Big Brother Canada 5 houseguests include ‘second chance’ returnees

Eight All-stars and eight fresh faces officially revealed in season five's first twist
5 comments - Posted on March 9 2017 at 05:01pm

Big Brother Canada 5 2017 - 'second chance' returning houseguests

Big Brother Canada has unveiled the houseguests for its fifth season, with eight all-star former players returning for a second chance against brand new faces in a ‘fans vs. favourites’ twist.

For the first time ever on BBCAN, producers are bringing back ‘veteran’ players from former seasons to give them another shot at the game.

Gary Levy (BBCAN1), Neda Kalantar and Ika Wong (BBCAN2), Bruno Ielo, Kevin Martin and Sindy Nguyen (BBCAN3), and Cassandra Shahinfar and Dallas Cormier (BBCAN4) will compete against eight ‘first timers’ hoping they’ll have what it takes to beat the fan favourites.

The female newbies are Andre ‘Dre’ Gwenaelle (masters student from QC), Emily Hawkin (musician and server from ON), Jackie McCurrach (pizza maker from BC) and Karen Singbeil (real estate broker from BC).

Meanwhile, the males are Demetres Giannitsos (oil field technician from AB), Dillon Carman (boxer from ON), Mark Chrysler (bartender from AB) and William Laprise Desbiens (marketing student and blogger from QC).

The new season has a space age time-travel theme, with a promo teasing that the vets are “taking a trip to the future” so they can “rewrite the past” – while the newbs must find their own path to “intergalactic glory”.

This is reflected in the new house, which has its own name, the ‘BBCAN Odyssey’ – similarly to last year’s casino-themed ‘BBCAN Grand’.

It has a sci-fi decor, with teaser images revealing metallic silver walls and bright white lighting. More pictures of the new house are expected next week, just before the premiere.

This year’s houseguests will be playing for BBCAN’s largest prize fund ever, worth around $160,000: $100,000 cash, a $30,000 gift card from show sponsor The Brick (up from $25,000), and a brand new 2017 Toyota 86 car, worth at least $29,580.

The Side Show spin-off has been cancelled this year, but host Arisa Cox will now hold extended interviews with evicted houseguests in ‘After The Eviction Live’, a live stream every Thursday night on the BBCAN Facebook page.

Maria Hale, of BBCAN broadcaster Global’s parent company Corus, said: “We aim to delight and surprise our viewers and Season 5 is no exception. We are truly as excited as our fans to see the action unfold!”

Big Brother Canada 5 premieres on Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT on Global.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Ludvik says:
    Thu 09 Mar Reply !

    I wish British BB was like Canadian and American with HoH and PoV competitions and Housemates evicting themselves…

  2. Josh says:
    Fri 10 Mar Reply !

    Won’t work. Remember that British audiences don’t like overtly competitive game shows, where people are more cutthroat and will do anything to win. The British version just needs to regain its original identity, because it’s been lost in the excessive twists and makeovers over the years.

  3. Anthony says:
    Sat 11 Mar Reply !

    I like the cast, I hope there wont be racism going on and all the black people and asians get evicted first like other reality shows.

  4. Annoyed says:
    Tue 28 Mar Reply !

    Way way to many feed outrages some of this could be preventable by cuting just the audio only and puting up a message saying audio has been cut because of copyright, houseguests talking people outside the house, etc. BBCAN has way way to many feed outrages its not even worth watching feeds each season it seems the feeds become more and more censorship.

    • Josh says:
      Sun 09 Apr !

      Maybe the producers should consider using the chirps once used on BBUK’s live feed… Once a daily fixture, now barely there. Sigh…

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