Nikki Grahame returned to Big Brother Canada and it was amazing

BBUK icon visits the final four as they attend the end-of-season awards show
- Posted on May 16 2017 at 08:50pm

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame returns to host the BBCAN5 Awards

Nikki Grahame returned to Big Brother Canada as the red carpet host for the BBCAN5 Awards last night, and she made quite the impression – grabbing Ika Wong’s cleavage and charming #ThatKevinMartin!

Last year the BBUK legend went global when she became a fully-fledged contestant on Big Brother Canada, finishing its fourth run in sixth place.

Although the show’s strategic format wasn’t kind to her, Canadians took her to their hearts – so when BBCAN needed a host for its traditional end-of-season awards ceremony, there was only one person fit for the job!

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame returns to host the BBCAN5 Awards

The latest episode saw Nikki gatecrash the BBCAN Odyssey, and she was as thrilled to be back in the house as the final four were to see her – even climbing on the same pillar that she hilariously scaled in her dressing gown last year.

“This is so exciting, so gorgeous,” she cooed. “I’ll have a go at this later on. Do you remember them telling me to climb down?!”

She then had a mini-tantrum after realising Big Brother hadn’t supplied her favourite tipple. “Big Brother, this is a special occasion, could I get a vodka, please?!” she exclaimed.

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame returns to host the BBCAN5 Awards

Nikki’s first task was to style the houseguests for the awards ceremony, and she led them up to the HoH room, where there was a rack of glitzy outfits waiting.

She took an instant liking to Karen, and crossing her fingers in the Diary Room, she said: “I think if I’d been in the house with Karen, we’d have been like that!”

As they all got changed, Nikki finally got a taste of vodka, telling Demetres: “Listen, I did an eight-hour flight yesterday, I didn’t have one sip of alcohol, I bloody earnt that!”

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame returns to host the BBCAN5 Awards

She even managed to cop a feel of Ika’s “fabulous” boobs while picking her out a glittering gold dress. “My doctor did a good job,” Ika laughed.

However, it seemed Kevin was the most excited about the special guest. “Nikki, she’s so funny, she’s so hilarious,” he said. “I developed a little bit of a crush instantly!”

With everyone dressed to the nines, Nikki took the opportunity to make herself at home on the HoH bed, saying: “I’ll just have a nap before the ceremony.”

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame styles Ika Wong for the BBCAN5 Awards

Forty winks later, she grabbed her microphone and headed to the red carpet, interviewing the houseguests as they arrived for the awards.

Demetres smirked his chances of winning were “about one in four”, with Nikki responding: “That’s a bloody good answer!”

She then congratulated “belle of the ball” Karen for being “the oldest person to make it this far” in the show’s history, grinning: “That’s bloody monumental!”

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Nikki Grahame interviews Demetres on the BBCAN5 Awards red carpet

With her job done, the pint-sized princess bid farewell to the houseguests as they settled down to find out who viewers had voted to receive the gongs.

Results included Ika’s double eviction night clash with Neda winning ‘Favourite Blow Up’, and Kevin’s smooch with William taking ‘Favourite Kiss’.

BBCAN5 concludes on Thursday at 8pm on Global with its two-hour season finale, which Nikki is expected to attend alongside her fellow ‘international wildcard’, Tim Dormer.

Watch Nikki’s BBCAN comeback in full below!

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