BBCAN5: First evictee, Time Warp immunity winner revealed

SPOILERS: Find out which houseguest is now safe until jury starts
- Posted on March 17 2017 at 03:11am

Big Brother Canada 5 'Odyssey' house - The Bridge

Mark Chrysler has become the first houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother Canada 5, while Neda Kalantar is now immune from being nominated until jury after receiving the ‘Time Warp’ power.

In yesterday’s premiere, Karen Singbeil was named the first Head of Household. It wasn’t long until she began talking strategy with her competition partner Sindy Nguyen, who was horrified to learn that she wanted to target her fellow returning houseguest Neda Kalantar.

The former BBCAN3 player managed to convince Karen not to target other females, so she instead decided to go after the “muscles”.

At the nominations ceremony, Karen revealed that she’d put Mark and Demetres Giannitsos on the block. The men were shocked by her bold move, with Mark commenting: “Don’t get blood on your hands the first week.”

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Mark and Demetres face the first eviction

“That’s just like BB Playbook 101,” Demetres agreed. “It’s a stupid move.”

Bruno Ielo, Ika Wong and Kevin Martin joined the nominees and HoH in the caveman-themed Power of Veto competition, ‘Me Want Veto’.

In their own lanes, the players had to navigate an assault course to find letter tiles. Once they’d collected all their tiles, they had to rearrange them to spell a mystery phrase.

Bruno was first to decipher the phrase, ‘Dig Your Own Cave’, and won the Veto, which he chose not to use. Mark initially appeared a dead cert to stay, until Cassandra got involved.

The BBCAN4 fan favourite pulled Demetres aside and told him she wanted him to stay because “I need a strong guy”. On Cass’s advice, he started a feud with Dillon Carman, hoping to send a signal to the other houseguests that he’d be going after the boxer and not them.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Cassandra talks strategy with Demetres

The strategy narrowly worked, as during tonight’s eviction show, the explorers decided to evict Mark by a vote of 7 to 6.

Commenting on what went wrong, Mark said: “I felt like someone was really targeting me. I don’t know who it was, but the whole house got in to their heads that they were after me. I tried to change it but it just didn’t work out.”

After 16 became 15, host Arisa Cox gathered the houseguests to reveal the first ‘shockwave’ twist, which would propel one of them in to the future.

Viewers had voted for who they wanted to have ‘Time Warp’ immunity, meaning they’d be safe from every eviction until the jury stage begins.

Arisa announced that Neda had been chosen as the lucky – or unlucky – recipient of the power.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Neda Kalantar receives the Time Warp immunity

She can still compete for HoH and PoV, make her own nominations and be made a Have Not, but the other houseguests cannot nominate her for eviction until further notice.

Big Brother Canada continues on Monday at 9pm ET/PT on Global, when the next HoH competition and nominations ceremony will take place.

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