Julian Clary wins Celebrity Big Brother 10 final

12 comments - Posted on September 7 2012 at 10:34pm

Julian Clary

Comedian and novelist Julian Clary has been voted the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2012 after 24 days inside the house.

More to follow…


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12 comments on this article

  1. CH5BBUK says:
    Fri 07 Sep Reply !

    We are all glad Julian Clary won CBB he was funny and entertaining and loyal :grin:

  2. criticallindy says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    Hurray! :grin: That was the longest pause ever waiting for Brian to announce the winner… I was afraid it was going to be Coleen and I really don’t think she even deserved to come second. Julie was a horrendous (but magnificent!) adversary to her, but I though Coleen was quite bitchy too and I was disappointed in her. :down:

  3. Annabelle says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    I’m so happy Julian won, he’s such a lovely and funny man..
    In fact I’m chuffed at the top three,,
    So glad the Von Trap family where all out first.
    Well done Jules

  4. Helenjean says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    Well done Julian,thought he looked very emotional,now off to get tickets for your tour.i was surprised that Coleen came second Martin was a bit choked,he came over as though he would walk it and didn’t really try to be entertaining.

  5. Andy says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    i miss C4’s BB :(((( it was much less tacky. C5 are killing bb wish that they would just drop it!.

  6. Annabelle says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    I never thought I would say this Andy,,,but I dont think your alone with those sentiments.

    What channel 5 is giving us is a one hour nightly soap opera.
    the only common denominater is in name only
    They may call this BB but in reality it’s just a cheap shoddy immatation and should get done for breaking the Trade Descriptions act..

    It’s Cheap – – It’s Nasty, –It’s Diabolicaly Bad, – – It’s FINISHED

  7. irene pearson says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    Agree. It has been so downgraded by Channel 5. Whoever does the editing is either an adolescent or a fool. Also think that without live feed we do not get a true depiction of events.The final six were in the correct order for me. Loved Julian proper gent.Well done.

  8. lee says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    how him and coleen were in final 2 is beyond me but was still best and funniest cbb ever specialy the itchy growlers haha wot a laugh :tongue: :up:

  9. irene pearson says:
    Sat 08 Sep Reply !

    You see Lee you can manage to post a civilised comment when you try. Itchy Growlers though UMMM? Won,t comment because I know you cannot take a difference of opinion without getting all hot and bothered.But I am beginning to realise where you are coming from.

  10. lee says:
    Sun 09 Sep Reply !

    :up: @irene pearson
    ha ha thanx irene a love u really

  11. irene pearson says:
    Sun 09 Sep Reply !

    Right back at you !

  12. CH5BBUK says:
    Tue 11 Sep Reply !

    I miss CBB :sad: Cant wait until next years CBB :grin:

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