Channel 5 to air second Celebrity Big Brother this year

25 comments - Posted on March 27 2012 at 03:20pm

Channel 5 logo - Big Brother 2011

Channel 5 and Endemol have agreed a deal to air another series of Celebrity Big Brother later this year, according to Media Guardian.

Last April, the broadcaster announced it had signed a two-year contract for the reality show – due to run out at the end of this summer – which included one normal and one Celebrity edition each year.

However, a recent article in the Daily Star suggested that they now intend to schedule two Celebrity series annually, starting with a second run in 2012.

The Guardian has now backed up this report, claiming Celebrity Big Brother will return in the ‘late summer’ at the expense of the next normal series, which is set to begin in May.

Its length has apparently been shortened from fourteen weeks to ten weeks three days, but this would still be longer than last year’s run, which aired for nine weeks between September and November.

Famous faces rumoured to have signed up for the show include Swedish footballer Freddie Ljungberg and former winner of The Bachelor Carianne Barrow.

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25 comments on this article

  1. ben says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    this is great news cant wait

  2. mid says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Great Can’t wait!!!!! when do we find out the start date for may??? Anyone know

  3. Joseph Singleton says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    This is terrible news, Channel 5 are ruining Big Brother!

  4. johnny says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    do we know anything about live feed on 5* now theyved released shecdualing?

  5. Paul says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Why shorten the REAL big brother for the fake celebrity version,typical crappy channel 5,haven’t got a clue,cheap skates,channel 4 wiped the floor with crappy channel 5s coverage

  6. Brekkie says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Daily Star in not making up bullshit shocker!

  7. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    WOOHOO YAY Iam so glad theres going to be another series of CBB :grin:

  8. Tommy says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I’m so happy! Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy last year’s regular Big Brother, but really enjoyed both celebrity versions Channel 5 have aired! :grin:

  9. Courtney says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I agree, Tommy, where C5 are hitting their stride is with Celebrity Big Brother. But, if handled correctly, Big Brother 2012 could be a hit. Is it just me, or could Five dish out a doozie series revolving around the number ’13′?
    Big Brother for the last few years has focussed on the fun side of the show- the parties, the humour. I think now is a better time than ever for the show to go back to being ‘evil’.

  10. James says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    two questions:-
    1) Have either channel 5 or endemol said anything about wheather there will be Big Brother post 2012 ?
    2) And will there be full Live coverage, just like there was on E4 when it was on Channel 4 ?

  11. Matt says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Is it not possible that Channel 5 bought a 13 week series in the summer like previous series but realised it was too long for the normal series so subseqeuntly cut it to ten and then are filling the last 3 with CBB again as they are obliged to use the full 13 weeks of rent?

  12. Alec says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I would much rather have a long normal edition of Big Brother any day!

    CBB is good, but I enjoy the public edition as it gives you more time to study which housemate you want to win, and also let the isolation effect come into play.

  13. Andy Ellis says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    This is brilliant news for us guys who loves Big Brother! Bring it on… Can’t Wait! lol :happy:

  14. Ryan says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I love Celebrity Big Brother but 2 a year is ruining the Normal Big Brother format of 13 weeks :sad: :sad: I love Normal Big Brother!!!! The housemates are more open and free due to the fact that they don’t care about what the papers and public think!

  15. JJ says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    @Joseph Singleton
    BB was already ruined before C5 took over. The celeb series are still rating decent but the summer series seems to suck. I don’t blame them for wanting to milk CBB for all it’s worth.

  16. Dodge says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Too much. BB used to be a Television event. Now it’s like a soap opera that always seems to be on.

  17. Tom Culton says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    :envy: My dream is that channel 5 will axe it, (because they are ruining it) and then channel 4 will buy it back.

  18. Joe says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    OMG this is terrible news! I think Channel 5 is ruining Big Brother! :down:

  19. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    I want BB and CBB to stay on Channel 5 until Channel 4 will have both shows back again :grin:

  20. liam haining says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    omg canny wait iv been watching bigbrother since i was 9 lol yeah im 16 now yass

  21. liam haining says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    i even started watching bbusa online its great i started watching bb us sice seson 11lol

  22. heather jones says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Love the normal BB. Hate CBB the celebs are to busy acting to the cameras and putting make-up on, far too tempremental,boring to watch

  23. Brekkie says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    And if it does return to C4 I hope they deny the C5 episodes ever existed.

  24. Joe says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !


    @Andy Ellis
    I’m very confused by your comment, surely this is bad news for people who love “Big Brother” because it means the regular series will be shorter. I think you meant to say that this is terrible news for people who love Big Brother.

  25. CH5BBUK says:
    Thu 24 May Reply !

    Cant wait to watch both BB and CBB :grin:

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