BBCAN5 premiere recap, Canada gets power in ‘Time Warp’ twist

SPOILERS: Find out who the unlikely first Head of Household is
- Posted on March 16 2017 at 03:15am

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 - Arisa Cox outside the BBCAN Odyssey

The fifth season of Big Brother Canada has blasted off with Karen Singbeil emerging as the unlikely winner of the first Head of Household competition – and a huge ‘Time Warp’ twist that will give one houseguest IMMUNITY until jury.

This year the show has been given a space-age ‘time travel’ theme, similar to the ‘Timebomb’ theme used by Big Brother UK in 2015.

Eight veteran houseguests have been brought back from the ‘past’ to compete against eight brand new houseguests from the ‘present’ in a ‘fight for the future’.

They will live in the ‘BBCAN Odyssey’ spaceship for up to 70 days, with the season concluding on May 18, when the winner will be crowned and take hope BBCAN’s biggest prize fund ever: CA$100,000 cash, a $30,000 gift card for The Brick, and a brand new 2017 Toyota 86.

Tonight’s premiere on Global kicked off with a brief tour of the sci-fi house, and for the first time it was revealed that it may conceal some hidden surprises.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 premiere - 'Emergency Airlock' reveals hidden secret in the Odyssey spaceship house
A secret door opens in the Emergency Airlock

Host Arisa Cox said: “Deep space is full of mysteries. What lays beyond the outer limits of the ship, and will it hold the key to salvation for one lucky explorer?”

Three specific parts of the house were shown during this teaser:

  • ‘Sector 13’, marked ‘Authorized Access Only’, located next to the bedrooms
  • ‘Sector 4’, the corridor that leads to the hot tub area, marked ‘Outer Portal’
  • A ‘Forbidden Zone’ marked ‘Emergency Airlock’, which appears to be located in the backyard.

The Arrivals

It was soon time for the spaceship to welcome its inhabitants, beginning with the newbies, who entered in two groups of four.

Dillon, Dre, Jackie and Mark were first to arrive, and were impressed with their new home – but it wasn’t long before Dre had a hilarious mishap and tripped over. “Just entered the house, the b***h fell, the b***h fell!” she laughed.

Big Brother Canada 5 premiere -Dre falls over

Demetres, Emily, Karen and William joined them, and Karen was impressed with the gifts they’d received from show sponsor Oral B: “Did you notice we’ve got new electric toothbrushes?!”

They all got to know each other, unaware they were about to be joined by some very familiar faces. The returning players entered the house one by one, starting with BBCAN2’s Ika.

“I’m shaking right now,” said William. “I think I’m shy, I’m like, oh, it’s a star!”

“I am not a star honey,” Ika replied. “Let me just tell you, I am not a star!”

Kevin (BBCAN3) and Dallas (BBCAN4) soon followed – but it wasn’t until Neda (BBCAN2) walked in that the newbies realised what they were up against. “Yeah, we’re screwed,” said one of them.

Meanwhile, Neda played dumb by alluding to last year’s launch twist, asking: “Okay, so is this internationals? Have you guys played before?”

Sindy and Bruno (BBCAN3) and Cassandra (BBCAN4) were next in – but it was Neda that had the houseguests talking. “I bet you like every single one of these older players are scared of Neda,” guessed Jackie, with Demetres describing her as “super strategic”.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 premiere - Neda Kalantar greets the houseguests

Last to enter was Gary, the only returnee from BBCAN1. “I said, ‘it would not be complete if Gary didn’t walk through that door!'” Karen greeted him.

It was only moments before he was in game mode, whispering to Sindy: “I want to work with you. Let’s keep it secret.”

Head of Household competition

The first Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge that forced the past and present players to work together.

Taking turns, the first timers got to choose at random a second chancer to pair up with. (The player pick was not shown during the episode, but can be seen on the official website.)

Each pair had to stand on an angled ledge, with one member tethered to the supporting wall, while holding on to the other. Every so often, the tethers would be loosened, tipping them further towards the edge.

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 premiere - Head of Household competition

The last duo to fall would receive immunity from the first eviction, and the power to choose anyone they wished to be the first HoH.

Eventually, the competition came down to three pairs: unable to hold on any longer, Dallas and Mark arranged a deal to keep themselves safe and quit.

This left Dre and Ika, and Karen and Sindy. Ika had been shocked by Karen – who, aged 53, is the oldest houseguest in BBCAN history – remarking: “I just felt like she wouldn’t be as strong.”

Dre admitted to Ika that she didn’t want to be HoH, and they also agreed a safety deal with a determined Karen, who told them: “Trust me, my knuckles will be f***ing bleeding before I get off.”

Therefore, Karen and Sindy were named the winners, and agreed between themselves that Karen should be HoH.

This represented a personal victory for the mother of three, who had set out to prove that older houseguests can be just as competitive. In a pre-season interview, she said: “I’m going to try to win the first HoH, and then they’ll all have to come to me and talk to me.”

Big Brother Canada 5 BBCAN5 premiere - Karen Singbeil and Sindy Nguyen compete in the Head of Household competition

Time Warp immunity

The premiere ended with Arisa unveiling a huge ‘Time Warp’ twist that gives Canada the power to “send one houseguest in to the future” and either bless or curse their game.

Viewers can now vote for the person they want to be awarded immunity from every eviction until the show begins filling spots on the jury for the final.

The vote closes ahead of tomorrow’s show, when the first eviction of the series will take place. The ‘Time Warp’ does not apply to this eviction; if the evicted houseguest is the one that topped Canada’s vote, whoever received the next most votes will be granted immunity.

Big Brother Canada continues tomorrow at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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