep Reply !

    She’s like a Big Brother whore.

  2. ShowJump says:
    Wed 19 Sep Reply !

    Looks like a low budget flop.

  3. Joe Singlepound says:
    Wed 19 Sep Reply !

    Oh wow. They copied the BB 2012 eye. Looks like Bulgaria copied Australia copied the UK. :straight:

  4. Joe Singlepound says:
    Wed 19 Sep Reply !

    Oh yeah, and is she supposed to be on America’s Dancing with the Stars? :doh:

  5. CH5BBUK says:
    Wed 19 Sep Reply !

    @Joe Singlepound

    I agree the BB eye does look the same as the UK BB eye!

  6. Ben m says:
    Thu 20 Sep Reply !

    i wish big brothers from differnt countrys would make there own eye insted of stealing ours all the time :envy:

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