BBCAN5: Second eviction takes place, new HoH named

SPOILERS: Find out who ended up blowing up their own game this week
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Dallas Cormier has become the second houseguest evicted from Big Brother Canada 5 after a dramatic week saw him repeatedly try to blow up other houseguests’ games.

Head of Household Demetres initially nominated his arch enemy Dillon against pawn Emily, but his plan was thwarted when Dillon won the Power of Veto.

Fearing he’d be chosen as a replacement nominee, Dallas tried to align with Demetres by making Dillon their common target.

Dallas interrupted the Veto ceremony and made a show of turning on his former ‘Dilly Dally’ bromance buddy, saying: “Dillon, since I’ve been associated with you, I’ve been looked at as untrustworthy. I will be David that takes down Goliath.”

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - Dallas Cormier

Regardless, he was put on the block after Dillon used the Veto on himself.

Dallas was unsure whether his fellow returning players would save him and struggled to break through with the newbies, so he tried pulling another stunt in a bid to gain momentum.

On the live feeds on Wednesday, he gathered everyone the lounge, implying he had an announcement from Big Brother – but instead attacked Emily, accusing her of using intimidation tactics to secure Dre and William’s votes.

The move backfired, and speaking afterwards, the 25-year-old realised that he may have ended up sealing his own fate.

“It was a last ditch effort, I shouldn’t have put them in that position,” he said. “It was a bad play. Everyone’s just going to vote me out.”

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Dallas Cormier and Dillon Carman

During tonight’s ‘live’ eviction show, Dallas pulled one final trick out of his sleeve by accusing fellow veteran Sindy of being the real architect of his demise.

When host Arisa Cox instructed him to make his ‘save me’ plea, he said: “You know, I like to keep my grass cut short, so I can see the snakes when they slither, and I feel like the biggest snake in this house is Sindy with an S.

“She sabotaged Mark’s game, she sabotaged my game, so please vote me out this week, so I don’t have to hear one more hiss come from that snake’s mouth.”

The houseguests granted Dallas’s wish as he promptly became the second evictee of the season by a unanimous 12-0 vote.

Explaining his rant about Sindy in his exit interview, the fisherman said: “The thing was, Demetres told me the day of the PoV ceremony, ‘I’m gonna put up Jackie’, I felt like it was set in stone.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Emily Hawkin and Dallas Cormier

“Then I caught Sindy and him in a room, and he came out to me and he’s like, ‘basically, I’m gonna put you up’. I know she had a big thing to do with Mark going home last week, and she had a big thing to do with me going this week.”

Dallas also admitted he overplayed his second chance, saying: “Last year I played too hard, too fast – this year I played even harder, even faster!”

As usual, the Head of Household competition followed. Entitled ‘And Scene’, this week it was a quiz in which the houseguests had to recall details from a soap opera they filmed earlier this week.

The live feeds have revealed that Neda – who is immune until jury thanks to the Time Warp power – is the new HoH.

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